Friday, 30 May 2008

Fritzl children Stefan and Felix see the moon.

Quite often, as evening begins to draw in, my little grandson, now aged 20 months, starts talking about the moon. He wants to look out of his window if he is at home, or he scans the sky if he is out and about. The above photo is one that I found for him, printed and laminated following an evening when we went out looking for the moon and we returned home, with a little laddie telling his mum, lips quivering and tears rolling gently down his cheeks, "Moooooon gone. Mooooon gone." I have been surprised by such a young child's fascination for the moon, which I associate with his having been born on the day of a lunar eclipse, but his mum, who gives no credence to such things, disagrees. That doesn't matter, though. She will always be my star!

I have just come back from a few days of sharing a holiday on the coast with my grandson and his mum and dad. Three adults derived immense delight from seeing a small child wriggling his toes in the sand, filling his bucket with water, and leaping with shrieks of joy in the little waves washing over the sand. On the way back to our holiday house, he was looking for the moon, but there was no inconsolable sadness when we did not spot it: he now knows that the moon hasn't gone and if we don't see it today, we can look tomorrow.

As I was sitting here in my little house, wondering what it would be like if my whole world were the small room in which I was sitting, and I couldn't draw the curtains back on the large bay window and see the trees, or go into the kitchen, where the door is open on fine days so that I can hear the birds, go and sit out there with a book, watch the squirrel eat all the nuts I put out for the birds, I decided to see what the latest news was about the Fritzl family. The Daily Telegraph has some very good articles on the subject, but the one that I found really poignant was about Stefan, aged 18, and Felix, aged 5, seeing the moon for the first time.

"The best bit though was when they saw the moon. They were just open mouthed with awe, and were nudging each other and pointing. They had never even seen the moon." *

Since this case first erupted into the media and the whole horror of it began to be known, I have tried to imagine what it must have been like to emerge from a small, windowless space, in which one has spent one's entire life, to the seeming vastness of the real world, where the wind blows through the trees, a wind that may have been born many many miles and dreams away as a butterfly beat its wings in an unimaginable place over the unknown seas. The image of Stefan and Felix, being led from their dim underground world at night, sitting in a car, suddenly seeing the moon for the first time and being awe-struck, is a vivid picture in my mind of their faces, alight with wonder at the sudden vastness of their world. Suddenly the world above Stefan's head is not a low ceiling but the endless dome of the heavens, where the moon travels her daily orbit.

When I next go moon-gazing with my little grandson, I shall thank God that Stefan and Felix are out in the world, under that same moon. And I shall thank God for their mother, who has, in that dim and restricted cave of their underground world, managed to instill in her children the capacity for delight, wonder and happiness. May those children always know that they are safe and secure in their expanded world and find their unique place in it.

*Daily Telegraph April 30th 2008


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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AnnaEsse said...


Your comments are not really relevant to a post about the joy of two boys delighting in seeing the real moon for the first time. So, I can see that you are having some difficulty here. You obviously have a great deal of bile to splurge, but you're like an un-house-trained puppy dog, pooping all over the place here.

I don't see any point really in posting your IP address since it's the most notorious aol proxy on the net, used by quite a few people to spill their hatred on many blogs and forums.

Anyway, Michelle, if that is your name, though from behind your aol proxy, I wouldn't take it as true, here is what I am going to do for you. I'm going to create a post just for you, where you can vent to your heart's content. I won't interrupt, since it can be dangerous to intervene once a nutter starts ranting. I shall call it, "Michelle's litter tray," and it will be just for you. See, I even care about nutters!

Anonymous said...

Primavera, since you value fairness and say you care about nutters, you may take a moment to read this message.

You are going round telling everyone that the blogs about Mike Hitchen are spoofs. Granted there are one or two piss-take sites but one in particular is not a spoof AT ALL. It is a reference library which is being accessed by the police and it contains ONLY FACTS about what Mike Hitchen has written himself. You may find the initial text on the site you refuse to read but every single article has a direct link to the actual sites where Mike Hitchen has posted his spanking fiction. Much of it contains sexual tales about spanking children.

