Sunday, 13 September 2009

Kate McCann: that "poisonous," letter from the wife of Gonçalo Amaral

Today, the Sunday Express reports that Sofia, wife of Gonçalo Amaral wrote a, "poisonous," letter to Kate McCann. What they omit to say is that the letter was written in September 2008, following remarks by Kate McCann, during an interview with a Portuguese daily newspaper. During that interview, Kate McCann said that Dr Amaral was a "disgrace, professionally and as a person." In response, Sofia Leal wrote an open letter to Kate McCann. This is the letter:

-- Dear Madam,

Excuse my audacity, but after learning about your comment in your interview with the newspaper, Expresso, on the subject of Gonçalo Amaral, my husband and father of my daughters, I have to send you these words of thanks. For many years I have been trying to make myself understood with this feeling that unites you and I "....and his behaviour is a disgrace professionally and as a person"...

Consider this:

a) Professionally

-- As coordinator of criminal investigation for the PJ, my husband has always refused to sit comfortably behind his desk, from 9 to 5, which is usual for his rank.

Instead of that, he spent the day (and sometimes the night) on the ground with the investigators, coordinating "on the spot" searches, surveillance, seizures and other duties. What a disgrace! But if this was just about being exposed to the elements, things wouldn't be serious, because as Madam Kate knows, the weather here is not bad. The problem is his commitment to the cause which has cost him promotion in his career. I will explain, because this case is contemporary to the search for your daughter. My husband was involved as senior coordinator, and between seizures of drugs, kidnappings and murders, he succeeded in producing a theory about drug trafficking by sea, which he defended before a jury in Lisbon, who congratulated him.

Full of hope, Gonçalo Amaral returned to the Algarve to await the result. It was with astonishment that he learned that he had been passed over by other colleagues (coordinators as it happens, to tell the truth), because he had not managed to get himself into "professonal training" settings. And yes, Madam Kate, my husband spent his life working, in the midst of complex investigations. He was the man in Portugal who seized most drugs, but as he didn't have the time to parade himself in the corridors of the PJ's institution, he was not promoted. A disgrace, madam, a disgrace!

As you must know, because you seem very well informed to me, my husband's salary was barely 1.5 times the minimum wage of your country. However, as a wife, mother and Portuguese, I cannot complain, given that Gonçalo Amaral's salary was the equivalent of 4.5 times the minimum wage in Portugal. Pay attention to this, which serves as an example of what I am going to explain: at one time, an individual shot an officer of the PSP and fled into neighbouring Spain. Between the comings and goings of a PJ team, of which my husband was a part, they were there for more than 15 days.

At that time, international expenses were 100€. As madam Kate can imagine, it is not possible on that amount to eat and to lodge in Spain, still less when it is Christmas Eve, and this money would only be available (with a bit of luck) by Easter. Even with that, Gonçalo Amaral never refused, not even for a day, to search for the evasive murderer, thus increasing our family budget. And this is only one example amongst many. I once suggested to him the creation of a fund, or something else for dealing with these extraordinary expenses, but he never listened to me. While we too had our mortgage to pay...A disgrace, Madam Kate, a disgrace!

b) Also as an individual, his behaviour is a disgrace, because it was never possible to distinguish or to have a private life with the way of working he chose. However, and if my dear friend Madam Kate will allow me, I can give some examples: Five years ago, a child called Joana "disappeared." The mother, just like Madam Kate, tried to project the case into the media, but this was as far as she got...After 8 days, came the confessions and the evidence: During an incestuous act between the mother and the uncle, the child was beaten, later cut into pieces and her body disposed of, no one knows where. The mother and the uncle were imprisoned, with the trial coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral, and bringing each of them nearly 20 years in prison. But going back a bit...

The child died on September 12th. On Christmas Eve, our family were together to begin our prayers, when my husband asked me to prepare a bag with food and warm clothes, because he had not yet carried out his Christmas act of contrition and penitence. Try to imagine, Madam Kate, where Gonçalo Amaral took himself that Christmas night when there was torrential rain and roaring thunder? To the Olhao prison establishment, where João Cipriano, Joana's uncle, was a prisoner; confessed murderer and clinically declared a psychopath. For my husband, giving alms to a beggar did not represent any sacrifice.

On the other hand, joining and sharing his Christmas meal with João Cipriano was the sacrifice he offered to God in memory of Joana. And isn't that a disgrace? Know this, Madam Kate, every year, on September 12th, my husband requests a mass for Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro. He says that no one else will remember the poor child. But people remember to accuse him unjustly of acts and crimes which he has never committed. Isn't that a disgrace, Madam Kate?

