Wednesday, 10 September 2008

SOS Madeleine McCann: Brian Kennedy is looking to recruit British ex-police officers.

Brian Kennedy is looking for ex-police officers.


After the information from the British media, that the millionaire Brian Kennedy had just dismissed a team of private investigators, after having paid them £500,000 from the fund created from public donations, comes the announcement that the benefactor has been busy recruiting amongst former Greater Manchester police officers.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a member of the Guardian Media Group, the millionaire has allegedly received from Chief Steve Heywood, head of crime prevention, a list of Manchester police officers who are no longer in post or are close to leaving their posts.

It was from Manchester that another ex-police officer originated, Henry Exton, who, according to the Manchester Evening News, was a shareholder in Oakley International, the American agency which Brian Kennedy had dismissed, according to certain British media, and with which he was still satisfied, according to others.

Recently, Brian Kennedy admitted that he was ready to finance Kate and Gerry McCann for the rest of his life, putting at the couple's disposal the entirety of his personal fortune, estimated at more than £450 million.


SOS Madeleine McCann.

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Wheels said...

I wonder if these potential recruits are going to be allowed to question the events of the night Maddie disappeared? I have not seen anything positive that indicates sn abduction, rather an assumption from disallowing other possibilities.

I can't see a solution to this case coming along until good investigators are allowed to consider ALL possibilities of the case. I suspect that is why no result has been forthcoming so far.