Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Arade dam: Matodo3 have arrived!

"Método3 se rend sur place !"

"Une équipe de Método3 est arrivé, aujourd'hui, en Algarve afin de participer aux recherches nous apprend la presse portugaise. Des morceaux de cordes, des sacs en plastique et une chaussette blanche (à l'origine) dont le tissu est originaire du nord de l'Europe ou d'Angleterre, ont été trouvés dans le fond des eaux du lac du barrage de Arade. Ces trouvailles ont renforcé la profonde conviction de l'avocat portugais Aragao Correia que le corps de la petite Madeleine McCann s'y trouve."

We learn from the Portuguese press that a team from Metodo3 arrived today in the Algarve to participate in the research. Pieces of rope, plastic bags and a white sock (originally white) of which the fabric originates from northern Europe or England, were found in the waters of the Arade Dam. These findings Have reinforced the profound conviction of the Portuguese lawyer, Aragao Correia, that the body of Madeleine McCann is to be found there.

Les recherches avaient été entamée il y a trois semaines déjà mais sans succès. Depuis lundi une équipe de sept plongeurs aidé par des professionnels des Pompiers Volontaires de Portimao, spécialisés en recherche de cadavre dans les eaux profondes, sont en train d'effectuer des recherches dans les eaux du lac. recherches onéreuses financer à titre privé par l'avocat portugais d'une part et d'autre part par la Société Portugaise d'Ingénieur et de Construction dirigée par José Paias. L'avocat est convaincu qu'il y a 99% de certitudes que le corps de Madeleine soit dans le lac et qu'elle a été tuée et jetée dans le lac deux jours après sa disparition."

The search had been started three weeks ago but without success. Since Monday, a team of seven divers, helped by professionals from the Volunteer Firefighters of Portimao, specialised in searching for a body in deep water, have been carrying out searches in the waters of the lake, searches onorous financially to carry out privately by the lawyer on the one hand and on the other by the Portuguese Society of Engineering and Construction, led by José Paias. The lawyer in convinced that there is a 99% certainty that Madeleine's body is in the lake and that she was killed and thrown into the lake two days after her disappearance.

"Les parents McCann sont furieux à propos de ces recherches !"

"Kate et Gerry ont réagi avec "fureur", selon la presse britannique, en apprenant que des plongeurs avaient commencé des fouilles dans le lac. Le couple a déclaré que ces recherches étaient une "fantaisie", n'ayant d'autre but que de se faire de "la publicité" en distrayant le public de la vraie recherche de la petite Maddie qui, selon les parents, serait en vie quelque part. Des proches des parents ont déclaré: "Il n'y a aucune preuve que Madeleine soit dans le réservoir".

The McCann parents are furious about these searches.

Kate and Gerry reacted with, "fury," according to the British press, on learning that the divers had started excavations at the lake. The couple stated that the searches were a, "fantasy," having no other purpose than to attract , "publicity," for themselves while distracting the public from the real search for little Madeleine who, according to the parents, is alive somewhere. Relatives of the parents stated, "There is no proof that Madeleine is in the reservoir.

Un show TV sur ITV"

"Les parents McCann sont en pourparler avec la chaîne ITV à propos d'un documentaire sur les enfants disparus. Le film mettra en scène Kate et Gerry ainsi que leurs expériences en se concentrant sur la manière dont les différents pays réagissent lors de la disparition d'un enfant. L'émission se penchera sur le projet Amber aux États-Unis, qui affiche sur des panneaux d'affichage des alertes dès qu'un enfant disparaît."

A TV show for ITV

The McCann parents are in talks with the channel ITV about a documentary on missing children. The film will feature Kate and Gerry and their experiences, concentrating on the ways that different countries react to the disappearance of a child. The production will focus on the Amber project in the United States, which posts alerts on billboards when a child disappears.


It seems to me that for a system like the Amber Alert to work well, there needs to be as much information as possible to be placed with the alert. After all, the information is supposed to, "alert," other people to look out for the child. That information, as far as I have seen on Amber Alert tickers, usually includes a good description of the child, where they were last seen, what the child was wearing and description of person(s) and vehicles thought to be involved.

So, immediately following Madeleine's disappearance, would an Amber Alert have been useful? What information would have been available?

Last seen in her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, wearing pyjamas with Eeyore image. No vehicle description available. Person to look out for in connection with the disappearance? Well, a local bartender, shown a sketch from a witness' description, said the suspect looked like, "an egg with hair."

So, to sum up the information!
Holiday apartment, pink Eeyore pyjamas, egg with hair, blonde female child 90cm tall.

Well, not very helpful, I imagine!


Anonymous said...

If it were my little girl who was missing I would be more than pleased that anyone was hunting anywhere to find her.

What happened to no stone unturned,does that not apply to no dam unsearched?

If they think it is drawing un-necessary attention to the family then why are they planning a tv prog about their story?

God help poor Maddie,whatever happened to her

AnnaEsse said...