I will relate one last story, which still costs me to talk about. This year, in May, we started the process of moving our family to Portimao. My husband's holiday was supposed to start the day after your daughter disappeared. "For obvious reasons," that didn't happen. I started a new job, I looked at houses, I made the move and I tried to settle our daughters into new schools with new routines.

All that alone, without any support from my husband, who, for obvious reasons, was looking for your daughter, Madam Kate. In October, on the day of his birthday, a week after our daughters had started the new school year, Gonçalo Amaral was dismissed and returned to Faro. It was supposed to be a time of the family getting together, but in fact it was even more of a separation. Isn't that a disgrace? Our daughters have never understood, and we have never succeeded in explaining to them what the obvious reasons were that justified a father leaving his daughters to look for a child he didn't know and whom the parents neglected. A disgrace that my dear friend Kate was not there at that time. Perhaps you could have helped us explain the "obvious reasons" to our children for their father's being sent back.

To finish, on the intimate subject of Gonçalo Amaral, I can only tell you that he is exactly as the Latinos have a reputation for: a wild one, and my modesty does not allow me to say any more.

I ask my dear friend to forgive these thoughts of a wife and mother, but I am sure you will understand. I will finish this missive by asking you to pass on to your mother my sincere compliments. She seemed very sincere to me when, during an interview, she said she had the urge to slap those who had left her grandchildren alone. She spoke as openly as a true Portuguese grandmother would have done.

My dear friend Madam Kate, without wishing to bother you any further, I would like you to do me a last favour: now that you are starting to let the truth come out, don't stop, go on, and tell the truth the world is waiting to hear.

With my best regards,

Sofia Leal

(Wife and mother of Gonçalo Amaral's children.)


Jill Havern - CMOMM said...

It's absolutely shocking that they are now dredging up year-old news to attack Sofia. Open Season on the Amarals for sure.

Just who the hell are these McCann people that they can get away with all this obscene behaviour on the back of child neglect which led to the death of one of their children?

I really don't understand their power, or how they are allowed to continually abuse it.

AnnaEsse said...


This morning, I am furious about that Sunday Express article. Sofia Amaral has more class, integrity, dignity, decency and intelligence, than Kate McCann could ever dream of having.

Under the 1932 Children and Young Persons Act, the McCanns should have been locked up for neglect leading to significant harm of one of their children. Instead, they are behaving like and being treated like hard done by celebs.

The Amarals are also true Christians and Catholics, unlike Gerry McCann, who went jogging, did various other things and popped into the church for 10 effin' minutes to pray for Madeleine, like prayer and faith were something you slotted into your busy schedule.

What will Kate and Gerry tell the twins when they arrive home from school, saying that kids have been telling them how mummy and daddy left them alone in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country? Well, we could see the apartment? Well, it was like having dinner in our back garden?

Any harm that comes to the twins will not be because of Amaral's book. Sean and Amelie will discover the truth sooner or later, that their mother did not even go out and search for their sister, that their parents went trotting off round Europe instead of searching, that enormous amounts of donated money were thrown at pretendy cops, etc etc.

The past will eventually come back and bite the McCanns' bums, in the shape of their two children, whom they are now pretending to protect from Dr Amaral's book. Karma, Gerry McCann, you lying scumbag!

Jill Havern - CMOMM said...

I share your anger, every word of it.

I do hope, one day, that the media will turn on them and dish out to them what they dish out to others.

I'm gobsmacked, daily, by the carryings on of these people. I can only hope Goncalo can resolve this before the McCann's bleed him dry.

I wish I'd never followed this case, I wish I'd lost interest years ago, but the obscenity of it all, and the damaging messages these people are sending out to the gullible and misinformed public, is too damn compelling.

Anonymous said...


That feels better.

Anonymous said...

There power is in the knowledge they have it must not be let out
to many involved

Unknown said...

Once again the McCanns never fail to surprise me. Senhora Amaral wrote a moving letter to Kate, describing her husband and the way he has always acted in trying to solve cases and the depth of his feelings for the victims and Kate McCann has the nerve to say this is a poisonous letter - no Kate, this is how a wife who has the utmost love and respect for her husband would behave. Sr Amaral I doubhas shown the depth he would go even for your daughter, he gave up everything, in an attempt to get to the truth. You will never understand his wifes letter as you would not recognise the emotion as you certainly do not have anyone beside you whom you can be proud of. It is high time this utter sham was brought to a conclusion and the truth be out.

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Jo Tutty. I am with you on everything you have said. Gonçalo is a man of honour, compassion and dignity and this sham must be brought to a conclusions, for Madeleine and for Gonçalo.