Monday, 24 May 2010

Dr Andrew Wakefield interviewed about his research on vaccines.



Anonymous said...

Hi Anna

I posted this over at MaddieCasefiles but I wanted you to see it...
I'm not sure where you stand re. MMR but I'm afraid Wakefield is a charlatan - please watch the youtube clip that I've posted below...

of course, Wakefield may be in disgrace here in UK but in the States he's treated like a god with endorsements from actor Jim Carey etc.

Journalist Brian Deer (for the Sunday Times & Channel 4) unearthed that 2 years before the Lancet Paper was published on MMR/possible links with Autism, Wakefield had been hired by a lawyer, Richard Barr who specialised in Clinical Negligence. Barr hoped to raise a Class Action Lawsuit against MMR Manufacturers and Wakefield was contracted to conduct scientific research for him. The aim was to find evidence that the MMR vaccine did harm and would feature in litigation on behalf of 1,600 families. Wakefield was paid £150 an hour which Barr paid him out of the UK's Legal Aid Fund. The full amount came to £435,643.00 plus expenses. An application was made for a further £55,000.00 to conduct research and the money was never declared to The Lancet.

Nearly 9 months before the press conference where Wakefield called for separate vaccines, he had filed a patent for his own single measles vaccine. This new vaccine would only stand a chance of success if confidence in MMR was damaged.
Brian Deer found a clear mis-match between Wakefield's published paper and clinical records taken at the time of the study - changes in diagnoses histories & descriptions of the 12 model children used.
In the interests of proving Wakefield's theory, children were given colonoscopies, lumbar punctures & barium meals - none of which were approved by the hospital's ethics committee.

Add to this mix the escalation of measles in Europe & U.S. and I think it's clear he's a very dangerous, money-grabbing selfish man.

here is a link to one of Wakefield's talks where he brags about paying £5 to children to give blood samples whilst at his son's party and joking about how distressing the children found it:

Anonymous said...

I suppose we can expect propaganda to discredit Dr. Wakefield; and it probably works on the less informed who trust what governments tell them.

But one doesn`t have to be a genius to realise that bombarding a young body with three lots of vaccine in one hit is far too much for a new immune system to cope with. The less informed just accept that our health service knows best and take their precious babies to be vaccinated in all innocence. This corruption needed exposure.

Thank goodness there are people like Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues. Its the UKs loss and America`s gain.

Thanks for posting the interviews.

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, I agree. Vaccines create an abnormal immune response and one at a time is probably enough for even a very healthy child. For a child with perhaps a tendency to problems with the gut, several vaccines at once possibly creates a cascade of reactions in the immune system that the child's body cannot cope with.
Dr Wakefield's crime, in my opinion, was to challenge Big Pharma and potentially hit them where it hurt, in the area of their massive profits.

Anonymous said...

"propaganda to discredit Dr. Wakefield"????
that is crazy - he wasn't struck off the medical register for being a good doctor but for taking backhanders from drug companies (who commissioned his work), causing unnecessary suffering to children and aiding a rise of measles outbreaks in the Western world.

It is a very contentious subject - the welfare of one's children... hence we are all still debating the McCann's. I have 2 young children who both had the MMR safely whilst people in our area of North London, who were too scared to give the MMR to their children rely on the ones that do to keep kids immunised. Sadly there have been outbreaks of measles in quite a few local schools.

I am not taking a pro-government stance... just a sane stance. I find it curious that you would think it's a conspiracy against Wakefield. He has more interest in making heaps of money than the welfare of children. You only have to listen to that youtube clip I posted.