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Enfants Kidnappés 17/11/08 - Are Kate and Gerry McCann innocent or guilty?

Forged pieces of writing and death threats.

This is the question we should be asking at this stage. To answer it, we must ask another essential question: Was Maddie abducted or not? If to legal professionals, who have followed this case closely from the start, it was very quickly evident, as well as to the PJ, that over time, the theory of abduction became less and less plausible, the facts revealed by SOS Madeleine McCann on November 11th have dealt a death blow to the theory of kidnapping.

This is also the admission of one of the detectives of the Spanish agency Metodo3, hired by the McCann parents to find Madeleine, who we learn were not hired to find Madeleine but indeed to direct public opinion (and perhaps the PJ) towards Spain or Morocco, the purpose being to manipulate the media and the public by inventing false leads in both these countries also causing the slowing down of the investigation. (The PJ had to check out these many false leads every time.) Thus, journalists were invited to interview "witnesses" paid by the said agency to say they had seen Madeleine. If these revelations are true, and there is no reason to doubt them, we can, in any case, bring doubt to bear on all of the statements of many of the witnesses who stated having seen Madeleine. Above all concerning witnesses who happened by chance, at some time, to have a connection with the McCann family, notably via the Netherlands.

Abducted or died?

Another question comes to mind: Why weren't the detectives hired to find Madeleine, contrary to what was shouted loudly and clearly by parents broken down by the "abduction" of their much loved little girl? Why did the parents hire detectives to put on a huge media show and slow down the ongoing investigation instead of finding their little girl? The only plausible answer to that question, is that the parents knew perfectly well that Madeleine was not abducted. But, then, what has become of Madeleine? Still on the basis of the truth of statements from SOS Madeleine, there too, the only answer that comes to mind is: the death of the little girl. This hypothesis is the one which has the most consistency and is the track maintained by the PJ investigators in agreement with their British counterparts.

So, guilty or innocent?

If Madeleine died, which seems to be so obvious as to be the truth, it happened by accident. The little girl's parents are not cold-bloodied killers. Two hypothesis are held. The first is death following an overdose ofCalpol , of which the proportion of sedative is more significant in Portugal than in the UK. Maddie allegedly awoke in a semi-conscious state, allegedly stumbled, banged herself violently and died of her injuries. Another suggested hypothesis and which largely takes precedence, is the theory according to which Kate allegedly argued with Madeleine. During this argument, Kate allegedly made an unfortunate move, Madeleine was knocked against an edge or a corner of a piece of furniture, she bled profusely and died quickly. ( whiplash in banging herself for example).

In short, a terrible tragedy for the parents. In both cases the parents are facing a few years in prison. Be it for manslaughter, in the first instance: be it for "involuntary blows and injuries causing death without the intention to do so," in the second case. With a major difference with regards to Portugal: in the eyes of the law, if there was negligence towards the child, the couple's other children would be immediately placed with Portuguese social services WITH NO possibility of their being returned to their British family!!! It was clear that as well as the misfortune and pain of losing Madeleine, it was urgent to protect the twins. Also, a member close to Gerry, being the main "financial backer" of the British Prime Minister's political party, was contacted on the same evening as Madeleine's "disappearance" by Kate (on her own admission), Then the media, via sky News, helped to launch an unprecedented media machine at the moment when the PJ's director received, in the middle of his dinner in Lisbon, a call on his mobile phone from the British embassy informing him of the disappearance of a little British girl while the local police were not yet on the spot! In the parents' place, in the same situation, with the connections they have, would we not have done the same thing to protect our two other children?

Was there fraud?

Continuing to refer to the revelations by the detective from the Spanish agency hired by the McCanns, in the eyes of the law, yes there is fraud! Fraud in the creation of a fund to find Madeleine of which the money was mainly used to pay detectives who admit never having been hired to find Madeleine. 50,000 euors a month to divert attention from the investigation. Emotional fraud and that is, surely, the most serious. All those people who thought of themselves in solidarity, affected by Maddie's disappearance,pouring money into a fund which would help to find her. We all fell into the trap.

Ourselves, here, at the association, we cried, like you, imagining that poor child, abducted, alone without her security blanket to comfort her, crying with all her heart, away from her parents, panicked....And those things more truly horrible of which we would not speak here but which justified the creation of our association. To begin with, it played on the heartstrings until we realised that the theory of abduction was becoming hardly defensible, not to mention that the parents didn't hesitate to attack various media and collect considerable sums in "damages" following what was written by them. But those famous words could have been the absolute truth!!!

