Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Enfants Kidnappés - The McCann case - The GNR patrol first on the spot after Madeleine's disappearance.

Enfants Kidnappés

14 octobre 2008

The interview with the two police officers from the patrol, which was first to arrive on the spot, reveals nothing in particular. However, it seems useful to us to publish the interview in order to be comprehensive with this part. Note, though, that the patrol tendered a report of the operation, which is detailed and more comprehensive than that contained in the interview.

The person named Nelson was heard as a witness. He was part of the GNR patrol which went to the Ocean Club on May 3rd 2007 after receiving a radio call advising them of the disappearance of a little British girl on holiday at the said complex with her parents. As soon as they received the call, the patrol went immediately to the reception at the complex where the father of the missing minor was waiting for them. Then, the patrol went to the appartment being temporarily occupied by the family of the missing child to establish the circumstances of the disappearance. Thus, the two police officers visited all the rooms and outbuildings of the residence. They also searched through every piece of furniture to assure themselves that the little girl was not hiding in there. (Editor's note: Hidden willingly or forcibly. It is completely normal in the context of a disappearance to check if the parents have locked the child up somewhere while trying to convince of her disappearance).

To the PJ's question, the two police officers do not remember whether the wooden north-facing entry door of the apartment was open or closed on their arrival on the premises. The little girl's mother was there as well as the twins.

An important detail is that the police state that a person of British origin, named Jane Tanner, part of the group of tourists accompanying the family of the missing child, reports that she saw someone carrying a very young child in the area of the holiday complex.

A series inspired by the Maddie case.

Back to the news. Francisco Moita Flores is in the process of writing a series that tells the story of missing children, which should begin on May 3rd 2009, the second anniversary of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. It's a series of six episodes centred on a Criminal Search Brigade for missing children. Amongst the episodes, there is one which evokes the disappearance of a little girl from a beach, which distinctly brings the Maddie case to mind, without being exactly the same story. And for good reason, because, as he confirms himself, he did not have access to the case file. The first recordings are planned for viewing in 2009.