Monday, 13 September 2010

Nothing is lost, thanks to the wonderful internet! It's all there, Kate and Gerry!


I would hazard a guess that Kate and Gerry McCann would love to be living in the days before the internet, when interviews were paraphrased, if at all, in just a few newspapers, and the only way to find the copy was to visit the library or the newspapers' archives.

Now, though, all those interviews are on video and available on the internet for every Tom, Dick and Harry to view: their words and body language can be scrutinised, analysed and it's there for ever, or until someone shuts down the net or Carter-Ruck manage to delete it all, like the Langoliers in the Stephen King story of that name, gobbling up the past.

I wonder if Kate and Gerry have learned from those early videos and modified their behaviour in certain ways, from their own observations or from advice from experts in communication: they do seem to have spent rather a lot of that publicly donated money on experts. From the early videos, where they never looked at each other, but sat there in parallel, like a couple of stookies, they seemed to adapt their presentation skills in later videos and actually look at each other, instead of just doing the usual just-for-show hand holding.

Here, for the purpose of a reprise and to remind us that it's all there, is a selection with a comment or two!

1) Philmena McCann, sister of Gerry McCann, stating that Kate and Gerry are, 'negligible,' parents. May 5th 2007, two days after Madeleine disappeared.

2) Missing for a month: too young to be alone.

3) 100 days missing: "Madeleine was alive when she was abducted." (Gerry McCann)

Would an abductor carry away a dead body?
Perhaps implicit in that statement is also that whatever happened subsequently cannot be blamed on Kate and Gerry. After all, she was sleeping when they left her and she was alive when she was abducted. Whatever situation Madeleine then found herself in, was it their fault? They left her in good condition like a DVD that was stolen by burglars and claimed on the house insurance. That child was alive, normal and in good health, so give us your money!

4) Gerry McCann stomping off the set during an interview for Spanish TV. Oh diddums! Was that a difficult question?

5) The response to the Calpol question! Note the attention Gerry pays to his left earlobe: a very common indicator of lying!

6) Gerry McCann mentions murder, one week after the dogs were brought in.

7) Panorama 2007: Kate McCann trying to get her mouth under control and sounding like she opened thr back door and the dog bolted!

8) Gerry McCann suggesting that the reason the twins never woke up through all the noise in the apartment and their being carried to another apartment was that the abductor must have sedated them! An abductor entered the apartment, left no trace of himself, managed to drug three children, carrying one of them away, through a very narrow window in the space of a few minutes! Eat your heart out SAS!!

9) Madeleine asked why no one came when she was crying, but to her mother it was 'just a passing remark.'

10) Kate McCann did not phyisically search for her daughter: she was busy doing other things!

11) The McCann show their true colours as they get up laughing at the end of an interview.

12) Ask the dogs, Sandra!

13) Jaycee Lee Dugard gives them more hope! Oh yea! Madeleine might be being held as the sex slave to some nutter and that gives them hope! Yes, you really can make this stuff up!

14) What the twins have been told. Just wait till they can browse the internet for themselves!

15) Kate McCann outside the court in Lisbon: no evidence that Madeleine has been harmed! No, abduction by strangers and being taken from everything she knows, from an unlocked apartment in a foreign country would not harm her in any way! And this woman was working as a GP, with Child Protection training? Huh!

16) Gerry McCann, "The night WE FOUND HER."

17) By Spudgun: The real Madeleine McCann story.


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AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Anonymous, but this post was inspired by a similar post by the lovely Joana Morais.

Angelique said...

Hi Anna

Yes Joana's has done a good one - but nevertheless - yours is a good compilation as well and also the 'Spudgun one' which I think asks all the relevant questions.

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Thank you Angelique.

Joey_Nova said...

Anna, once again you provide a very accurate, insightful critique of a pair of liars who have been lapping up the media attention for far too long and getting away with murder.

I'd say you should write for a newspaper but its obvious you do research and that is frowned upon!

Joey xx