Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gonçalo Amaral Goes To Spain To Talk About The Maddie Case

Forbidden to talk about his book, "The Truth of The Lie," and his conclusions about the case, 24 Horas reports that Gonçalo Amaral crossed the border into Spain to be able to express himself. The order by the court in Lisbon, prohibiting him from speaking about the case, is only effective in Portugal.

Translation from Joana Morais. See Joana's blog for updates.

September 24, 2009
Gonçalo Amaral leaves the Country to Accuse the McCanns

Forbidden to speak about his version of the Maddie Case, which puts the parents at the origin of the child's disappearance, the former Inspector gives an interview to TV Record, in Spain.

Silenced in Portugal, Gonçalo Amaral went to Ayamonte, Spain, to tell again his version of Maddie's story, exposed in his book «The Truth of the Lie».

The Former Inspector of the Maddie Case bypassed in this way the injunction that prevents him to speak freely on the thesis of the child's death and the concealment of the corpse by her parents. However, the daily Press today reveals that the ban to Gonçalo Amaral will be enforced anywhere in the world.[this could only be achieved if the McCanns process Mr. Amaral in every Civil Court of every and each Country, no Court has jurisdiction to forbid a Citizen to speak abroad]

The McCann were in Lisbon yesterday in a meeting with their lawyers to proceed with the reopening of the inquest* to their daughter's disappearance and «refresh the searches». The Couple refused to make any comments regarding their conflict with the former PJ inspector.

Gonçalo Amaral's interview to TV Record will be broadcast in 70 Countries, the date is still unknown.

in TVI24

*This is a gross mistake, the McCanns confessed that "they wished to reopen the process", obviously they won't even bother to try to reopen the process, which they could as it's in their legal right as assistants to the process. They could, for example, answer the PJ questions or request that an official reconstruction of the events of 3rd of May 2007 is made. The Public Ministry would no doubt reopen the process to the investigation of Madeleine Beth McCann' disappearance again.

The interview will be broadcast in 70 countries? Let's hope the UK is one of them. Many thanks to Joana Morais for translating this article.

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