Friday, 27 July 2007

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OK, I think this might be the last thing I add for today! For really interesting discussion on Madeleine MCann, go have a look at the forum at the Daily Mirror. This forum is so darned interesting that at one point, the journalist Paulo Reis, he of, "GazetaDigital," joined in as himself.

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Here you will find Mr Grimly_Feendish, LogicMan, Shubob, Goldy, Noggin, Garybhoy, Alpha, Chrissie, and many more, outlining their theories on Madeleine's disappearance as well as producing a huge range of links to information they have come across in the quest for the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann.

More about Madeleine, Robert Murat and Some Interesting Links!

The UK Daily Express has today published an article, reporting that a witness has accused the, "chief suspect," Robert Murat, of lying about his movements on the night that Madeleine McCann went missing. Robert has stated that he dined with his mother and retired early to bed. A witness, or several witnesses, say he was seen in the vicinity of the McCanns' holiday apartment.

Daily Express

Have I mentioned Mike Hitchen yet? Mike is an Australian journalist, whose blog, "ionglobaltrends," makes interesting daily reading for his comments on the continuing story of Madeleine McCann and particularly on the activities of Madeleine's parents, whom Hitchen refers to as, "The Grubs."


I found this article today, from MSNBC, dated June 14th. Not sure why it mentions Madeleine having been seen in the apartment on June 4th, but it makes interesting reading.


Forty-five minutes between checks does not meet my definition of "frequently" checking on young children in a strange environment,”

I have to agree with the author of that article. As the crow flies, the tapas restaurant is 50 yards from the McCanns' holiday apartment, the length of a football field. How can two intelligent people suggest that it was OK to leave three small children on their own in a foreign country, in an apparently unlocked apartment, which was a football field's distance away, separated by high walls, trees, hedges and a swimming pool from where they were sitting in a crowded restaurant? Forty-five minutes between checks and this is responsible parenting?

On a Comments page of the Daily Express, a certain, "Grimly_Feendish," is trying very hard to get an answer to his question! In a previous message, someone had stated that on the Tuesday evening of their holiday, the McCanns had dined at a restaurant called, "Chaplin's," which is around 800m from the holiday apartment.

HATE campaign?
Are you sure... or just people wanting answers about what happened to this poor little girl.

Ask the McCanns how far Chaplin's (where they dined on the Tuesday before Madeleine "disappeared") was from the apartment where they left the children.

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