Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kate McCann and those Death Threats!


That's the newspaper headline we see as the video opens. So, where is this unspecified threat? I've never seen any online or otherwise threats to the McCann twins.

"We both feel very strongly that more should be done about internet abuse."

I feel like that too, Mrs McCann. I've never been abusive towards anyone on the internet, but a couple of years ago I had to place comments on this blog on pre-moderation because I was receiving vile abuse and death threats from people purporting to be supporting you. Someone actually went to the trouble of setting up a blog about me, giving my full address. Not only that, but they included my son's name too. That's what I call abuse and I do think more should be done about it. I contacted Google, who informed me that their procedure was to take down pages hosted by them only when there was a legal order to do so. Now, you may be able to afford the services of Carter-Ruck at around £600/hour to take down web pages, but this ordinary person can't.

"People wouldn't get away with behaving like that on the street and yet they can hide behind a computer at home."

Mrs McCann, the name on the heading of this blog is my real name. I may be sitting at home on my computer, but you have been sitting behind a PR spokesperson for nearly six years now and have used very expensive legal representatives to sue those whom you have seen as speaking out against you in ways that you don't like. Most of us sitting at home behind computers don't have those options. Do you agree with people who post personal details, like mine, online? Do you agree with the posting of lies on such a blog? How about a well-known forum where people who claim to be supporting you have posted vile abuse about Jimmy Savile's victims, saying those victims were just out for money? Do you think that's OK? How about the person on Twitter, who goes by the name "Muratfan," who doesn't discuss information presented, but simply posts abusive comments? Is that OK with you? I am left to assume that all of the above is OK with you, that those who are posting vile abuse online, stating that they are supporting you and your hubby, Mrs McCann, do so with your approval because I have not seen anything from you that disagrees with their behaviour. That kind of abuse is OK then?

And how about Pamela Gurney, aka "The Balloon Dancer," who seems to spend 24 hours a day online, hurling abuse on YouTube, Twitter etc at anyone who disagrees with her unconditional support of you? If I'm ever in trouble, I hope that I have the unconditional support of my family and my good friends, but Lord save me from the kind of support you get, Mrs McCann. Not the kind of support I would find helpful. Me? I'd make sure everyone knew I'd disowned that type of person.

THE mother of Madeleine McCann is terrified for her other two children after receiving sick online death threats.
Kate, whose eldest daughter disappeared aged three in 2007, told how internet trolls have vowed to kill her this weekend. (Daily Star April 19th)

Online "death threats."? Plural? Where? The video mentions one comment on a Facebook page, which was investigated by the police and found not to be a serious threat against Kate McCann's life.

And why should Kate McCann be terrified for her "other two children"? Has anyone threatened those children? If so, where? When? Who would threaten the McCann twins, now aged eight? In my opinion, no one who has followed this case since Madeleine disappeared into thin air and the shutter were found not to have been "jemmied." No one who is concerned because one child has been harmed (if Maddie was abducted, abduction is not harmless for children) would wish to harm or threaten to harm two more.

If there are online death threats other than the cleared Facebook one, then someone show them to me, please, because I haven't seen them.

And finally!

But she told ITV Daybreak host Lorraine Kelly: “Even sometimes when I do think they’re cowards and I’m not even going to go there, I think about my children and I think it’s not right that they should come across stuff like that as well.

Stuff like what? Mrs McCann, you claim to have written your book "Madeleine," for your twins and for Madeleine. Do you think it's OK to write a book for small children in which you refer to a police family liaison officer as a f*cking t*sser and on page 129 of that book to describe what you imagine a paedophile doing to your daughter? Is that the kind of "stuff" that's OK for Sean and Amelie to read? That may be the stuff of your nightmares, but your children don't need to read about it.

Disown "Muratfan," Mrs Trolley and the rest of those vile people who hide behind their computers, accusing victims of sexual abuse to be just after money and I might think that all this publicity recently wasn't just because the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance was coming up and there was the annual opportunity to fill the coffers of your private limited company, otherwise known as "The Madeleine Fund."


Anonymous said...

bravo !!!
je ne compends pas trop l'anglais mais j'ai saisi le sens et le ton de votre répone à Kate Mac Cann !!
pauvre petite Maddie !

AnnaEsse said...
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AnnaEsse said...

Merci beaucoup, Anonymous. Oui pauvre petite Maddie. Je ne crois pas qu'elle a été enlevée. Il n'y en a pas de preuve et j'ai du mal a croire les témoignages des "Tapas 9"

Anonymous said...

The twins growing up,learning the truth, is their biggest fear!

from excellent comment 2(202)

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, your comments have been deleted because they are not relevant to the subject of this blog post. Since I have now deleted three of them, perhaps the message might sink in. No trouble for me to delete: one click of my mouse and you're gone! Whoosh clunk! There must be somewhere deep down in the pits of the internet where you will be welcome. Please go forth and find it!

Anonymous said...

Very well said! Many feel exactly the same as you. The level of abuse that accompanies the tragedy of Madeleine towards those asking questions re the many inconsistencies, is vile and prolific.
Madeleine is missing but questions remain unanswered. What a threat to the successful outcome of the investigation that was. Kate wasn't concerned about that!

