Saturday, 1 December 2007

Good God In Heaven! What you can find on Bebo!

I must have led a very sheltered life! I would never have thought to find so many asterisks in a communication, which had been lifted from what is intended as an internet space for mostly young people to communicate with each other and make friends!

The following was lifted from a Bebo site, which has since been deleted. I have added +++ to distinguish where I have deleted names from the asterisks which will, of course, convey that rabid swearing has been censored.

Well well well if it isnt the dirty little slapper her self +++++!!!
What the **** you acusing me of???!!
Deleting that dirty little whores ++++s page???
Well it wasnt me and thats the truth so get your facts right you stupid little t*rt, your so ****** up upstairs that you cant even find out who it was, see ++++ shouldnt **** with people she dont know who shes ******* with, so im telling you this now, you stay away from +++++ right, go near her in school even right and i be waiting out side for you, what you going too do +++++, print this off again? your ******* so sad
Lisen, ++++ is a ****** up druggie who needs too go get help and stop ******** her dad and the ponys and you just need too stay away from my girlfriend before i ******* tell you too your pony ass face, so go back rubing your **** on ++++s face and sniff some glue your dirty trany.
Stay away from MY girlfriend and say anymore about her and there be BIG **** you DIRTY ******* *****, YOUR A *****! Report Spam34 weeks ago

message 2
Be warned +++++ right, that sad wee ******* below is 16 years old i will ******* kill him, so if i was you i still wouldnt think you it, you ******* dirty little ****.
Go near +++++ anymore or say anything about her or too anyone then i be waiting outside the school right.

so **** off you ******* dirty little **** so hag ++++s pony you twisted *****!!! Report Spam33 weeks ago "

Well, I wonder what kind of person makes that kind of filthy threat? I hope the parents are thoroughly ashamed of whoever it is, if they know that he/she is writing such disgusting tripe on an internet site. Just as well it has been deleted. Bebo is used by many thousands of young people and I hate to think of the vulnerable ones who might come across such filth accidentally.

Be safe all you young people out there. If anyone posts comments like this on your Bebo site or responds to comments you make on other sites, report immediately to Bebo admin. Put a stop to the filth!

Edit: Will this remain anonymous or will someone claim it as theirs and threaten me with breach of copyright? You never know, they may well be that stupid!

SOS Maddie

SOS Maddie is a French language blog, which has published a great deal of information not available in the UK press. Actually, whether it is accurate information from reliable sources or simply speculation, presented as fact, I have no way of knowing.

Today SOS Maddie refers to the visit to the UK by the Portuguese police which took place this week. In addition to details about meetings with the Leicestershire police and with the forensic scientists at FSS, where samples collected from the McCanns rented car and from the holiday apartment have been analysed, there is also mention of records of telephone calls.

"De leur visite au Royaume-Uni, la Police Judiciaire à ramené des résultats, mais aussi des détails de plusieurs diligences effectués par leur collègues de Leicestershire, notamment les relevés des appels téléphoniques effectues par le groupe pendant leur séjour au Portugal."

Translation: As to their visit to the United Kingdom, the Portuguese Police gathered the results, but also the details of several observations by their Leicestershire colleagues, notably transcripts of phone calls made by the group during their holiday in Portugal.

If this is true, these transcripts may be very revealing about the events of the evening of May 3rd, when Madeleine disappeared from the holiday apartment. Perhaps this is another piece of the puzzle, which has encouraged the Public Prosecutor to give permission for the PJ to seek further interviews with the Tapas 9. It was previously reported that the Public Prosecutor would only give permission if significant new evidence were to emerge.

Kate and Gerry McCann May Face More Questions

"Portuguese police investigating Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are poised to return to England to re-interview members of the group who were on holiday with her parents when she went missing."

Daily Telegraph

Following a visit to the UK by a group of Portuguese police and forensic scientists, it is reported that the McCanns and the rest of their group, known collectively as, "The Tapas 9," may be re-interviewed by the police.

