Saturday, 29 December 2007

Who's Next For The McCann Treatment?

Metodo3, the company of private investigators hired by Kate and Gerry McCann seem to have failed to deliver on their promise to definitely have Madeleine back in time for Christmas, maybe! Metotodo's boss was so sure they knew where Madeleine was perhaps and who was holding her possibly. Well, Marco, boss of Methadone3, (substitute for a real missing person's agency!) Christmas has come and gone and emmmm, it's not just Amazon that's late with the deliveries.

So, just what have the McCanns got for their dosh? £50,000 a month is not cheap, even for an agency that doesn't normally look for missing children, who claimed to be doing this for a nominal fee plus expenses. Well, a few Moroccan families have had their privacy invaded and their children made the focus of world-wide attention. There have been so many reported sightings since Methadone was hired, I'm surprised my postman and the local shopkeeper have not been investigated. I hear they have been seen with blonde children.

It looks like the Portuguese police, in co-operation with the UK police are gradually ruling out the possibility of an abduction in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Fifty-two Bitish sex-offenders with links to the Algarve have now been traced and eliminated from the investigation. We still have DJ Shifty, though. Methadone 3 is trying to trace
Christian Ridout, a Briton whose parents run a bar in Praia Da Luz.

The private detectives seeking Madeleine McCann say they are hunting a Briton who fled Praia da Luz after being accused of grooming an under-age girl for sex.

Part-time barman and disc jockey Christian Ridout, 32, allegedly sent the British girl obscene text messages when he worked in an expats' pub 200 yards from where Madeleine disappeared."

Daily Mail

" The spokesman for Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate confirmed that the Spanish detective agency working for them, Metodo 3, was seeking more information on the missing man."

Mr Ridout had been sending obscene messages by text to a 12 year-old girl. When the girl's mother discovered the messages, she contacted the police. Ridout subesequently disappeared and has not been seen by his parents for two years.

"Jill Ridout said: "I haven't seen Christian for two years. I have no comment on this subject."

The girl's mother said:

"I went to the police station in the large regional town of Portimao, and they took all the explicit messages. I went in to see them just before Madeleine disappeared and they confirmed they're still looking for him. 'No one knows where he is, but he could have been back to this area"

So,what now? Mr Ridout appears not to have been seen in PDL recently, for two years in fact. I doubt he is going to turn up, loitering with intent to abduct from holiday apartments, when he is so well-known and the police are looking for him.

We also have, according to good old Uncle Clarence, people who are not on that list of sex-offenders. So, if you have been to the Algarve this year, keep your mouth shut! It may be you next!

What can Methadone3 do now? Well, ummmm, there's those 347 calls they've had since that tear-jerking (not!) Christmas Eve appeal and would you adam-and-eve it? Two women who were on holiday at the same time as the McCanns have contacted Methadone3 to say that they saw Robert Murat outside the Ocean Club soon after the alarm was raised about Madeleine's being missing on the evening of May 3rd.

"Annie Wiltshire, 58, of Aylesford, Kent, and Jayne Jensen, 54, of Maidstone, Kent, were on holiday in Praia da Luz at the same time as the McCanns, it was reported.

They believe they saw Mr Murat smoking cigarettes near the Ocean Club at about 10.30pm on May 3 - about half an hour after Madeleine was found to be missing.

The sisters were interviewed by British police after they returned home.

They have also contacted Metodo 3, the firm of Spanish private detectives hired by Kate and Gerry McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, the reports said.

An unnamed source close to Metodo 3 told the Daily Mail: "Jayne remembers seeing him outside the Ocean Club, smoking cigarettes, between 10.30 and 11pm.

"Every time they see him claiming he was not there on the night, they find it ridiculous."

Three friends on holiday with the McCanns - Russell O'Brien, Rachael Oldfield and Fiona Payne - are understood to have told police they saw him near the Ocean Club on the night of May 3."

"But Mr Murat's mother Jenny, 71, whose villa, named Casa Liliana, is just yards from the McCann holiday apartment, has backed his alibi."

So, the witnesses who report seeing robert Murat in the vicinity of the Ocean Club on May 3rd are three friends of the McCanns plus these two women, who are reported elsewhere as having made friends with the McCanns whilst on holiday. No local people, who must know Robert Murat rather better than the tourists have identified him as being seen near the Ocean Club that evening. I hope that when this is over that Robert Murat sues the pants off the McCanns and their two-bob agency Metodo3.