Thursday, 27 March 2008

Isabelle, Fabienne, Jeanne-Marie, Elisabeth, Natacha, Céline, Mananya, Farida

As I was reading through the list of who had visited my blog today, where they were located and what search words they had used, I noticed that someone had been searching the name Céline Saison. When I read that I realised that these young girls and women, whose lives were taken violently by Michel Fourniret, were just lost in the articles I had posted, almost like incidentals in this courtroom drama that is Michel Fourniret.

So, here are their names and how old they were when they crossed the path of that monster Fourniret and were tragically lost to their families.

Elisabeth Brichet: 12 years old

Natacha Danais: 13 years old

Jeanne-Marie Desramault: 22 years old

Farida Hellegouarch

Isabelle Laville: 17 years old

Fabienne Leroy: 20 years old

Céline Saison: 18 years old

Mananya Thumpong: 12 years old

May this trial and its conclusion bring some peace to the families of these young women.


Anonymous said...

So many young lives wasted,so many hearts broken

And what for,the pleasure of one man,one very sick man.

Something has to be done to end these crimes

AnnaEsse said...

What sickens me most about this man is his pride in what he has done. He told his victims, "I am worse than Dutroux," and he has started his trial with attention-seeking behaviour. He is an aberration of nature, neither man nor animal. He is a lump of pure evil. I doubt we will be able to end these crimes. There will always, imo, be sick individuals, who act in ways that are so counter to anything human, that they are not members of the same species as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...