Monday, 3 December 2007

Who Is Paying Metodo 3?

I have just lifted this piece of information straight off the Daily Mirror forum. It's from an item on Spanish TV Channel Antena 3.

" They claimed to have permission from Metodo 3 to reveal:

*Who is paying M3? Brian Kennedy and no one else. BK is said to have no doubt whatever of the McCanns´ innocence. Certain "leaks" to the UK press have commented that the Fund is paying the bill, but this is untrue. CM was misquoted/misunderstood..

*M3 is charging 60,000 euros (plus expenses) for a contract of 6 months.

They also mentioned the following

*Yes the Fund will be paying 80,000 euros for a PR campaign in the Spanish province of Andalucia.

*the McCanns will be re interrogated by the PJ within 10 days.

*that 6 witnesses put RM on the scene that night (3 May)

*the odd coincidence of the British Ambassador´s visit to the PJ within minutes of their return from UK

*the Birmingham forensic tests are not completely finished

* there is a connection between JT and ROB and Murat (through a sister in Exeter)"

So, according to Antena 3, Brian Kennedy, "..and no one else," is paying Metodo 3? Strange! According to this extract from Gerry's blog, the fund is paying loads too!

Day 210 - 29/11/2007

With this in mind, Madeleine’s fund has started the £80,000 advertising campaign in Southern Spain which will also target North Africa and Portugal. The fund is also contributing £50,000 per month to support the private investigation. We appeal to anyone who may have information to call confidentially our hotline number +34.902.300.213, e-mail or contact the police."

So, if Antena 3 is right and Brian Kennedy and no one else is paying Metodo 3, why is Gerry saying that the fund is contributing £50,000 per month? I did wonder if Brian Kennedy was not paying the full costs, but according to Antena 3, the TV channel has permission from Metodo 3 to say, amongst other things, that only Brian Kennedy is paying them.

If the fund is not paying that money to Metodo 3, it cannot be as cash-strapped as John McCann is saying. Or, if £50,000 is going out of the fund each month and not going to Metodo 3, where is it going?

Daily Mirror Forum


Isabelle said...

So if uncle Brian is paying Metodo3and the fund figures are going down and that isn't because of living and mortgage expenses(because they are paid for by the every same uncle Brian)..where is the money going towards??? Maddy's expenses..perhaps? Would make sense especially now the Pjs have admitted they don't longer believe or have the prove that supports she is dead!!
Anna don't you have the same feeling that we are not any wiser than 7 months ago?

By for now


Anna Silvestro said...

I find it all very confusing and befuddling, Isabelle! An abduction, cadaver dog smells death, sightings in various places, contradictions in witness statements, Metodo 3 and loadsadosh, and now news that the PJ have no real evidence that Madeleine is dead. Seven months on we seem to be nowhere nearer to knowing what happened to that little girl, Madeleine, at least as far as we can tell from reports in the media.

Interesting suggestion about where that money is going. I had not thought of that. Yes, interesting!

Isabelle said...

Anna have you read the latest: Maddy and twins weren't the the apartment at all that night!!!

Anna Silvestro said...

I read that Isabelle, in passing. I must go back and read the item properly. There was a report a while back that when Mrs Fenn upstairs asked about calling the police, Kate McCann said the police had already been called and also, "we're getting organised." If that is a factual report, then perhaps the twins were being moved back from wherever they had been for the evening.

Isabelle said...

Thats very credible Anna..i am still convinced one way or the other they are involved!!

Whatever happened i hope so much Maddy is safe, there was i time that i thought she was really dead, but after a while i had the feeling someone want us to believe Maddy is dead...I wouldn't be surprised if it is Gerry,russell and Robert Murat are involved in the disappearing of Maddy.