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Madeleine McCann - Gonçalo Amaral wiretapped.


The Maddie case is untouchable for the PGR and the PJ.

By Duarte Levy

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"Many people linked to the Maddie case and the investigation carried out in Portugal, were or still are, the target of wiretapping," a Home Office source told 24 Horas in response to statements from the former coordinator of the Portimao Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC)

Gonçalo Amaral has said that he is, "under surveillance," and he knows that, "his telephone is tapped." The former head of the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, "doesn't know by whom he is under surveillance," but he states that his email has been the target of constant intrusion and that some of that information has reached the McCanns.

"At the moment, there is information that should be looked into about the locality of and what could have happened to the little girl's body," Amaral said, accusing the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) and the PJ's director of making the Maddie case untouchable, where, "nobody is doing anything," allowing, "people outside of the law and the Portuguese police to investigate crimes which are the responsibility of the PJ."

Gonçalo Amaral who has, so far, not received any notification about the legal action for defamation announced by the McCann couple, confirms that he is going to take action against Kate and Gerry McCann and prove that there, "was an agreement between the couple and the English police during the investigation, which affected the final outcome of the investigation.

Maddie's parents want to prevent the English publication of the book, "Maddie L'enquête interdite," in which the former coordinator of the PJ reveals many details of the investigation which he led in Praia da Luz, where he maintains that Madeleine died. The couple's decision was allegedly taken as a consequence of the broadcasting of the documentary based on this book, that TVI (Portuguese TV Channel) screened and which is available on the internet, subtitled in English.

Amaral accuses the MP of having "trapped," him in the Leonor Cipriano case.

"I have no doubt that there was a trap on the part of the Public Minister which then led him to say, during the trial, that I made a false statement, because I should have been made an arguido
from the start, the very beginning, like my colleagues," Gonçalo Amaral said on TVI (Video here) about the fact of being sentenced during the Leonor Cipriano trial, confirming that he will appeal the sentence.

The ex-coordinator, speaking about his most recent experience of justice in Portugal, gave the example of two complaints presented about the same report prepared by an organisation in the Joana Cipriano case: the complaint presented by Amaral a year ago is on hold, while the second, presented by the other side, already has arguidos.

(Also in 24 Horas)

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