Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Moitoiret's astonishing writing on a Sunday school white board.


These photos date from February 2007. At the time, Stéphane Moitoiret and Noëlla Hégo were hanging around, once again in the Lyon region. Favouring the secondary roads and little villages, they went through Savigny before landing up at Bessenay, in the Lyon mountains. There, Father Gilles agreed to put them up in the Sunday school classroom. But when he went to ask them to leave the premises as planned, he discovered the windows covered up with black paper and the white board covered with writing.

"We thought we were being attacked during the night," Moitoiret told Father Gilles, who wondered if it was anything to do with, "a sect." A reflection of Moitoiret's delusions as an astonishing expression was discovered: "back on the road to destiny." But after their arrest, his partner told the investigators that he would have been talking about, "going back," to refer to little Valentin's murder.

Another astonishing inscription: "99 sons" with a series of Christian names: Kevin, Geoffrey, Alcore, Christophe....And a diagram referring to a, "council of wise men." Also on this board was his story about clones because he gives responsibility for the murder to one of his clones. But amidst the delusion, there were also a few characters from Star Wars...Signed: "her majesty," the name Moitoiret gave to Hégo.

True delusion or simulation? Writings of this nature are at the heart of the psychiatric debate about his responsibility.

LyonMag 8/09/08

Stéphane is currently on remand, charged with the murder of Valentin Cremault, a boy of 11, in Lagnieu, on July 28th 2008. The French police are looking at a large number of unsolved crimes, in which Moitoiret may be implicated because of their similarities and correspondence with some of the places that Moitoiret and his partner are believed to have passed through. Moitoiret is being assessed at a secure psychiatric hospital to determine his fitness to stand trial.

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