Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mother's Day, Father's Day, and now Paedo's Day!

I can understand what Mother's Day is about and I can accept the positive aspects of it, if not the commercialism. Mother's Day is a great day to be with one's children and to celebrate them as individuals. That's what it is for me. I also appreciate the flowers and gifts I receive! Father's Day too. My children like to let their father know how much they appreciate him, though I am sure they do that a great many times and in a great many ways, the rest of the year.

I don't understand, "Alice Day," the day on which, according to Enfants Kidnappés, the paedos of this world will have their international celebration of love for young girls. I don't understand how people can wish to parade their sick perversions, because that what paedophilia is. I just do not understand how adult men, and let's face it, most paedos are adult males, can possibly believe that small children can actually choose to have sexual relations with them. This, apparently, is what most of those sick people believe, that children actually have some choice in the matter and choose to have sex with them. So, they want to celebrate their sick fantasies and their sick actions.

"Le 25 avril prochain, les pédophiles du monde entier fêteront l'Alice Day. Il s'agit là d'une journée internationale où les pédophiles fêteront leur préférence pour les petites filles."

(On April 25th, the paedophiles of the whole world will celebrate Alice Day. This is an international day when paedophiles will celebrate their preference for little girls.)


Enfants Kidnappés goes on to say that just as we have an International Women's Day and an International Human Rights Day and an International Day for the rights of children, we now have an international day when paedophiles will celebrate their sexual preference for, let's say it like it is, children. This seems to be such a contradiction to me, to a day like International Day of The Child, when we seek to protect children from people like paedophiles!

What can we do, asks Enfants Kidnappés?

"De nombreuses associations très respectables luttent contre ce fléau, cet océan de boue qui se répand dans nos villes et villages et s'abat sur des innocents: Nos enfants!! Nous n'avons pas la prétention de faire mieux que toutes ces associations - dont certaines, partenaires de la nôtre sont reprises ci-contre - mais nous souhaitons publier, ici, tous ce qui peut aider à lutter contre ces malades, ces dérangés, ces déviants sexuels..."

(Many respectable associations are fighting against this scourge, this ocean of mud which is spreading through our towns and villages and hitting the innocents: our children!! We do not claim to do better than all of these associations - of which some, our partners are listed below - but we want to publish here all we can to help the fight against these sick people, these disturbed people, these sexual deviants.)

Little boys will not be left out by our caring, sharing paedos! "Lover Boy Day," will be celebrated by these sick child abusers, on the Saturday after the summer solstice.

Enfants Kidnappés has decided to support a counter event to be held in Paris at the Trocadéro on April 25th, 10.00 - 18.30. This event is being organised by
Stephanie Tacquet, with thanks to partner associations of her project, ""Une Maman contre l'Inconcevable," A Mother against the Inconceivable. Stephanie's web site:


And the, "Lutte Anti-Pédophilie," Anti-Paedophile Struggle Association.


My thanks and appreciation go to Enfants Kidnappés for drawing attention to this international day of celebration, which is a shameful insult to all those children who have been abused and to all those children who are still being abused by paedophiles.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 26th April can be national paedo bashing day,a fantastic opportunity to pulverise all those paedos who came out of the woodwork on the 25th!

AnnaEsse said...

Yes, anonymous, there could be a positive aspect to their celebration!
"Pulverise a Paedo Day."

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it :)

AnnaEsse said...

That's it then, anonymous! You and I are the founder members of PAP! Pulverise A Paedo!

Unknown said...

Father's Day is a great day to be with one's children and to celebrate them as individuals. That's what it is for me. I also appreciate the flowers and fathers day gifts.

AnnaEsse said...


I am so pleased to hear that. My son sends flowers to his father and I think we should send flowers to men more often.

You must be a lovely father!