Friday, 12 September 2008

Enfants Kidnappés 11/09/08: Is Denise Pipitone in Greece?

An 8 year-old child, with a great resemblance to Denise Pipitone, has been located on the Greek island of Kos. The Greek authorities have spoken to the child, who speaks perfect Italian and the police have also questioned the woman who was accompanying her. The woman, in her thirties, maintained that she was the child's mother. She was finally arrested because of the many contradictions during her questioning. Analyses of DNA samples taken from the woman show that she is not the child's mother and exclude any familial relationship. The woman, of Romany origin, finally confessed to not being the child's mother, but refused to say any more, according to the police.

A photo of the child has been sent to the Mazzara police. Denise's mother, Piera, has confirmed the resemblance between the child and her daughter. "The shape of the eyes is the same as Denise's." she said, but the mother wants to keep her feet on the ground for the moment.

Only complete DNA tests can dispel the doubt. A sample has, in fact, been taken from the child, who was found in Greece and has been sent to Italy in order to be compared with that of Piera Maggio to establish with certainty if this is or is not Denise.

The child was pointed out to the police by a tourist who bought a bracelet, and who was struck by the resemblance to Denise, especially as the little girl was speaking Italian.

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