I find the fury rather strange. It was the same when the police were searching on scrubland following the anonymous letter received by the Dutch newspaper. I would have been out there searching. Gerry went to collect friends from the airport.

Fury? If someone has reason to think the child's body is in the lake? I'd be just about demented.

And what search are they talking about being distracted from? What searching have the McCanns actually done?

I agree with you totally. If it was my child, it would be no stone unturned, not no TV or other media appearance turned down.

Anonymous said...

The McCanns know where they dumped there daughter's body; perhaps their "fury" is fear that it is about to be discovered.

mariana faithful said...

Very strange people the McCanns.
They are not doing any searching at all, they haven't done any as far as I know, unless one calls searching the publicity trips they 've had so far.
They were going on and on about a little girl in Morocco, but that child has parents, you know there are blonde haired children there.
I think, the "fury" is a matter of policy, rather than any real fury.
According to them Madeleine is alive and well, so they can keep on searching and get more money from the public.
Last but by no means least, if and when the criminal charges take place, they will keep insinsting Madeleine is alive.
Take into account that the huge reward hasn't helped one iota.
If someone had knowkledge the child is hidden alive somewhere, they would have found Madeleine by now.
Thank you for the post Anna.

AnnaEsse said...


I find it very interesting that the lawyer has called in Metodo3. This seems to say that whoever the underworld contacts are, they don't seem to be implying that the McCanns dumped a body in the lake. Also find it slightly worrying that the lawyer said he was going to hand over any findings to Metodo3. Surely anything which could be connected to Madeleine should be handed straight over to the police?

AnnaEsse said...


The question of the reward is a good one to raise. Abductors, who get away with their crimes, would probably not be working alone and even if they were, surely someone close to them would have suspicions about their movements?

Philomena McCann said something about it only taking one, "unscrupulous," something-or-other, to be tempted by the reward and they'd have Madeleine back. So, she thinks that maybe a neighbour who was concerned about a dodgy character and got in touch with the police would be, "unscrupulous."? Strange judgment to make of anyone who might potentially lead them to Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The McCanns know where they dumped there daughter's body; perhaps their "fury" is fear that it is about to be discovered.

13 March 2008 01:18


Do you have proof of this? How do you know the McCanns murdered their child.

Too many people make to many accusations and it doesn't help

Anonymous said...

mariana said...
According to them Madeleine is alive and well.


And what is wrong in staying positive.

Anonymous said...

I find it most annoying when people make stupid statments and then can't back them up with evidence.

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, do you include in the stupid statements with no evidence the claim that Madeleine was abducted because there does not seem to be any evidence to back up that claim?

Anonymous said...

And there is no evidence that the Mcs killed their daughter either, yet stupid people keep saying they did, but still cannot back their statements

AnnaEsse said...


By your use of the word, "either," you are agreeing that there is no evidence of an abduction. So, please tell us what you think may have happened to Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows what happened...was she abducted? we don't know...was she killed by her parents? we don't know...there is no evidence, so to make things up with your over active imagination is wrong.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

Not every one has to agree with you! is free speech banned here aswell?

mariana faithful said...

@ 14 March 2008 16:56

To them, this is a matter of company policy. Nothing else.

@ 16 March 2008 01:00

The British press has already decide they are not guilty.
There is no evidence whatsoever that Madeleine was abducted.
The "broken" window shutter, was a lie and that was their first mistake.
No evidence of a break-in.
Another point is Madeleine's eye.
The police had advised them not to draw attention to the eye.
If the child had really been abducted she would have been killed within 48 hours, cause no abductor would ever "keep" a stigmatised child and take her around for walks.
Her father had said that, it was "a good marketing ploy".
Free speech? It has been banned in the Express group.

AnnaEsse said...

I was absolutely stunned to read that comment by Gerry in the Vanity Fair interview; "..a good marketing ploy." Jeez! You'd think it was the promotion of a new consumer product, but it also imo is in the same category of remark as that old cliché, the operation was a success, but the patient died! Good marketing ploy, pity about Madeleine!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day nothing has been proved, sorry to say it's people like your good selves who start the rumour mill going.

No doubt this post will be deleted because you don't like it just like others I have posted to you.

Thats what I mean about free speech. Oh well no matter, hope you can sleep at night I know I do.

By the way the name is Val just in case I get accussed of being a troll or anon

AnnaEsse said...

Hello Val,

I don't think either I or anyone posting here has started any kind of rumours. For myself, I just post what I read and comment on what I read, which is, I am sure, what others are doing. I am pleased to see that you refer to others here as, "your good selves," and yes, I do sleep well at night. I have no reason not to, especially concerning children. I gave birth to two, I didn't leave them alone when they were small and they have grown-up safely and well.
And Val, when free speech means just making rude comments about others, without adding a name, then it has no place here. I do like to address people by a name other than anonymous!
Anyway, I'm off to bed soon. Sleep well, Val.