Thursday, 3 October 2013

Isabel Duarte's assistant issues threats with regard to photograph taken of her by Anne Guedes

Yes, our very own Anne Guedes, who has been reporting from the court in Lisbon as the McCanns' witnesses give evidence, has been told that she must take down a photo she took of Isabel Duarte. It seems the link to the photo is no longer available, but if it's the photo I'm thinking of, then it was taken in a public place, which is surely not illegal?

Ricardo Afonso @RicardoCAfonso
11:14 PM - 2 Oct 13
@aacg @xklamation Mrs. Anne Guedes I thank you to remove from the UK justice forum the photo which you know was not allowed. You have until 12pm tomorrow

Ricardo Afonso @RicardoCAfonso
11:15 PM - 2 Oct 13
@aacg @xklamation if it is not removed, she will react accordingly

Is Ms Duarte going to ask every newspaper that printed her photos to take them down? 

Seems to me this threat has rebounded on Isabel Duarte. There appear to be quite a few people on social media now looking for the photo. 

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