A mole in the PJ.

SOS Madeleine revealed the presence of a mole in the PJ, informing the parents in advance of various investigative operations that the team in charge of the case were going to set up. It is more understandable why the parents were in the middle of washing Maddie's pink comfort blanket as well as other clothes in the washing machine just before the arrival of the inspectors to seize the comfort blanket and the clothes with a view to DNA analysis!!! We could add a long list of worrying details in the parents' attitude but which perfectly explain themselves when we know that a member of thePJ was advising them of what was going to happen! Is this the attitude of people who have nothing to hide?

Anomalies in the case file on DVD

For some time, a small part of the complete case file (5,000 out of 30,000 pages!!!) has been accessible to the public. We have published some it it here, noting that it is necessary to be careful in publishing its contents. In fact, this DVD is not complete and only represents around 17% of the total. Our association, like probably all the other professionals in the field of police work, detected anomalies in the case file. In fact, some documents appeared doubtful, seen as suspicious. Some signatures, annotations, drew our attention. We communicated the information to whom it may concern, to be sent back to Portugal. Following that, and even though we had been aware for several weeks, the journalist Duarte Levy, in statements, yesterday on Portuguese television, revealed that there were documents in the case file which had been tampered with and manipulated. It is there, neither more nor less than forged pieces of writing. No comment. So, be careful what you read on various forums.

Death threats!

At the start of the broadcast in which the journalist we spoke about above, Duarte Levy, was participating, the director of the Portuguese television channel informed the viewers that Mr Levy had just, at that moment, received death threats on his mobile phone following his latest revelations. These threats are being taken seriously. According to our information, the journalist received two different calls. One from Portugal and the other from the UK, both threatening to kill him! If the revelations made by SOS Madeleine are false, and as a result the parents have nothing to hide, why threaten to kill people? Why does the McCann clan brandish, at the slightest opportunity, a threatening finger towards anyone who would not say the same things as them? Why try to silence the press?

In conclusion.

If the revelations from SOS Madeleine concerning the Metodo3 detectives and the PJ mole are correct, it could be deduced that the parents were not innocent, that Madeleine was not abducted. That there is fraud. And above all that the hoax is in the process of being shot down - as proof the various death threats - and that the truth will, in the end, see the light of day!!!

Enfants Kidnappés 17/11/08

Canadian humanitarian worker sentenced to two years in prison for sexually abusing children.

Denis Rochefort, a humanitarian worker from Quebec, copped for two years in prison and three years of probation for having committed acts of sexual assault on minors in Haiti.

The 59 year-old man admitted his guilt this morning, at the Quebec hall of justice; the judge handed down sentence immediately.

Denis Rochefort sexually molested six teenagers living in an orphanage where he was teaching English. For three months, from December 2006 to March 2007, he engaged in sessions of masturbation on his victims.

The director of the orphanage lodged an unsuccessful complaint against Rochefort with the Haitian authroities.

The accusations were finally taken up following a second investigation led by the Canadian police with their Haitian colleagues.
It is the first time that someone from Quebec has been sentenced for sexual crimes committed abroad.
Denis Rochefort will undergo supervision during most of his period of probation.
During those three years, he will be forbidden to go to Haiti, to work with children and to use a computer to communicate.
He was also obliged by the court to provide a DNA sample and his name will be placed on a sexual offenders register for a period of 20 years. (Presse Canadienne)

Enfants Kidnappés


Denise Pipitone's mother Piera given award for courage.

Piera Maggio's, "war." A petition to support Piera Maggio, mother of Denise Pipitone, who disappeared on September 1st, four years ago, in her "war." This document is circulating on the Web. It introduces the, "Document of Trust." Promoted by the Let's Find Denise Association, it asks women and mothers for their moral support for activities in aid of children.

This document asks for the expression of an act of trust so that this is not only Piera's "war," but a battle for the right to a peaceful life for all children. The petition has been sent to more than 200 women's associations, amongst them professional, cultural and humanitarian groups. In Catane, last Sunday, Piera was awarded the special prize, the, "Maugeri-Amenano" Silver 2008 for the courage she has shown in the four years of searching for her daughter Denise.

Enfants Kidnappés 16/11/08

More about Denise can be found on the above web site.