Thursday, 11 September 2008

Denise Pipitone may have been found!

With thanks to Kizzy at the 3 Arguidos forum for this news.

It would be so wonderful if this were to be Denise and she could be returned to her mother.

Europe News

Sep 11, 2008, 12:23 GMT

Greek police believe they have found missing Italian girl 'Denise'

Athens - Greek police on Thursday believe to have found missing 8-year-old 'Denise' who was abducted outside of her home in Sicily more than four years ago on an island in the Aegean.

Authorities were led to the little girl after an Italian tourist visiting the Dodecannese island of Kos was sold a bracelet by the little girl, who spoke fluent Italian.

Police on the island informed Interpol who immediately arrested the 30-year-old female companion of the little girl. The woman claimed she was the mother of the 8-year-old girl but she herself could not speak a word of Italian.

DNA tests which have been conducted in Greece have shown no blood relation between the little girl and her adult companion. Officials in Greece have shipped a DNA sample of the little girl by plane to Italy determine if she is indeed the missing 'Denise'.

Denise Pipitone was abducted from the garden of her home on September 1, 2000 at noon in Sicily, Italy and her abduction had shocked the country.

Source: Europe News

Note: I think that date should be September 1st, 2004, because Denise has been missing for four years.

Enfants Kidnappés 11/09/08: Madeleine McCann - Statements of Tapas employees

11 septembre 2008

We are still on the day after Madeleine's disappearance, May 4th 2007. The next folder in the case file contains the statements of members of the "TAPAS" restaurant staff and statements volunteered by....


Following various informal conversations related to the area of research, we were contacted by a British citizen named Jeremy Michael Wilkins, holder of passport no. 205...., owner of mobile phone no. +44788...., living in ....London...He spends his holidays at, "WATERSIDE GARDENS," block G4, about 50 metres from the apartment where the small child was. He told us that yesterday, between 8.30 and 9pm, while he was in the "TAPAS" restaurant, he noted that a person of around 1.70m, with long blond hair, apparently of the "Rasta," style and dressed in green military-style clothes, entered the restaurant. This person did not stay very long. Their behaviour was somewhat strange and they seemed to be rather nervous. He was alone, he did not speak to anyone and left soon afterwards. The informant maintains that he has never seen this person in the village.

Note: The "TAPAS" bar is annexed to the restaurant where Madeleine's parents were dining during her alleged disappearance.


Today we went to the "TAPAS" restaurant, owned by the OCEAN CLUB in Praia da Luz, where we collected statements from several employees. The subject of the statements was focused on little Madeleine McCann's disappearance as well as the behaviour of people in the group who dined in the same restaurant and who come from the same country as the missing child and on a suspicious person with blond, "Rasta," locks.


Bar employee:

He saw the missing child, Madeleine McCann, for the last time, yesterday at around 4.45pm at the restaurant. He didn't notice whether anyone from the group of British citizens - 8 or 9 in number - who dined at the restaurant yesterday (of which the child's parents were members) was absent during dinner.
He saw a, "walkie-talkie," placed on the group's table, which was being used to monitor children at a distance. He did not see anyone at all with blond "Rasta," locks on the night he was working.


Russian citizen - kitchen assistant:

He reports that yesterday, someone whom he believes to be the father of the missing child, left the table where he was dining with a group of friends (8 0r 9 in number) fro around 30 minutes. On his return, a woman, whom he believes to be the wife of the latter, left, in the table in her turn, and after a very short time, all the guests left the table with the exception of an older lady who told the informant's colleagues that the child had disappeared. During the whole time he was working, between 2.30 and 11pm, he didn't see anyone with blond, "Rasta," locks.



He does not know the small child or her parents. All he knows is that they are part of a group of British citizens who usually dine at the "TAPAS". As he works in the kitchen, he rarely goes into the dining room. He saw nothing in particular. He didn't see anyone with blond "Rasta," locks while he was working (2.30 - 11pm)


Dining room waiter:

Of the group of 8/9 British citizen who, dined in the restaurant yesterday, as they usually do, a group which the missing child's parents are part of, he noticed that only two people, men, left the table.
The first to be away was around 40 to 45 years old (tall, slim, white, hair graying) and he left the table for around 15 minutes. He remembers this because he had to reheat his meal, which had gone cold. The second (around 40 to 45 years old, with similar characteristics to the first, but with less hair and thinner hair) was away for around 30 minutes.
Shortly after he returned, the whole group left the table, with the exception of an older person who who told him that a child had disappeared. It was a daughter of a member of the group, and that's why he thought that the second person to be absent would have been the child's father. Sometimes when the group came to eat at the restaurant, someone from the group left to go to the apartments to check on the sleeping children. He didn't see anyone with blond, "Rasta," locks during his hours of work. (4pm - midnight)


Was contacted at another of the group's restaurants in the same area.

As he works in the office, he did not have a view of the dining room where the tables are, which is why he saw nothing.
He does not know the missing child or her parents.
He saw no one with blond "Rasta" locks during his hours of work. (3.30 - 11.30pm)


On his day off today, he was contacted by telephone. Dining room staff: Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined yesterday, as they regularly do, which the parents of the missing child are part of, he noticed that one man was absent for around 15 minutes (Tall, average build, white, light brown hair) The informant states that it was usual for someone in the group to leave to go to check the apartments where the children were sleeping. At the table, he noted the presence of an intercom. He saw no one with blond "Rasta" locks during his working hours. (4pm -12.30am)


Kitchen staff:

Seen as the latter was not at work during dinner yesterday, as well as at the of the child's disappearance, we have not recorded her statement.


At the OCEAN CLUB reception, which is open 24 hours a day, the signatory to the present deed, may have observed a person with long, curly, blond Rasta locks, in a green sweat shirt, corresponding to the description of the man with Rasta locks. The receptionist states that this person and his wife were guests of the hotel group and that he was untiring, since yesterday, in the search for the missing child. The signatory attaches, to the appendix of the present deed, a photocopy of their passports as well as the registration records of the complex.

Editor's note: the suspect with the "Rasta" locks and his wife are of British nationality. They are respectively 37 and 40 years old.