Thursday, 16 February 2012

"Belle Famille," - by Arthur Dreyfus - Chapter 25


Résumé of chapter 25 with thanks to Frencheuropean, as usual!

In spite of the reticence of the Macands, who find it inappropriate, Tony insists on organising a buffet for the journalists at the conference. On principle, Laurence has obtained an assurance that there will be no lump fish roe because the guests might think it was caviar.

Tony insists that if they are well fed, they'll write longer articles.

Although surprised, the journalists set upon the food and the champagne. "Everybody gets down to guzzling and they fight over the leftovers. There are injuries." Outraged by this behaviour, Stéphane smashes the glass of a journalist who is demanding a fourth glass of champagne. Laurence drags him into another room and puts him sharply in his place, being sarcastic about her husband's usual lack of restraint. He apologises.


Anonymous said...

"In spite of the reticence of the McCanns..."

Freudian slip?

Thanks for translating the summary of the book.

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AnnaEsse said...

Edited! Ha ha! Thanks for pointing that out.