Monday, 3 December 2007

"Maddie's Uncle In Fund Fury"

Gerry McCann's brother John, who lives in Glasgow, has been sounding off about the lack of cash coming in for the Find Madeleine fund.

Scottish Sunday Mail

"THE uncle of missing Madeleine McCann has blamed negative stories about the family for the drop in donations to their fighting fund.

Around £700,000 of the £1.1million raised has been spent in the hunt for Maddie, who disappeared in Portugal on May 3.

Donations to the Find Madeleine Fund dropped following lurid stories after her parents Kate and Gerry were named as official suspects.

The fund brings in around £10,000 a month but the family are paying out £50,000 a month to private detectives.

Gerry's brother, John, of Glasgow, said: "The funds aren't anywhere near the level they were a few months ago thanks to a lot of the crap that's been written over here."

Meanwhile, Portuguese police are set to reinter view the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas Seven."

You'd think there would be some gratitude for all the money that's rolled into that fund, for all the cash pouring in from, "Best Sellers," the wristbands, and from, "Don't You Forget About Me, T Shirts, All Sizes Available! Click Here." But not a bit of it! There was a child who sold her toys on E-bay and sent the cash to the fund, an older man who said that he had donated the money he had been saving for a new pair of shoes, but tell me John McCann, what have you given up? Have Kate and Gerry sold any of their belongings to help in the search for their daughter?

The arrogance of the McCanns really makes me shudder. They fully expect the public to cough up to support their lifestyle and to fund £50,000 a month for a bunch of Spanish anti-fraud detectives with no real experience of finding missing children. The fund has been financing the McCanns' living expenses and has made two mortgage payments for them. Is that what the child sold her toys on E-bay for?

John McCann's whinging about those nasty press stories and how they have reduced the cash flow just exposes that family for the money-grubbers they are. I just can't get over the expectation here that the public will keep giving money to them and the arrogance that accompanies that expectation. No wonder Michael Hitchen of ionglobaltrends
calls them, "the Grubs." Dung beetles, I'd say, rolling up and protecting their little heaps!


Isabelle said...

So the Grubs are in business again.

Anna Silvestro said...

Looks like the Grubs are grubbing again alright! (With a nod to Mike Hitchen for the use of his expression, "The Grubs."!)

I can't understand such money-grubbing. Even Gerry's popping up to the bar to get his free beer and wine makes me pride and grab grab grab!