"Detectives have long believed the key to unravelling the mystery of the four-year-old’s disappearance could lie with the so-called Tapas Nine – the name given to the McCanns and the seven friends who dined with them on the night Madeleine vanished."

"Public prosecutor Jose Magalhaes e Menezes had refused to sanction further questioning of the group until the full forensic results were known.

It is thought that Paulo Rebelo, the head of the investigation, will now send a team accompanied by Mr Magalhaes e Menezes and the “letters of appeal” to British authorities to carry out the interviews."

Seems to me that if the public prosecutor is about to visit our shores to possibly assist the British police, there could be fairly important developments in this case in the next week or so. It has been suggested by some posters on public forums, particularly that of the Daily Mirror, that the Portuguese police may be returning simply to remove Kate and Gerry from their status as formal suspects, or arguidos, in the disappearance of their daughter. Could be, I suppose, but surely this information could be conveyed to the McCanns via the British police, who have been assisting the Portuguese police since Madeleine disappeared?

There are very few facts available to the public concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. What has been printed in the mainstream media seems to be full of contradictions, especially concerning a timeline for the evening of May 3rd in Praia da Luz, and the various comings and goings of the Tapas 9, during their meal, when the McCanns say that they and their friends checked regularly on the children.

What we do know is that, by their own admission, the McCanns left three small children on their own in a holiday apartment, night after night during their holiday in Portugal, and that one of those children, Madeleine disappeared from that apartment on the evening of May 3rd.

Hopefully the Portuguese police will now be interviewing all of the Tapas 9 re the apparent inconsistencies in their statements about the events of May 3rd in the Mark Warner holiday resort in Praia da Luz. We may yet find out what has happened to Madeleine, that little girl who was left by her parents while they dined at the Tapas Bar, 20/40/50/70/100/120 metres from the apartment! Apparently, if they could walk across the swimming pool, the distance between the Tapas Bar and the apartment was 50 metres! I am assuming that neither Gerry nor Kate could have accomplished this miraculous feat!

Anonymous Said.......

Copied from the comments section of this blog!

"Anonymous said...

Dear Anna Silvestro

I have just found your post on Samantha Osborn and I can tell you; after seeking legal advice from Google`s legal department you are in breach of data protection act and copyright; A notice of Copyright theft and data protection breach has been submitted to Google CA who will now be taking the matter forward with Police.
It is my understanding that Samantha herself has kindly requested that you remove this content about her, why have you not?? Is it because you want to make everyone know that she USE to be missing or the simply fact you are a sad loner that has nothing else to do than to put their nose into others private lives.
Wind your neck in, and respect Samantha`s wishes.
As regards Samantha`s boyfriend, her future plans what the hell has that got to do with you????????!!!!!
As regards your silly little blogspot, shall I point something out that you might like to add to your blog about this case as you refuse that to remove this content, which will happen as there is now an investigation underway by Google CA and CA legal services, is that she has been found.
She is happy you fail to note, you fail to note that infact Samantha was being subject to violent abuse by her mother, serious violent abuse.
All of which is supported by medical evidence and witnesses.
Samantha is 16 years old, she can do as she pleases, make her own mind up on what she does in HER life, that is not for you to talk about on here on your sad low-life blog, your pathtic!!!!!!
But do you know what is really vile is that you have not respected Samantha`s personal request for this post to be removed, which means you dont give a single toss about her or her feelings; meaning to anyone with a brain reading this that your a sad low-life who just wants to TRY and not allow Samantha to move on from her past.
As for her parents being ashamed, yes I bet they are, for abusing a defenceless girl, why not pick on someone their own size???!!!
Maybe that poster infact is Samantha`s mother who has made mutiple false allegations against Samantha`s boyfriend and left many comments pretending to be another person.
I will end on a final note, being a friend of Samantha`s, I know that she is happier than ever and that the best thing she ever did was getting away from her vile mother who tried to murder her; with such medical evidence supporting such.
I also know one last thing, whatever you say on your silly little blog, whatever anyone says it will not break Samantha and her boyfriend up, it will not get Samantha down, Samantha is stronger than ever.
I wish you good day and happy receiving notice of legal action from Google in due course.


