Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Universities Of The Third Age

The Universities of The Third Age aim to publicise and promote opportunities for lifelong learning for third-age learners throughout the world.


In my inbox this morning I was delighted to see the regular mailing of, "Signpost," from Tom Holloway. U3A-Signpost is sent out as a one-page email on the first of every month by the U3A Internetwork Group UK and U3A Online Australia to any and all U3A members.

Signpost aims
to deliver access to educational resources of a (mostly) non-computer nature to be found on the world-wide-web. History, Philosophy, Art and Poetry links are there in profusion.

The latest mailing of Signpost, which I received today from Tom, includes the following goodies!

  • Cooking For Engineers is run for fun by Michael Chu, a computer engineer living in Silicon Valley California.
  • The Science and Development Network aims to provide reliable and authoritative information about science and technology for the developing world. Plenty of material here
    for talks and discussion.

Signpost is edited and distibuted by Tom Holloway, Oxford UK, and Rick Swindell, Brisbane Australia.

Rick Swindell is President of U3A Online Australia and Edits the Australian/New Zealand edition of U3A Signpost from Brisbane, Australia. He also maintains the Australia/New Zealand website.

Tom Holloway is Editor of U3A Signpost (UK) and webmonger of and and many other websites.He coordinates the U3A News Direct Mailing scheme for the Third Age Trust UK. As chairman of he has helped to put more than 50 local U3A Groups onto the World-Wide-Web. He also offers telephone assistance with setting up a 'wiki' for other local groups. He can be reached on SKYPE as tomathollowaysorg