Friday, 29 February 2008

Enfants Kidnappés: Kate mcCann, Robert Murat and Madeleine in the same taxi?

Kate McCann, Robert Murat and Madeleine in the same taxi?

Ten months after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the taxi driver's story hit the international press. It has been reported widely in the UK press, but I don't think I have seen reports that the story had been investigated and rejected after verification. Here is an article from the Belgian site, Enfants Kidnappés, dated February 28th.

Pictured right: the taxi driver, Mr Castela

Ten months after the fact, a taxi driver from Vila Real de Santo Antonio, went public with his witness statement to the PJ. According to reports in the Portuguese press, the taxi driver made his statement to the PJ two days after Maddie's disappearance. "I don't have a lot to say, but what I have to say, I can state with certainty. On the 3rd of May at 8.10pm, the evening of Madeleine's disappearance, three men, a woman and a little girl entered my taxi. Sitting beside me was seated a man who resembled Robert Murat and whom I recognised later in the press. There was also a little girl in pink pyjamas with that distinctive mark in her eye and her mother, of that there is no doubt."

I noticed her because there was a nervous tic to her chin and my son had the same tic when he was small. I asked myself why they had not dressed the little girl instead of leaving her in pyjamas. She was awake but she was not talking. The other men were aged between 40 and 50 years. The mother, who looked amazingly like Kate McCann, was dressed in a yellow coat and had her hair in a pony tail. She asked me to drive them to the Apolo Hotel five kilometres from there in a village close to Faro. They asked me in English how much the fare would be and I told them just over three Euros. The man next to me, the one who resembled Robert Murat, gave me a 5 Euro note. They did not take themselves towards the hotel, but to a 4x4, a big dark coloured car, which looked to me like a BMW, with a foreign registration.

Mr Castela, the taxi driver, is used to remembering people's faces. He is 67 years old and has been doing his job for 17 years. Fixing faces in one's mind allows better identification of people. And if he is sure about the time in his story it is, he says, because, "I know they got into my taxi at that time because I usually watch the television news. I was thinking at that moment to return home. I took that fare and I returned home for 8.30pm where I could carry on watching the television news.

"He did not place any importance on his clients until two days later when the media took up the case, "Then I spoke to my son who is an officer with the GNR and he decided to put me in contact with the PJ. I told them exactly what I have just said and the inspector asked me if I knew if the hotel had surveillance cameras. I told him that in theory, yes. Out of curiosity, two days later, I returned to the hotel and asked them if the PJ had contacted them. They told me no. I tried to find out if they had surveillance cameras but they told me that they had been out of order for two years."

The PJ confirmed having been contacted by the taxi driver and his witness statement taken at the time. But these claims had been rejected after verification.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

C’est officiel : lettres rogatoires acceptés: It's offical: rogatory letters accepted

"C’est officiel : lettres rogatoires acceptés"

It's offical: rogatory letters accepted

"Les inspecteurs de la Police judiciaire et ses homologues britanniques ont commencé aujourd’hui les premiers contacts officiels pour établir l’agenda des interrogatoires demandés par les autorités portugaises depuis plusieurs mois."

The PJ inspectors and their British counterparts today started the first official contacts to establish the agenda for the interrogations requested by the Portuguese authorities several months ago.

"Les lettres rogatoires, refusés dans un premier temps, ont du attendre l’accord du Ministère de l’Intérieur britannique, obtenu uniquement après d’innombrables interventions diplomatiques des autorités portugaises."

The rogatory letters, refused the first time, have had to wait for the agreement of the British Home Office minister, obtained only after innumerable interventions by the Portuguese authorities.

"Les lettres rogatoires vont permettre à la Police Judiciaire d'effectuer des nouveaux interrogatoires au couple McCann et ses amis, ainsi que d'appréhender l'original du journal intime de la mère de Madeleine."

The rogatory letters will allow the PJ to carry out new interrogations of the McCann couple and their friends, also to obtain the original of the personal diary of Madeleine's mother.

