Saturday, 1 December 2007

SOS Maddie

SOS Maddie is a French language blog, which has published a great deal of information not available in the UK press. Actually, whether it is accurate information from reliable sources or simply speculation, presented as fact, I have no way of knowing.

Today SOS Maddie refers to the visit to the UK by the Portuguese police which took place this week. In addition to details about meetings with the Leicestershire police and with the forensic scientists at FSS, where samples collected from the McCanns rented car and from the holiday apartment have been analysed, there is also mention of records of telephone calls.

"De leur visite au Royaume-Uni, la Police Judiciaire à ramené des résultats, mais aussi des détails de plusieurs diligences effectués par leur collègues de Leicestershire, notamment les relevés des appels téléphoniques effectues par le groupe pendant leur séjour au Portugal."

Translation: As to their visit to the United Kingdom, the Portuguese Police gathered the results, but also the details of several observations by their Leicestershire colleagues, notably transcripts of phone calls made by the group during their holiday in Portugal.

If this is true, these transcripts may be very revealing about the events of the evening of May 3rd, when Madeleine disappeared from the holiday apartment. Perhaps this is another piece of the puzzle, which has encouraged the Public Prosecutor to give permission for the PJ to seek further interviews with the Tapas 9. It was previously reported that the Public Prosecutor would only give permission if significant new evidence were to emerge.

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