Thursday, 11 September 2008

Denise Pipitone may have been found!

With thanks to Kizzy at the 3 Arguidos forum for this news.

It would be so wonderful if this were to be Denise and she could be returned to her mother.

Europe News

Sep 11, 2008, 12:23 GMT

Greek police believe they have found missing Italian girl 'Denise'

Athens - Greek police on Thursday believe to have found missing 8-year-old 'Denise' who was abducted outside of her home in Sicily more than four years ago on an island in the Aegean.

Authorities were led to the little girl after an Italian tourist visiting the Dodecannese island of Kos was sold a bracelet by the little girl, who spoke fluent Italian.

Police on the island informed Interpol who immediately arrested the 30-year-old female companion of the little girl. The woman claimed she was the mother of the 8-year-old girl but she herself could not speak a word of Italian.

DNA tests which have been conducted in Greece have shown no blood relation between the little girl and her adult companion. Officials in Greece have shipped a DNA sample of the little girl by plane to Italy determine if she is indeed the missing 'Denise'.

Denise Pipitone was abducted from the garden of her home on September 1, 2000 at noon in Sicily, Italy and her abduction had shocked the country.

Source: Europe News

Note: I think that date should be September 1st, 2004, because Denise has been missing for four years.

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Joana Morais said...

Finally a Happy ending, there are so many tragedies each day that it's good know that some tragedies can have a different and more fortunate outcome.

Thank you Anna. And thank you for your wonderful translations of the process.

a warm hug