01 December 2007 05:59"

Now, Roxcy, why should Google take legal action against me for information which is available on a police web site? Do tell!

Disclaimer: please note, any allegations in the above comment by Roxcy are the sole responsibility of the poster, Roxcy, and are not the views of Anna Silvestro.

Published Information on Samantha Osborn

Someone posting comments on my Samantha Osborn posts has said that the Daily Mirror is under investigation, by whom he/she does not say. As a matter of interest, here are links to the two articles published by the Daily Mirror.


Vanished Without A Trace

The police took away her computer to see if it held any clues. They discovered she'd been talking to people in the West Country, and soon all kinds of scenarios began playing over and over in my mind.

She didn't seem to have run away so we had to suppose she'd gone to meet someone - probably one of her internet friends. But that brings its own nightmares and soon we feared she was being held against her will."


Why won't My Little Girl Come Home?

Thames Valley Police, 26/4/07

Thames Valley Police

It is believed that Samantha may be in the Bristol area, but she has been known to travel to Milton Keynes on occasion.

Samantha has asthma and family are worried whether she has appropriate medication, such as an inhaler, and any chemists who may have been approached by her are asked to please contact the police. Her family also do not believe she has access to money.

Detective Inspector Vince Grey from Thames Valley Police, who is leading the investigation, said: “We’ve exhausted our enquiries with her friends and contacts in Buckinghamshire and we are now extending our enquiries to other areas where she is known to have contacts – top of this list is Bristol.”

So, to the person who has posted comments, threatening to sue me for breach of copyright, whose copyright have I breached? Thames Valley Police? Or do you think the police have also breached someone's copyright?

So, as can be seen above, the Thames Valley police discovered that Samantha had been communicating with people in the West Country area, via the internet, and subsequently they made Bristol top of their list as a possible place that Samantha had gone to. So, my saying that Samantha was thought to have met someone on the internet and that she was believed to be in the Bristol area, is there a breach of copyright there? If so, whose?

Will someone please indicate where, in my initial post about Samantha Osborn, I referred to her boyfriend?

Someone thinking of threatening Thames Valley Police for breach of copyright? That should be very interesting. Perhaps they think that Thames Valley Police are, "low life," too for publishing these details?

Please note: I will remove the photo of Samantha Osborn when I have received a request from Samantha herself. To date, the email address I have requested has not been provided. So, I have no way of knowing if the person claiming to be Sammy Osborn is in fact Sammy.

I will not remove any text from this blog which is in the public domain, especially that which has been published by Thames Valley Police, unless requested to do so by the police.

Leaving School and Getting a Job

This is in response to a comment on one of my posts. Please see comments on the Samantha Osborn posts.

Now to the question of school leaving age in the UK and whether someone who is 16 years old can do exactly as they please.

When can someone officially leave school and be free to do exactly as he/she pleases? This is an abstract from Section 8(4) of the Education Act 1996.

"A new single school leaving date has been set for 1998 and all subsequent years. This is the last Friday in June in the school year in which a child reaches age 16. In 1998 the date is 26 June. Until that date:

a. Parents and guardians must ensure their child's participation in education, at school or otherwise;

b. Local education authorities (and/or the Funding Agency for Schools) must secure the provision of suitable education;

c. Employers may not employ a child full-time;

d. Training providers may not provide full-time Government sponsored training."

So, let's say that a young person reached the age of 16 on 22nd September, 2007, when could that young person leave school, get a job and do exactly as she pleases? According to the legislation quoted above, since the birthday falls within the school year, the official school leaving date for that young person would be the last Friday in June, 2008.

So, until that date in June, 2008, someone whose 16th birthday was 22nd September, 2007, would not be able to get a full-time job, and would possibly be sought by a truancy officer, if not attending school full-time.

I hope this helps the person who submitted the rather long comment to the Samantha Osborn post. if you have any further doubts, I would advise you to contact your local education department where you are living, or your local Social Services Department, who will be very pleased to assist you.