"En territoire britannique les inspecteurs de la police portugaise vont accompagner les interrogatoires et les diverses diligences demandés dans le cadre de l’enquête à la disparition de Madeleine McCann, ou ses parents sont toujours "arguidos."

On British territory the Portuguese police inspectors will be present at the interrogations and various other observations requested within the framework of the enquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in which her parents are still, "arguidos."

SOS Madeleine McCann 27/02/08

Monday, 25 February 2008

Eddie and Keela prove themselves in Jersey! Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!

Pictured right; Eddie the Advanced Human Remains Recovery dog, trained by South Yorkshire Police.

I seem to recall that at the time when Eddie and Keela, those damned clever dogs, were reported to have alerted to a corpse scent and to minute traces of blood, that Philomena McCann was alleged to have made a remark about, "Lassie." Well, these dogs are definitely not actors and it seems that they can do exactly what they were trained to do; find bodies and blood!

Our Eddie seems to be the big star in Jersey, having led the police to human remains under several inches of concrete. So, does anyone believe that this clever doggie would be fooled by soiled nappies and rotting meat? I guess that is a question that the judges may be faced with if this case is taken to court with a charge, at least, of concealing a death; did Eddie alert to soiled nappies and rotting meat in the vehicle rented by Kate and Gerry McCann 25 days after Madeleine disappeared, or did he alert to the scent of human remains?

This report from SOS Madeleine McCann, 25th February, 2008.

"Chiens utilisés pour rechercher Madeleine prouvent leur efficacité"

"Eddie et Keela, les deux chiens pisteurs utilisés par la police britannique pour retrouver des traces de Madeleine McCann dans l’appartement et dans la voiture de location utilisé au Portugal par ses parents, font à nouveau parler d’eux, après avoir retrouvé des restes humains, présument d’une fillette, enterrés depuis les années 80 sous une dalle de 20 centimètres de béton dans un orphelinat à Haut de la Garenne, sur l’ile de Jersey."

The dogs used to search for Madeleine prove their effectiveness.

Eddie and Keela, the two tracker dogs used by the British police to find traces of Madeleine McCann in the apartment and in the rented car used in Portugal by her parents, are in the news again, after having found human remains, thought to be of a young girl, buried since the nineteen-eighties beneath a 20 cm thick concrete flagstone in an orphanage at Haut de la Garenne, on the island of Jersey.

"Les deux chiens ont prouvé, une fois encore, leur efficacité indiquant également plusieurs autres emplacements, à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de l’orphelinat, ou la police s’attend à retrouver d’autres cadavres.

The two dogs have, once again, proved their effectiveness, indicating several other sites inside and outside the orphanage building, where the police expect to find other bodies.

Eddie âgé de sept ans, est un chien spécialisé dans la recherche des victimes, détectant le sang humain enterré, les os et la chair. Sa compétence est si rare qu'il est assuré pour plus de cinq millions d’euros, avec une feuille de service qui l’a déjà amené à travailler aux Etats-Unis. Keela, a été entrainée pour dépister les restes de traces microscopiques de sang humain."

Seven year-old Eddie is a dog specialised in the search for victims, detecting buried human blood, bones and flesh. His skill is so rare that he is insured for more than five million Euros, with a service record which has already led him to work in the United States. Keela is trained to sniff out microscopic traces of human blood.

La découverte du squelette a été faite dans le cadre d’une importante enquête après que plus d’une centaine d’anciens pensionnaires ont fait état d’abus sexuels dans l’orphelinat britannique. Plusieurs témoins ont confirmé à la police que la punition corporelle, la flagellation et l'emprisonnement solitaire en cellules étaient "routine".

The discovery of a skeleton was made during an important enquiry after which more than a hundred former residents made statements about sexual abuse at the British orphanage. Several witnesses confirmed to the police that corporal punishment, flogging and solitary imprisonment in small cells was, "routine."

