Saturday, 1 December 2007

Good God In Heaven! What you can find on Bebo!

I must have led a very sheltered life! I would never have thought to find so many asterisks in a communication, which had been lifted from what is intended as an internet space for mostly young people to communicate with each other and make friends!

The following was lifted from a Bebo site, which has since been deleted. I have added +++ to distinguish where I have deleted names from the asterisks which will, of course, convey that rabid swearing has been censored.

Well well well if it isnt the dirty little slapper her self +++++!!!
What the **** you acusing me of???!!
Deleting that dirty little whores ++++s page???
Well it wasnt me and thats the truth so get your facts right you stupid little t*rt, your so ****** up upstairs that you cant even find out who it was, see ++++ shouldnt **** with people she dont know who shes ******* with, so im telling you this now, you stay away from +++++ right, go near her in school even right and i be waiting out side for you, what you going too do +++++, print this off again? your ******* so sad
Lisen, ++++ is a ****** up druggie who needs too go get help and stop ******** her dad and the ponys and you just need too stay away from my girlfriend before i ******* tell you too your pony ass face, so go back rubing your **** on ++++s face and sniff some glue your dirty trany.
Stay away from MY girlfriend and say anymore about her and there be BIG **** you DIRTY ******* *****, YOUR A *****! Report Spam34 weeks ago

message 2
Be warned +++++ right, that sad wee ******* below is 16 years old i will ******* kill him, so if i was you i still wouldnt think you it, you ******* dirty little ****.
Go near +++++ anymore or say anything about her or too anyone then i be waiting outside the school right.

so **** off you ******* dirty little **** so hag ++++s pony you twisted *****!!! Report Spam33 weeks ago "

Well, I wonder what kind of person makes that kind of filthy threat? I hope the parents are thoroughly ashamed of whoever it is, if they know that he/she is writing such disgusting tripe on an internet site. Just as well it has been deleted. Bebo is used by many thousands of young people and I hate to think of the vulnerable ones who might come across such filth accidentally.

Be safe all you young people out there. If anyone posts comments like this on your Bebo site or responds to comments you make on other sites, report immediately to Bebo admin. Put a stop to the filth!

Edit: Will this remain anonymous or will someone claim it as theirs and threaten me with breach of copyright? You never know, they may well be that stupid!


Anonymous said...

Oh Poor Anna

You seem to think comments like that are wrong.
What you fail to understand is that bebo love that sort of thing,they just object to people mentioning shopping,decorating etc

Perhaps some free advertising will help them to see the error of their ways :)

AnnaEsse said...

LOL Gill! I surely must have led a sheltered life then! I do hope that my free advertising for them doesn't just attract people of a similar nature. Oh dear! Maybe I'm just naive! Must be my Scottish Presbyterian upbringing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anna,
I'm not sure your advertising brings in enough readers,I rather thought the tabloids might do a better job!!!!!!!! lol

AnnaEsse said...

Think you might be right, Gill. I'm just not up (or down!) to tabloid standards! I probably don't attract more than one of the right type for Bebo! So, they're probably not going to pay me for bringing in the customers! LOL

AnnaEsse said...

No one seems to have claimed these Bebo messages yet. Still, that's OK since at least two of us know who wrote them! Maybe the author does not wish to be exposed for the vulgar low-life he is!

Anonymous said...

He only posts vile messages and accusations on the net because no-one believes him in real life.

A low life scum!!!

AnnaEsse said...

We know who that low-life scum is, Gill and one of these days his evil will backfire on him. Anyone who writes such filth is possibly not even on the level of scum!