Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The McCanns want the PJ to interview 50 people.


My translation:

The McCann parents, Kate and Gerry want the Portuguese police to interview more than 50 witnesses in addition to the couple's seven friends, for whom the interviews started today. According to the Portuguese press, the parents legal team has submitted new names to the list of witnesses very recently. This list has gone from 24 to around 60 people during the last two weeks.

Observers close to the Portuguese police find this behaviour strange. Some are asking why this list was not presented sooner. The fact that the PJ are going to re-interview witnesses in the McCann case is not new, they stress, wondering if this is not a ploy to slow down the process, knowing that the investigators are only present for three days and that new requests would have to be acted on, the whole lot being carried over past the date limit.

That famous list includes members of the Ocean Club's staff (NDLR: certain interviews were already planned by the PJ) as well as certain people who were with the parents in the days that followed Madeleine's disappearance.

End of Enfants Kidnappés article......

I quite often check the Google translation of the original French text and could not quite believe my eyes when I saw the Google English version for the last sentence of that article.

Here is the original French:

Cette fameuse liste inclus des membres du personnel de l'Océan Club (NDLR: certains interrogatoires étaient déjà prévus par la PJ) ainsi que certaines personnes présentent avec les parents dans les jours qui ont suivis la disparition de Madeleine

And here is the Google translation:

This famous list included staff members of the Ocean Club (Note: some interrogations were provided by PJ), as well as some people with parents in the days that followed the death of Madeline. "

Look carefully at the last few words from Google! Does Googlebot know something the rest of us don't?

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mariana faithful said...

Anna, please correct me if I am wrong, but "disparition" means disappearance.
Dead is "mort" in French.
I just used the google translation and it turned out the same as yours.
Don't you think this is due to the automatic translation?