"Maddie n’était pas à Stratton

La police à écarté ce matin la possibilité de que la fillette aperçue à Stratton par un retraité de 66 ans puisse être Madeleine McCann. Plusieurs médias outre-manche avaient rapporté hier qu’un enfant correspondant au signalement de la petite britannique avait visité la maison d’Alan Cameron, accompagné d’un couple prétendument portugais, qui était venu pour acheter quelques meubles de jardin."

Maddie is not in Stratton

The police, this morning, ruled out the possibility that the young girl, seen in Stratton by a 66 year-old pensioner, could be Madeleine McCann. Yesterday, several media sources on the other side of the channel had reported that a child who corresponded to the description of the little British girl, had visited Alan Cameron's house, accompanied accompanied by an allegedly Portuguese couple, who had come to buy some garden furniture.

"Le retraité affirme avoir vu une petite fille malheureuse et effrayée, "un visage que j'avais vu aux infos."

Un porte-parole de la police de Dorset à confirmé que rien ne permet de suggérer qu’il s’agissait de Maddie, soulignant, à titre de curiosité, que "le retraité n’étais pas capable de faire la différence entre le portugais, l’espagnol ou l’italien." Une position renforcée par une source de la police à Leicester pour qui le témoignage est considérée comme "non crédible"

The pensioner stated that he had seen a small, unhappy and frightened girl, "a face which I had seen in the press."

A spokesman for the Dorset police confirmed that there was nothing to suggest that it was Madeleine, noting incidentally, that, "the pensioner was not able to tell the difference between Portuguese, Spanish or Italian," a position reinforced by a Leicestershire police source for whom the witness statement is considered to be, "not credible."

C’est la première fois, depuis la disparition de Maddie de l’appartement de vacances de ses parents, qu’un témoin prétend l’avoir aperçu au Royaume-Uni."

It is the first time since the disappearance of Maddie from her parents' holiday apartment, that a witness has claimed to have seen her in the United kingdom.

Metodo 3, l’agence de détectives espagnole au service du couple McCann, avait précédemment fait connaître plusieurs signalements de Madeleine en Europe, au Maghreb et en Amérique du sud. C’est notamment l’ancien policier Antonio Jiménez, l’homme de confiance de l’agence de détectives espagnole, qui avait révélé les témoignages de Naoual Malhi et Isabel Gonzalez au Maroc.

Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCann couple, had previously reported several sightings of Madeleine in Europe, in Maghreb and in South America. It is notably the former police officer Antonio Jiminez, the private investigator of the Spanish detective agency, who had revealed the witness statements of Naoual Malhi and Isabel Gonzales of Morocco.

"Responsable de l’équipe de Metodo 3 sur le terrain, Antonio J.R. est, depuis vendredi, le même jour ou le témoin de Stratton s’est fait connaître, en prison accusé de corruption, association de malfaiteurs et complicité dans le vol de 400 kilos de cocaïne."

Since Friday, the same day that the Stratton witness made himself known, Antonio J.R., the leader of the Metodo 3 team on the ground, has been in prison accused of corruption, criminal conspiracy and involvement in the theft of 400 kilos of cocaine.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Ce n’est pas Maddie mais les McCann veulent regarder "eux même": It's not Maddie but the McCanns want to see for themselves.

Ce n’est pas Maddie mais les McCann veulent regarder "eux même
"Kate et Gerry McCann ont fait savoir, via leur porte-parole, qu’ils veulent regarder "eux-mêmes" les bandes vidéo de surveillance de l’aire de l’autoroute où une jeune hollandaise affirmait "être convaincue d’avoir vu Madeleine McCann."

It's not Maddie but the McCanns want to see, "for themselves."

Kate and Gerry mcCann have indicated via their spokesman, that they want to see, "for themselves," the
surveillance video from the motorway service station where the young Dutch woman stated that, "she was convinced of having seen Madeleine McCann."