Anonymous said...

great piece of writing and so true
mrs mccann seems to have more questions to answer re this supposed threatening of her twins
i have been following this case since day 1 and never,never seen any one threaten the twins.looks like mrs mccann is trying to gain more coffers to her LDT COMPANY.

Unknown said...

Very well said Anna, Kate McCann used the media in a very negative way recently, not to support missing children and their relatives but to launch another vindictive attack on her critics.

The result is she has some very negative headlines for interviews given and when she actually ran the marathon the press did not want to know.

Unknown said...

Succinct and powerful blogging Anna, more power to your pen.

AnnaEsse said...

Hey Spudgun, thanks! Praise indeed!

AnnaEsse said...

Thanks Anonymous. I don't know why Kate and Gerry McCann don't make some kind of statement about the abuse that their online "friends," level at others. Kate and Gerry are educated people who criticize people who ask, in my opinion, reasonable questions, yet seem to accept the abuse coming from supporters.

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, I don't think anyone has threatened the twins. If they had, I would be reporting immediately to the police if I were to see it. I hope that the twins have not been threatened. What the McCanns do have to worry about is other children who have heard details of the case, who won't hesitate to tell them that they were left alone while their parents dined over 120 metres away, checking every half hour.

AnnaEsse said...

Viv, I agree about Kate McCann in the media recently. She has lashed out at people who are mostly just asking questions based on police files and what we read of inconsistencies and contradictions. But then someone who calls a police officer a f*cking tosser? Not really worthy of an educated person who purports to be a devout Catholic.

Anonymous said...

How right you are Anna there is no threat to the young McCann children. And no threat to Kate McCann.

Kate McCann played out, in her recent interviews, and for all to see, the most deplorable act of abuse,against her own children, since...since the last time..!

Evidently no lesson has been learned!

It is not normal for a mum to put her children in danger, in the line of fire, and yet that is what she did. She set her 8 year old twins up to take a hit! And isn't she quite the markswoman - she didn't miss!

And for who? for what?

All for Kate McCann, her narcissism!

However many times this woman repeats these appalling acts, her supporters will continue to defend her/Gerry.

I can only say to you, rise above the appalling acts that they carry out against others, and which you have had the misfortune it seems to experience.

K & G and their supporters have proved they are 'peas in a pod' they will never change their abhorrent behaviour and ways.

They do not deserve the 'time of day' from those who truly seek justice and truth for Madeleine.

Let's not give them a moment of our precious time.

Anonymous said...

A correction if I may to my last comment:-

K & G and their supporters have proved they are 'peas in a pod' they will never change their abhorrent behaviour and ways.


K & G and their supporters - that is those among them who abuse others - have proved they are 'peas in a pod' they will never change their abhorrent behaviour and ways.

Lesly Finn said...

Anna ... a good post indeed.

The original 'threat' was a throw-away comment meant in jest. I know because I saw and read it in context. It certainly was not a sincerely made threat against Kate's life!

Only the McCann's PR machine could have made such a large balloon of 'hot air' out of it.

How lucky the McCanns are to have their own PR expert. And how the Murdochs must love them - they are an absolute gift!

It is the perfect symbiotic relationship ... each side using the other for their own ends.

As you rightly point out the McCann rules of engagement appear to apply only to them.

It does seem that they find it perfectly acceptable for their supporters to publicly abuse, and privately harass, those who dare to question their version of events, with the most vile abuse and threats.

Thank you and Bravo, Anna, very well said xx

Anonymous said...

Very well said Anna, merci x

Anonymous said...

Very insightful blog, thank you for posting it.

I wonder where GM was when his wife was on tv complaining about trolls, death threats and forgiving the perpetrator? Wouldn't he want to be there supporting her? It all adds up to show how much effort they've spent spinning the facebook comment. It says to me that they're thankful for it, if anything. The fund must be low if they can build a house with two bricks like that. How telling that KM was forgiving the 'abductor' yet attacking her critics in the same breath.

The fund must be starting to dry up.
The death threats/KM's complaining will make people curious enough to look. Anything that draws attention to the police files has got to be a bonus. The more word gets around, the faster the fund will dry up. As solicitors aren't taking on no win-no fee work these days, they'll be off the gravy train. Even if they've squirrelled millions away, it won't last forever. The media will have a field day if there's no threat, the police will have an easier job (UK & PJ) and freedom of speech will be reinstated. If the couple sell their home to boost fund, we'll know there really is hope for Maddy. I won't buy them a New Home card just yet.

Anonymous said...

Great post Annaesse. Everything you said is 100% true not like Kate McCann who tells lie after lie. What a vile person she is using two little 8 year olds. Its disgusting. The McCanns fear is what the twins will read about. Being left in an unlocked apt night after night. Corpse scent being found & the PJ files online for everyone to see & the Gaspar statements from the McCanns OWN friends. The McCanns have more to fear than the internet. The poor twins will always ' hear ' the whispers and talk of others for the rest of their lives. I feel so sorry for the twins and for poor Madeleine. May she have truth and Justice.

Anonymous said...

excellent and accurate article

thank you

Clarence M

su said...

Very powerful blog indeed.
I have read on Textusa what some McCann supporters have written about her being killed by her husband and more.
Should anyone wish to document the death threats that have been received by those caring about the fate of Madeleine this is a good place to start.

kerpow42 said...

Brilliant blog post. Agree entirely.