Sunday, 1 June 2008

Michelle's litter tray

This post is exclusively for the person going by the name (for today anyway!) of Michelle Abbott, to post all of her bile and hatred so that the rest of my blog stays tidy! I shall clear out this tray every few days, or more often if it gets too smelly. Go for it, Michelle!

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AnnaEsse said...

Comment from anonymous moved from inappropriate post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you insist on putting photos of children on your website when you are a well-documented supporter of a "man" who writes fiction about spanking children for sexual gratification? If you have taken the time to read his stories you should, like every normal moralistic person, be horrified. If you refuse to read them, thinking they are spoofs, you have been royally conned by said "man".

I think you actually have read them and approve which leads me back to my original question of why do you insist on putting photos of children on your website. There can only be one conclusion and the fact that you claim to be a teacher is quite terrifying.