These stories are directly linked, as I say, to the ACTUAL SITES where Hitchen has posted them. These sites are not in any way connected to "us" and are dated to way back before Madeleine MCCann disappeared.

Now then, you know all about the hate campaign Mike Hitchen has waged against Jeremy Young, trying to get his baby taken away from him. The nastiness that MH has written about JY's partner and all she has done is have a baby! You have probably only read the words that Hitchen has written about the situation. However, if you choose to find out the truth, the links are all available on the Reference Library site which once more take you directly to the ACTUAL SITES, nothing to do with "us".

If anybody actually wants to find out the truth of this matter, rather than blindly choosing to believe the words of their so called friend Hitchen, then all they would have to do is visit this reference library and follow the links. It is all there.

You say you think the site is disgusting. That is because we are giving you the EXACT words written by Hitchen himself and yes, they are definitely disgusting.

Mike Hitchen thought all the comments coming to his blog were from Paulo Reis and he thought PR was JY. This started the "blog war". JY retaliated one time and Hitchen decided to pounce.

He definitely said he is proud of causing strokes, marital breakups and heart attack attempts. He wanted to add baby-taken-by-social-services to that list for no reason other than evil malice.

You know what is being said in his secret forum. The screenshots on the reference library are accurate as you would be well aware. Nobody is doctoring anything.

Why would you choose to believe "us" over your friend Hitchen? You wouldn't. But if you really would like to know the truth - because there are little children involved - then you would spend a bit of time looking over the reference library site with an open mind.

And believe me when I say, JY is not involved with this AT ALL. However, one of your long-standing trusted teamh members is.

If you discount this as another sick nutter then there really is no hope for you because you will be making an active chooice to ignore the truth.

If you decide to have an open mind and visit the reference library, and if you honestly do go through things properly, there can be only one conclusion, namely Mike Hitchen is not the man you thought he was and he has serious mental issues.

You seem like a fair person to me, albeit a misguided one. Anyone looking for the truth would go here and read from the bottom up, following the links.

AnnaEsse said...
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AnnaEsse said...

yes, anonymous, I do value fairness. I especially value honesty and openness. Mike Hitchen does not hide behind proxy servers, anonymous IDs or pretend-friendly PMs on MBs.
I would be more inclined to take you seriously if I had a name which was obviously honest, an IP that wasn't a proxy and a guarantee that you were not behind hate-blogs set up to try to discredit me personally because you hate Mike Hitchen.
I live by myself, have no one else to help pay my bills, and luckily I have a strong union backing me against hate-filled sites, otherwise my livelihood would be at risk.
Now tell me, is that fair, just because you and others hate Mike Hitchen?
Can you show me where I have said anything derogatory about Jeremy Young?
Yes, I have always tried to deal fairly with people. As a Buddhist I try to stick to Buddhist precepts: right not take what rightfully belongs to someone else etc.
I am having my right to peace and security denied by people who hate someone else...or more than one person.
Now, tell me you have nothing to do with this, give me a proper IP and a name and I will take you seriously.
Openness and honesty are to be valued above almost anything else as far as I am concerned.

03 June 2008 10:43

Previous message was deleted and replaced to edit typo!

AnnaEsse said...

To the person who posted a few minutes ago. Thanks for the message. As you have noticed, the comments are pre-moderated. Anything you ask me to keep confidential will be honoured. If I break that promise, you know my ID on MBs. It's always the same and you can spread the word about my breaking a promise.

AnnaEsse said...

Again, thank you for your comment and your kind words. Thankfully, I have backing for legal action from a well-financed organisation. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but grind they do and with Mars in Scorpio, I am a very patient person.

Have a good day now!

Best regards.