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Marcos Aragão Correia: the return


Léonor Cipriano's lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, has seen the suspension imposed by the Bar Association lifted, but he must still face a disciplinary process for his actions in the Madeleine McCann case, but also in the context of the trial of the five PJ inspectors.

True to himself, the layer who also calls himself a medium, now accuses the presiding judge of the court in Faro, Henrique Pavão, of having a "dangerous liaison," with Me António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's defence lawyer.

Marcos Aragão Correia's accusations were made after his expulsion from the courtroom, following his suspension by the Conduct Committee of the Madère Bar Association. A complaint against the judge was lodged with the Senior Committee of Magistrates.

Marcos and the Maddie case.

On May 6th 2007, (3 days after Madeleine's disappearance) Marcos Aragão Correia stated that so-called sources in the underworld told him that Madeleine MCann had been raped and killed and that her body had been thrown into a "dark lake." Under pressure to identify his alleged sources, he ended up changing his version of the story and said he was a spiritualist, medium: after having participated in a spiritualists' meeting on the night of May 5th, the lawyer claims that he had a vision of a four year-old child "abducted, raped, killed and the her body thrown into a lake or a dam."

In October 2007, he claimed that he had sent a recorded letter from the island of Madiera to Rothley, addressed to the McCanns, apparently containing details, clues and crucial evidence in the case. He also claims that he informed the PJ in Funchal (Madiera)

In the same month, he announced that the famous letter never reached the hands of the McCanns, in spite of the fact that someone allegedly signed for its receipt.

In November 2007, he decided to take legal action against the Portuguese postal system, the CTT, accusing them of not having correctly delivered the letter to the McCanns. According to the lawyer, an officer of the postal services allegedly wrongfully signed the receipt for the letter, but his legal action was considered unfounded and he was sentenced to pay court costs, being a sum of 100 Euros.

In statements to the press, Marcos claims that he only wrote to the McCanns giving them the information, in the absence of a response on the part of the PJ to to information he claimed to have furnished in Madiera.

1205425334_0.jpgIn December 2007, the liaison between the lawyer and the private detectives becomes obvious. It is then that he is going to become more insistent about his version regarding the presence of Maddie's body in the waters of the Arade Dam where he is going to pay British divers to probe the depths.

Presented in the British media as a Good Samaritan, the lawyer stated that he paid the 1250 Euros daily expenses for the divers from the Dive Time Society of Lagos, with money from Metodo 3.

If the Good Samaritan doesn't have a sense of the ridiculous, he has, however, the concept of the value of the media and he finds ways to alert the British and Portuguese media so that they are present at key moments in the searches: first of all he brings from the water, an ordinary piece of rope which he is going to use to put across the image of a child tied up. After this are black plastic bags containing animal bones, but of which he is going to put across the message that it could be the bones of a child's hand. Finally, after the intervention of the PJ, he will admit that it was really the bones of cats.

He goes as far as stating that he is 99% certain that Madeleine's body will be found in the dam.

In spite of the intervention of the Portuguese authorities confirming that they really did come from a litter of kittens, the meagre findings of Marcos Aragão Correia - at least this is what he stated to the press - will be sent to Barcelona where Metodo 3 had specialists ready to carry out examinations. The results were never disclosed because, as it became obvious, there was nothing to say, confirming once again that the lawyer's only objective was to feed doubt about the official investigation.

Today, Marcos Aragão continues his work. He has become lawyer for Léonor Cipriano, even if his main objective remains the former coordinator of the investigation into the death and disappearance of Madeleine McCann: Goncalo Amaral.

SOS Madeleine McCann: 24/01/09

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