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Madeleine McCann: and what about those early reports about the shutters at apartment 5A?

During the night of May 3rd/May 4th 2007, Gerry McCann contacted various family and friends, who, in later interviews stated that Gerry had told them that the shutters to Madeleine's bedroom window had been 'jemmied,' and the window opened from the outside. This is a report from Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis on the SOS Madeleine McCann blog in August 2008.

"Witnesses have taken apart the McCanns' version about the apartment's shutters."




Witnesses have, "taken apart," the McCanns' version about the apartment's shutters.

Apartment 5A, where the McCanns were staying until Madeleine's disappearance, had been occupied by other British people, all of whom the PJ found, confirmed the good state of the shutters, initially described by relatives of Kate and Gerry as old, worn and broken.

Amongst these witnesses, Saleigh and Paul Gordon, accompanied by their two children, occupied apartment 5A before the McCanns, between April 21st and 28th 2007. Questioned several times by the investigators, the couple maintain that, "the doors, windows and shutters of the apartment were all in good condition," even stressing that given the noise made by the bedroom shutters, it would be impossible to open or shut them without it being noticed by neighbours or passers-by.

From the beginning, the McCanns have claimed that the shutters were broken and that the door had been forced. That is the version that Kate gave to a close friend, Jon Corner, to whom she reportedly said, "that they have smashed the shutter on the window and taken my little girl."

The same version was, meanwhile, given by Gerry to Madeleine's grandfather, Brian Healy: "Gerry told me that when they got back, the shutters on the bedroom window were smashed (....) The door was open." (See McCannfiles)

"The bedroom, facing the car park, was also overlooked by other apartments. Given that, I find that if someone had tried to open the shutters from the outside, somebody would have noticed," Saleigh Gordon insists. Her husband Paul also confirms that the couple always felt safe and that the front door was equipped with a double lock, while the one at the back only locked from inside the apartment.

The, "strange," man was actually not.

It was also Paul Gordon who saw and spoke to a man described by several British media, quoting sources close to the McCanns, as strange and suspicious. However, in his statements to the police, Paul maintains that the individual never, "watched," the children or the apartment: "I would describe the man as well-educated, of good appearance (...) I remember him as looking tidy and shaved with light downy facial hair. "

"I went over to the man who asked me if I would be interested in making a donation to an orphanage (...) I spoke with him and noticed that he had an indentification badge and that he had what looked to me like a receipt book," Paul Gordon stated to the police, adding that he had even received a receipt which he had left behind in Portugal.

Since January Paul Gordon has been contacted several times by Brian Kennedy, Kate and Gerry McCann: "There are times when I feel like a chess pawn."

"The McCanns manipulated the evidence."

The PJ are convinced that the McCanns manipulated evidence and simulated the abduction of the daughter and put forward that Maddie's parents changed the arrangement of the furniture and some objects in the apartment. The information is published this morning by the Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manha, quoting the PJ's investigation.

According to the daily newspaper, the correlation between the alerting to cadaver odour and to blood behind the sofa, by Eddie and Keela, the two British sniffer dogs, proves beyond doubt that this was backed up against the wall after the child's death. The investigators, given the poor evidence found on this piece of furniture, concluded that it may be that it had been washed.

A detail also quoted by Correio da Manha, Cuddle Cat, the pink soft toy belonging to Madeleine and which Kate took everywhere, was placed in the child's bed after her death, given that, in contrast to the soft toy, no cadaver odour was indicated on the bed."

Duarte Levy & Paulo Reis



Ironside said...

This one lie makes all the rest impossible.

AnnaEsse said...

Doesn't it just! No forced entry and almost impossible to get a child out through the narrow window, as well as the only fingerprints on the window being those of Kate McCann.

Himself said...

Ah yes, the ubiquitous Brian Kennedy, he does get around doesn't he, quite strange how there always seems to be a witness in the equation.

A little something to complement your post.
How did it get this far

And a little more detail of just what our abductor managed to achieve, shutters an'all.

Gerry McCann Liar

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you Himself. I shall look at those references tomorrow. While I've got your attention, though, can you tell me why Blogger, at times, does its own thing with the font, whatever I try to do with it?

Himself said...

It all lies in the HTML, I will send you a bit of something when I have put it together.

There's nothing hard about working in HTML, we're only modifying it, not writing it.


Anonymous said...

Their story was a blatant pack of lies from start to finish...

Unfortunately for the McCann's, as I'm sure is the same with most psychopaths, they believe their needs are greater than everyone else's.

They are coming unstuck not because of their involvement in their daughter's disappearance but through trying to silence "freedom of speech".

I believe it will be their eventual undoing and cost them their beloved liberty.