Saturday, 15 March 2008

Arade dam: reports of a bag of bones being found

There have apparently been reports on Spanish TV this evening that a bag of bones was found in the lake of the Arade dam, today, Friday. The bag was covered in mud and was found only a metre away from where the sock was found this week. Inside the bag was a plastic bag and inside that were small bones. The bag was set aside and the PJ contacted. It was reported that th bag was found at just after 3pm.

Esta PasandoTele 5 and Telecino the Spanish channel are both reported to have carried the story
. A vet was brought in and was shown on TV washing the bones in the water. It seems to have been confirmed that the remains found in the bag are animal bones and some pieces have been taken for laboratory examination.

Ex-PJ inspector Pavlo Christovao was interviewed on Esta Pasando Tele 5 and he is reported as saying, "We know what happened and we are now very close to the truth. The problem," he went on to say, "is knowing what happened and proving it. The two concepts are completely different but we are very close."

So, it looks like what was found was the evidence of some person's cruelty to animals; small bones in a bag, tied with ropes and weighed down. Some vile person has disposed of unwanted small animals by the look of it.

Very interesting comments from Pavlo Christovao.


mariana faithful said...

Apparently the PJ, know a whole lot more than they are saying.
They know what happened to Madeleine and they have to be able to prove it, in order to get a court conviction.
Thanks Anna.

AnnaEsse said...

I recall reading a translation of an article in one of the Portuguese journals, very early on in this case. A, "police source," was quoted as saying, "We know what and we know how, but we don't know who and we don't know why." Then there was the official quote, "Death is on the table and we are analysing it."

To me, the latter quote could mean several things.
Death is one option and we are considering the possibilities carefully.
Or...our piece of, "stand-alone," evidence is allowing us to analyse this in the true sense.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

mariana faithful said...
Apparently the PJ, know a whole lot more than they are saying.


Nothing like stating the obvious, thanks for the words of wisdom mf

AnnaEsse said...


If you are the same anonymous who has commented on another post here, then I think you are being contradictory. Another anonymous has said that there is no evidence that the McCanns have murdered their daughter. So, either that anonymous is working for the Portuguese police or it is not obvious that the PJ know more than is being talked about.

Anonymous said...

No police force in the land is going to state excatly what they know about any investigation, not just in this one.

There is no evidence to say the MCs killed M.

mariana faithful said...

@ anonymous

Thank you for your clarity.
My comment was based on what ex-PJ Pavlo Christovao had said on that interview.