Sunday, 1 June 2008

The 3 Arguidos forum Sunday June 1st. Updated 8.20pm

Gone! I have tried to find out what's happened. The Mirror Forum had a thread, but that's disappeared. No one, who is currently posting, on any of the forums I have checked, seems to know what has happened. Meanwhile, there is interesting discussion going on at Sangfroid, but not many familiar (3A) names as of 6.30pm Sunday.

You will also find space for comment here. Also, see below. John has set up a forum.

Update: OK folks. I have just found a bunch of familiar names! John Hirst has set up a forum. Register here:

8.20pm: Seems that the 3As is back online, but no one knows what is going on. Log on to John Hirst's forum, "justice4madeleine," for the most up-to-date info, opinions, and familiar names!

En passant: anonymous, Marie T., Michelle Abbott...please confine comments to the, "Michelle's litter tray," post."


AnnaEsse said...

Oh dear! Anonymous, I have asked you to confine your spite to the recycle bin, aka, "Michelle's litter tray," provided. You've pooped in the wrong place again and I don't have time today to clear your mess from my nice clean blog floor. Tut tut! Try to get some control over these basic functions of yours!

jailhouselawyer said...

Well the mad crowd has left to return to the 3As, I enjoyed the experience and ducking some flak, and will keep the forum going for as long as people drop by.

AnnaEsse said...

Thanks John. I am sure that a lot of folks will still be around. There seems to be interesting news coming from Portugal today and I'm glad to see that xklamation is posting on both forums.
It is very refreshing, I must add, to have a comment from a person with a real name!
Thanks for dropping by. Here's a cuppa tea...I've just boiled the kettle!