L’analyse des bandes vidéo de surveillance de l’aire de l’autoroute, située sur l’A9 à proximité de Sète, avait permis à l'Institut de recherche criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale, à Rosny-sous-Bois, d’écarter le doute à propos de l’identité d’une petite fille aperçue dans le restaurant l’Arche."

Analysis of the surveillance video from the motorway service station, situated on the A9 near Sete, has allowed the Institute of Criminal Research of the National Gendarmerie at Rosny-sous-Bois, to dispel any doubt about the identity of the little girl seen in the L'Arche restaurant.

Melissa Fiering, une étudiante en voyage entre Barcelone et Nijmegen, s’étais empressée de raconter à un journal régional hollandais qu’elle avait vu Madeleine "danser au son de la musique" d’un téléphone portable"

Melissa Fiering, a student traveling between Barcelona and Nijmegen, rushed to tell a Dutch newspaper that she had seen Madeleine, "dancing to the sound of music from a mobile phone."

Depuis sa disparition le 3 mai 2007, plusieurs dizaines de personnes ont dit avoir aperçu Maddie à différents endroits du monde mais, à chaque fois, les pistes se sont avérées fausses."

Since her disappearance on May 3rd 2007, several dozen people have said that they saw Maddie in different places in the world, but each time the trails have proven to be false.

Le Procureur de Montpellier, Jean Philippe à confirmée qu’une copie de la vidéo serait envoyé aux autorités britanniques à condition de recevoir une demande officielle dans ce sens, comme l’ont fait les inspecteurs de la Police judiciaire au Portugal."

The Montpellier Prosecutor, Jean Philippe, confirmed that a copy of the video would be sent to British authorities provided they receive a formal request to this effect, as did the inspectors of the Judicial Police in Portugal.

Papa de Mari Luz au Portugal

"Juan José Cortés, le père de la petite Mari Luz disparue depuis le 13 janvier, a prévu de se déplacer au Portugal lundi prochain pour tenir une réunion avec le consul espagnol dans le pays, une visite que, comme il a dit, a pour but de solliciter une réunion avec les autorités portugaises."

Father of Mari Luz to Portugal

Juan Jose Cortes, father of the little girl Mari Luz, missing since January 13th, has planned to visit Portugal next Monday for a meeting with the Spanish Consul of the country, a visit which, as he says, is for the objective of seeking a meeting with the Portuguese authorities.

Gonçalo Amaral va être jugé: Goncalo Amaral will be tried.


Gonçalo Amaral va être jugé

"Une affaire qui n’a rien en commun avec le cas Maddie"

"Gonçalo Amaral, l’ancien coordinateur des investigations à la disparition de Madeleine McCann, va être jugé par le Tribunal de Faro accusé de ne pas avoir dénoncé une prétendue agression à la mère de Joana Cipriano, la petite fille disparue le 12 septembre 2004."

Goncalo Amaral will be tried.

A case which has nothing in common with Maddie's case.

Goncalo Amaral, former coordinator of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, will be judged by the Triabunal de Faro, accused of not having reported an alleged assault of the mother of Joana Cipriano, the little girl who disappeared on 12th September 2004.

"La juge d’instruction criminelle du Tribunal de Faro, Ana Lucia Cruz, à décidé d’avancer vers le jugement de cinq inspecteurs de la Police judiciaire, accusés par le Ministère Public dans le cadre d’une prétendue agression à Leonor Cipriano."

The sitting judge on criminal proceedings of the Tribunal de Faro, Ana Lucia Cruz, has decided to proceed towards the trial of five inspectors of the PJ, accused by the Public Ministry in connection with an alleged assault on Leonor Cipriano.

"Les inspecteurs Leonel Marques, Pereira Cristóvão e Paulo Bom sont accusées de torture. Le quatrième, António Cardoso, est accusé de falsification de documents car il aurait prétendument menti dans le rapport de ce qui serait arrivé à la mère de Joana."

