Thursday, 9 February 2012

"Belle Famille," - by Arthur Dreyfus - Chapter 24

Continuing with the résumés which have been sent to me by Frencheuropean.

Chapter 24

The Macands' financial situation is cause for concern. The stay is expensive and Stéphane is no longer being paid. As Tony has organised a press conference, this presents an opportunity to appeal for donations.

Laurence, who has gone out through the back of the building, where the conference will be organised, spots a young journalist in the car park, just sitting idly in his car. She asks to speak to him in private, and once in the vehicle, she whispers: "The police know who killed my son."

As early as 4pm, a rich woman from Versailles writes a cheque for 50,000 Euros made out to a non-profit organisation, which had urgently been set up three days before. "Finding Madec."

Stéphane is furious because he has just watched the 1 o'clock news on France 2 with Tony and heard that Fabien and Sylviane figure "amongst the main suspects in Madec's disappearance (and probably his death) They were under investigation."

He telephones the news to Laurence, who exclaims: "they're totally mad!"

And she gets to thinking:

"The wheels were in motion. In a few hours, the Josserands would inevitably have seen the news. They would be indignant at being accused. They would lodge a complaint for defamation. And dig their heels in. Ruling out participating in any way in a reconstruction. Inspector Braconnet would give up his infernal idea."

It's looking good, muses a relieved Laurence, practically savouring the moment: the loss of a child accompanied by loads of things to do and exhausting disagreements, but which, all the same, make you forget, somewhat, the sadness of the loss itself.

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