Friday, 7 March 2008

Mari Luz Cortès: a very sad ending to her story

Spanish television channels have confirmed that a body found in the sea near Huelva is that of Mari Luz, the five year-old girl who went missing in Huelva on January 13th. A dock worker found her body at just after 4pm today.

# Diario de Sevilla

The little girl was found wearing the same clothes as on the day she disappeared. It is being reported that her skull had been fractured, with what looked like a heavy blow.

"Typically Spanish" news

"She disappeared almost two months ago and her body was found on Friday
Five year old Mari Luz, missing from Huelva since she left her home in the El Torrejón area of the city on 13th January for a short trip to the local sweets kiosk, has been found dead.

El Mundo said her body was found on Friday evening in Huelva province in the Torrearenilla marshland, in a river close to the Cepsa refinery installations, by an employee of the petroleum company. It’s understood that Mari Luz’s body was found with the clothes she was wearing when she disappeared , and that her body was badly decomposed.

There was news just last week that the family of the five year old had received a ransom demand for two million euros, via an anonymous caller who demanded the money to release the child.
While it was thought to be a hoax, the family said they were prepared to negotiate in the case of serious calls. Mari Luz’s uncle, Diego Cortés, said at the time that the family would personally go to rescue his niece if necessary, but said they would only be able to raise around 300,000 €.

El Mundo said Mari Luz’s parents, Juan José Cortés and Irene Suárez, had arrived at the scene to identify their daughter’s body, and that Juan José López Garzón, the central government delegate for Andalucía, was also en route to the site where Mari Luz’s body was found."

What sad news for Mari Luz's family. How tragic to lose a child in this way. My thoughts are with the Cortès family at this time.


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Such a pity...

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Such a tragic ending :(