Monday, 13 September 2010

Islam is the religion of compassion and peace. And bears don't sh*t in the woods!


I found this on CNN: the Imam talking about what is right with Islam.

He begins by talking about the opening of all 114 chapters of the Qur'An: God the all compassionate and all merciful. Well, let's start with the name. Allah is not referred to as God. The name Allah is used. Mohammad is described as the 'source of compassion to humanity.' This Imam must think that none of us have actually read the Qur'An and that we have all forgotten the history of the Islamic conquests, rape, pillage, slaves, murder and Mohammad, the source of compassion, consummating a marriage with a nine-year-old child.

The Imam talks eloquently about Sufi, the mystic side of Islam. I know a few people who are involved in Sufi and it is the totally peaceful and reflective side of Islam, though I think it is based more on the works of the Poet Rumi than on the Qur'An. The Imam is misleading people because Sufi is not the style of Islam practised in either Shi'a or Suni mosques and I would bet that it is not the style which will be practised at the Ground Zero mosque. He is being very deceitful in referring to Sufi when that is practised by a very small minority of Muslims and definitely not those who call themselves either Shi'a or Suni.

Speaking about the Sufi aspect of Islam and claiming this to be an important aspect of Muslim beliefs, is somewhat like trying to persuade a non-Christian that all Christians are monks and nuns.

And let's face it, where is the compassion for the wife who is beaten according to Qur'An principles, or the woman who is stoned for committing adultery? And what of the virgins promised to those who kill themselves and others in the name of their religion? Are we to understand that these virgins will be raped with compassion?

In referring to Allah as God, he is attempting to beguile listeners into believing the myth that all religions worship the same God. I believe this man is dangerous and he lies with every breath, but then the Qur'An tells him that it's OK to lie to non-believers. He is an accomplished speaker: he speaks softly, with gentle hand gestures, but that is part of his deception. Having watched this and having read the Qur'An, I think this man is like the snake in 'Jungle Book.'

He speaks softly with lies and his gently modulated voice is almost hypnotic. He's well rehearsed in the art of body language: his hands clasped in front, his almost bowing pose. This man, in my opinion, is more dangerous than all the Abu Hamzas and all the Anjem Choudarys of this world because the latter two speak the truth about Islam.


Himself said...

Hi Anna, I don't know if you are familiar with this organisation, there is much on our stone age brethren to be found there.

And my own little contribution on things and people "not of our time."

Your video post looks excellent, but I fear I will have to work up to opening any of the vids.

If indeed at all.


AnnaEsse said...

Thanks for those links H. Lots to see on Memri to keep me out of mischief or having to do housework!

Stone Age is absolutely right when you read stuff like its being legal for a man to starve his wife.

I read earlier today about people being killed in the Kashmir Valley and buildings being torched when people read a story in an Iranian news source that the American pastor was going to burn those Qur'Ans.

A little restraint might help that bridge-building that Imam Rauf is talking about, he who speaks with forked tongue.

Angelique said...

Hi Anna

I have not really much knowledge of the Qur'An or even read any of it.

Suffice it say when I heard an interview many months ago with a Muslim here in London - he said in answer to a question (may even have been Panorama) about tolerance to other religions - he said, "there is no other religion - you will either be Muslims or die".

Enough for me to form an opinion there and then.

P.S. Oh yes, anything to keep the housework away!