Thursday, 29 January 2009

What can you buy for £20? A school uniform, a pair of shoes and a school bag to send a child to school in a very poor part of India.

Just £20 a year will provide a school uniform, a pair of shoes and a school bag for a child in one of the poorest communities in India. Please consider sponsoring just one child into life-changing educational opportunity. Thank you.

This is the school:

MS Foundation

We were founded as a charity from 15th August 2007 to provide education and
training for poor people in the slum area Yellammabanda at Kukatpally, Hyderabad AP.

We are a community of people dispossessed from our lands and homes - many families of migrant labourers. We made a survey and it was clear that people at Yellammabanda need education to lift themselves from their poverty. First we have started the school up to grade 10 and we have 150 students, but would like to take more.

Many families are living in terrible conditions and have come here to find work. The family would like to send them to school but instead the children are sent out as labourers and servants.

You can help to lift one of these families from poverty and provide a child with education. Please click on the link below to learn more.

Sponsors will be given the details of their sponsored child, plus a photograph every year. They can email the child occasionally through the school email address (but not directly). They will thus have an opportunity to watch their ward grow into maturity and have the pleasure of knowing that they have contributed to the education of a future parent.

If you would like to sponsor
a child, please email

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