Wednesday, 9 September 2009

It Wasn't Dr Amaral Who Sniffed Out The Cadaver Odour!

Joana Morais has published a statement from the lawyer for Goncalo Amaral, author of the book, "A Verdade da Mentira," The Truth of The Lie, about the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance. Thank you, Joana.

This is an extract. Read the entire article on Joana's blog. (Link above)

"The lawyer for former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral said today that he “deplores” as a citizen that the selling of the book about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was prohibited, which will limit the “freedom of expression” in Portugal.

In statements to Lusa agency, António Cabrita said that he has not been notified about the decision concerning the injunction that forbids the sale of the book “The Truth about the Lie” yet, and he doesn’t wish to take a juridical position about the matter without previously speaking with his client, Gonçalo Amaral.

Nevertheless, he observed that, if the decision’s tenor, as divulged by the media, is confirmed, then it is the “freedom of expression” that may be being limited, because the book about the disappearance of the English child in the Algarve emits an opinion about “certain facts” that took place.

Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer said it was “strange” that, with the book having been published over a year ago, an injunction has been served only now in order to forbid the book, when the book’s sales have “already attained their peak”.

“As a citizen, this worries me”, António Cabrita commented, further noting that this measure appears at a time when the possibility of translating the book and an eventual interest in selling it in the United Kingdom were being mentioned. “If this is true, then it’s possible that this reaction is related to that”, the lawyer admitted, adding, nevertheless, that he “deplores” what is happening.

Among other statements that are related to the prohibition of the book about the investigation into the English girl’s disappearance, António Cabrita stressed that “it was not Gonçalo Amaral’s pituitary that was sniffing the cadaver odour”.

Indeed it wasn't Dr Amaral's pituitary! Eddie, the Enhanced Victim Recovery (Cadaver) Dog, claims that discovery.

This first video shows Eddie in apartment 5A, where the McCanns stayed on their holiday in Praia da Luz. The commentary is in Portuguese, but it's easy to follow what is happening and Martin Grime, Eddie's trainer explains in English.

Eddie and Keela examining all the vehicles used by the McCanns, their friends and Robert Murat, the first arguido (suspect).

So, the McCanns are saying that Dr Amaral's book has hampered the search for Madeleine? What search? They have paid out a small fortune in other people's money for all sorts of weird and wonderful private detectives, who have basically come up with nothing but empty promises, like...Madeleine will be home by Christmas....and chased sightings all over the world. The search for Madeleine? Well, the McCanns didn't physically search for her when she went missing. Some local people in Vila da Luz stayed away from work for a week, but what did Kate McCann do? Well, she certainly didn't answer the question about why she didn't get out there! (As well as those 48 questions the PJ wanted to ask about her daughter's disappearance!) She seems to have turned the answer into one she prepared earlier!

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