The inspectors, Leonel Marques, Pereira Cristovao and Paulo Bom are accused of torture. The fourth, Antonio Cardoso ,is accused of falsification of documents because he is alleged to have lied in the report about what had happened to Joana's mother.

"Gonçalo Amaral, le seul inspecteur qui appartient au siège régional de l'Algarve, n’a jamais été accusé par la mère de Joana d’agression, comme l’ont prétendu plusieurs médias britanniques. L’inspecteur, est accusé de ne pas avoir dénoncé la prétendu agression mais son avocat, Maître Antonio Cabrita, considère que, malgré le fait que Gonçalo Amaral était le coordinateur de l’investigation, il n’a pas "l’obligation de tout savoir", soulignant que, dans ce cas, il fallait juger également le directeur national adjoint et le directeur national de la Police Judiciaire."

Goncalo Amaral, the only inspector from the regional headquarters of the Algarve, has never been accused by Joana's mother of assault, as has been alleged by several British media. The inspector is accused of not having reported the alleged assault, but his lawyer, Mr Antonio Cabrita, considers that, in spite of the fact that Goncalo Amaral was the coordinator of the investigation, he does not have, "the responsibility of knowing everything," stressing that, in this case, it would be necessary to also judge the deputy national director and the national director of the PJ.

"António Pragal Colaço, l’avocat des inspecteurs de la Police Judiciaire de Lisbonne accusées par le Ministère Publique d’avoir agressée Leonor Cipriano, avait annoncé, le 11 février, que ses clients allaient être jugés "pour une question politique".

Antonio Pragal Colaco, lawyer for the PJ's inspectors from Lisbon accused by the Public Ministry of having assaulted Leonor Cipriano, announced on February 11th, that his clients were going to be tried, "for a political issue."

"Si Leonor Cipriano, condamnée à 16 ans de prison pour l’assassinat de sa fille, prétend avoir été agressée et torturée par trois inspecteurs de Lisbonne, la Police Judiciaire a toujours affirmé que la maman de Joana a voulu se suicider en se jetant du haut des escaliers."

If Leonor Cipriano, sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of her daughter, alleges that she was assaulted and tortured by three Lisbon inspectors, the PJ has always stated that Joana's mother tried to commit suicide by throwing herself from the top of the stairs.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Parents de Mari Luz ont décidé de vendre leurs biens pour offrir recompense.: The parents of Mari Luz have decided to sell their property.... offer a reward. I guess that's what most families in the Cortes' situation have to do if they want to be able to offer an attractive reward for the return of their child. In the absence of wealthy backers coming forward and newspapers offering large amounts as a reward, most parents of missing children would probably sell everything they had if they thought it would help.

Didn't I read very early on in the McCann case that Philomena McCann had said she would sell her house to help find Madeleine? I haven't seen a repeat of that offer, but have seen reports that the fund, which is paying Metodo 3 £50,000 a month, is likely to be exhausted in a few months time if the donations don't increase.

Well, McCann family, you know what to do. Sell a few of your assets, just as the Cortes family have decided to do. Gerry and Kate, you could downsize. Do you really need six bedrooms? Or Kate could get a job! Why not work a couple of days a week to help replenish the financial resources of that fund? You don't actually appear to have contributed very much of your own dosh there, do you? I read that a child sold her toys on e-bay to raise money for that limited company of yours and raised £80, which her mother increased to £100. And yet, Kate and Gerry, you don't seem to have put any of your own into that fund. Why is that?

Parents de Mari Luz ont décidé de vendre leurs biens pour offrir recompense

Les parents de Mari Luz ont décidé d'élever le montant de la récompense de 150.000 euros, offerte en echange d’une piste que conduirait "directement" à la localisation de leur fille ou adressée au présumé kidnappeur pour sa libération, à 300.000 euros.

The parents of Mari Luz have decided to raise the amount of the reward of 150,000 Euros, offered in exchange for a trail that would lead, "directly," to the whereabouts of their daughter, or to the alleged kidnapper for her release, to 300,000 Euros.

