Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Madeleine McCann: Detectives "clown around," in Germany.

The two former English policemen that were hired by the McCann couple, returned to England yesterday without having questioned the alleged “suspect” in the disappearance of Madeleine, after the German authorities classified their presence in Aachen as “a clown act”, accusing them of “trying to pressure the local judicial authorities”, using contacts among the British diplomatic representatives in Germany.

The private investigators – who have no police authority whatsoever in England or abroad – wanted to question Raymond Hewlett, a British citizen aged 64 who lived in Tavira when Maddie disappeared in Praia da Luz, and who has served prison sentences in three paedophilia cases that involved teenagers.

The prosecutor in Aachen, in statements to 24horas, confirmed that the English authorities manifested interest in questioning Hewlett about two old cases but that “the official request doesn’t even mention the Maddie case and does not request the individual’s detention”.

For the German authorities, everything that has been published in the English tabloids, “has been nothing but pure speculation” about a sad disappearance case.

“We can’t prevent the British citizen from leaving the hospital, as soon as that is possible in clinical terms, and especially if he wishes to do so”, said Robert Deller, in an interview to German television before he spoke to 24horas.
“We are willing to cooperate with the Portuguese and English authorities but these gentlemen (the detectives) have no authority whatsoever and we’ll be glad when they leave the hospital door. Them, and the journalists that they brought along”, a spokesman for the police in Aachen confessed to 24horas.

Hewlett, who had been admitted to the University Clinic in Aachen for cancer treatment, refused to answer to the McCanns’ investigators but told 24horas that on the day that Maddie disappeared, he was camped in Fuzeta, the place where he took part in the monthly market and antiques sale. The English citizen, who was never involved in paedophilia cases in our country, was denounced to the McCanns’ investigators by an equally British couple, Alan and Cindy Thompson – who are known to authorities for equally having pretended that they knew where Bin Laden’s hideout was located.

24horas tried to contact Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley, the two former policemen that form “Alpha Investigations Group”, but they refused to comment on why they consider the English man a suspect, after stating that Maddie “was not abducted by a paedophile” or transported on board of any boat.

In Portugal, a source at the PJ in Portimão confirmed that the information that has been published about the case is being “followed attentively” but that neither the McCann couple nor their investigators “delivered or communicated any new data” to the PJ.

Duarte Levy also in 24horas

I find it very odd that the McCanns are focusing on Madeleine's having been abducted by a paedophile and yet, at the same time, asserting that they believe she has not come to serious harm. What do they think paedophiles do with small children? Treat little girls like princesses?

If Madeleine had been abducted by a paedophile, then under the Children and Young Persons Act of 1933, the McCanns should be prosecuted. This act does not lay down any minimum age at which children may be left alone, but it does say that if children come to serious harm, the parents/carers can be prosecuted. Three children, under the age of four, were left alone for significant periods of time, while their parents were at some distance,dining. The very fact that Madeleine is no longer where she should be, in her own home, going to school, playing with friends, means that she has come to serious harm. So, why are her parents still out there, hiring Toytown pretendy cops and issuing an ultimatum to a "person of interest," which they have no legal right to do?

Clarence Mitchell has stated, quite pompously in my opinion, that Raymond Hewlett should speak to the McCanns' detectives in order to clear his name. Well, maybe if Kate McCann sets an example, I would be more in favour of the Hewlett interview. Maybe Clarence could persuade Kate McCann that it is incumbent upon her to answer those 48 questions the PJ put to her way back in September 2007, to which she responded with, "No comment."

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