Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aluminum in Vaccines Linked to Alzheimer's Disease


Lesly Finn said...

I was once a professional nurse working in Communicable Disease Control and I would just like to point out that without vaccines millions of people would have died, or been left badly affected, from infections which are now fully preventable.

It is thanks to vaccines that children by their thousands are not left with lifelong side effects from measles and mumps - such as heart and eyesight problems (measles), and sterility (mumps/males).

Whooping cough is preventable with vaccination and is an infection which causes extreme distress and can be a killer in very small babies. Rubella (German measles) can cause great harm to a foetus if contracted by a pregnant woman during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The vaccines for TB, tetanus and poliomyelitis have prevented countless cases of both long-term disability and death.

Each year influenza vaccinations protect the elderly and many other people at risk.

People forget that all these diseases were feared and very efficient killers in pre-vaccine times, and spread very quickly within close communities, often with disastrous results.

It is thanks to vaccination that the killer infection of smallpox has been eradicated worldwide.

Sadly there will be a very small minority of persons who may have a reaction to a particular vaccine. Such cases are always widely publicised nowadays with the result that people fear getting their children vaccinated. This is resulting in a worrying rise in the number of cases of vaccine preventable diseases.

Then there is the fear created by reports such as this one. For example, the scare about a possible link between MMR and autism was based on one published paper. Even though many subsequent studies have shown those claims to be false the 'claim' has entered into folklore and children are going unprotected as a result.

My point being that claims that vaccines cause harm need to be approached calmly and with due caution.

AnnaEsse said...

Thanks Lesly. Perhaps we should remember that by the time the polio vaccine had been introduced in the USA, polio had all but been eradicated and most new cases were vaccine-induced because those early vaccines contained "live" polio virus.

Also, if we're talking about a conclusion based on one published paper, HIV as the cause of AIDS was based on a very low sample number of patients and one published paper, then taken up by others who decided that the presence of HIV antibodies was enough.

AnnaEsse said...

Lesly, I'll just add that I'm all for choice. Give people the choice of opting for separate measles, mumps and rubella vaciines.

Also, tell people what's in the vaccines so they can make an informed decision. For instance, one of last year's flu vaccines was propagated on vero cells, immortal cells from the kidneys of African Green monkeys, which carried SV40 virus. Tell people that there is mercury as an adjuvant in some vaccines. Let people make up their minds based on information.