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That Lori Campbell video: interviewed by Ian Woods of Sky News

This video was posted on YouTube by xklamation on December 13th 2007.

Ian Woods of Sky speaks to Lori Campbell about her suspicions concerning Robert Murat. Transcript follows.

LC: I was so suspicious by the Monday that I just felt I had a duty to pass those suspicions on. I spoke to my news desk back in London and then they said they thought that that was the right thing to do.

IW: Now, let's discuss why we were a little suspicious of him, because your suspicions were aroused first of all and you shared those suspicions with me. I then talked to him, investigated it, tried to find out whether his story was true and I have to say I came back and said his story checked out. What first of all made you suspicious of the fact that he was spending so much time around the scene?

LC: It was just very reminiscent of the Soham murders was my first instinct. There was a local guy. He was hanging around the scene an awful lot. He was asking us questions about what was going on in the investigation, maybe trying to find out what we knew and he just seemed to be giving an air that he was authoritative and he was working in an official capacity for the police. And I was just very suspicious about that, that they would take on board a man who was just a local guy. They have many people, I am sure, who speak Portuguese and English. Why would they ask him to, you know, go into the apartment, speak to the family and have that sort of contact with them?

IW: Now, how co-operative was Robert when you were talking to him, because first of all he wouldn't do any interviews with me. I have asked him to do interviews on camera. He declined and you approached him to do a proper interview and asked his identity and things like that?

LC: Well, he was very vague when I tried to ask about his background. He would chat to me quite openly, but he wouldn't give me his surname. He wouldn't tell me really where he was from, where he lives over here. He wouldn't give me a telephone number for him. And then I asked him what he did for a living. He was very vague. He said he worked for real estate. And I just had a really uneasy feeling about him from day one.

IW: You reported him to who and what was the response?

LC: My first call was to Leicestershire police back in the UK and they took all my details. A detective constable called me back and she suggested that I also speak to somebody out here. We didn't really have a police contact last week. So, I called the British Embassy and they said to speak to a policeman on the scene. So, I walked up to a GNR policeman and said, you know, "I've got suspicions about a gentleman who's been near the scene and I'd just like to pass those on." And one of my main suspicions was that he said he was translating witness statements and I asked them if that could be true and they said, "No, that's highly unlikely."

Transcript ends....................

I have tried to transcribe the video as accurately as possible, missing out the ..erms...and ....ums!
I guess this could have been the scoop of the century for Ms Campbell, but judging by the latest news from Mr Murat's side of things, probably not! And that reference to the Soham murders! Oh dear! That may just come back and bite your bum, Ms Campbell! I shall wait and see what happens when Robert Murat's legal team gets to work!

Well, we have seen what happened when Robert Murat's legal team got to work! This was originally posted on this blog on April 15th, but here it is again, just to remind everyone of what Ms Campbell said and how she arrived at her conclusions about Robert Murat.

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