Les parents proches de Mari Luz ont décidé de vendre leurs biens dans le but d’avoir une piste que nous conduise à l’enfant ou à que celui qui la maintien captive la relâche," à expliqué Juan José Cortés, le père de la petite fille.

"The family close to Mari Luz have decided to sell their property in order to have a trail which will lead us to the child or to her release by those who are holding her,” explained Juan Jose Cortes, the father of the little girl.

Plus d’un mois après la disparition de Mari Luz, malgré une récompense initial de 150.000 euros, ses parents continuant sans recevoir la moindre information que puisse conduire à leur fille.

More than a month after the disappearance of Mari Luz, in spite of an initial reward of 150,000 Euros, her parents continue to have received no information which could lead them to their daughter.

Les parents de Mari Luz continuent à collaborer avec les autorités espagnoles dans la recherche de leur fille, poursuivent plusieurs pistes, notamment celle de l’enlèvement, corroboré par deux témoins qu’ont indiqué avoir vu Mari Luz être embarquée de force dans un véhicule sur le chemin de retour de sa maison.

The parents of Mari Luz continue to collaborate with the Spanish authorities in the hunt for their daughter, following several lines of enquiry, notably that of an abduction, corroborated by two witnesses who stated that they had seen Mari Luz being taken by force into a vehicle on her way back home.

C’est honteux que le père de Mari Luz vienne se plaindre," à réagi Clarence Mitchell, le responsable en relations publiques du couple McCann, en réponse à l’exigence de Juan José Cortés de que les affiches avec la photo de sa fille à coté de Madeleine ne soient pas distribués.

Clarence Mitchell’s outrage with the Cortes family

It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the public relations representative for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortes that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine are not distributed.

Juan José, à propos de la campagne d’affiches annoncé par Clarence Mitchell, a confirmé hier que "personne nous a rien demandé," indiquant que la situation aurait été la même avec la famille de Yeremi Vargas. Les affiches – qui ne sont pas encore visibles en Espagne ou au Portugal - ont été imprimées par initiative des McCann.

Juan Jose, referring to the poster campaign announced by Clarence Mitchell, confirmed yesterday that, “ nobody asked us about anything,” stating that the situation would have been the same with the family of Yeremi Vargas. The posters – which are no longer visible in Spain or Portugal – were printed on the initiative of the McCanns.

Clairement gêné avec la conférence de presse du père de Mari Luz, Clarence Mitchell à expliqué aujourd’hui que les McCann "ont cru avoir l'autorisation" de la famille Cortés pour organiser la campagne utilisant la photo des enfants espagnols.

Clearly embarrassed by the press conference of the father of Mari Luz, Clarence Mitchell explained today that the McCanns, “ believed they had the authorisation,” of the Cortes family to organise the campaign using the photo of the Spanish children.

Monday, 18 February 2008

The family of Mari Luz threatens the McCanns with legal action

This is an addendum to the 15th February article about those posters, which appeared in Enfants Kidnappes.


Famille de Mari Luz menace les McCann d'une action en justice

N° de téléphone est hors service

La famille de Mari Luz Cortés, la petite espagnole disparue depuis le 13 janvier à Huelva, a demandé que les affiches ou sa photo figure cote-à-cote avec Madeleine McCann ne soient plus distribués et considère même la possibilité d'intenter une action en justice à l'encontre de Kate et Gerry McCann si leur exigence n'est pas respecté.

Juan José Cortés, père de Mari Luz, à affirmé que mélanger la disparition de Madeleine à celle de sa fille "n'est pas une stratégie opportune," réaffirmant qu'il n'a jamais donné son accord aux affiches crées par la famille McCann.

"Ce sont deux cas totalement différents avec des voies d'investigation complètement distinctes," à dit le père de Mari Luz à la sortie d'une rencontre avec le Président du Gouvernement Autonome d'Andalousie.

De la taille A3, les 18.000 affiches annoncés par le responsable en relations publics du couple McCann, Clarence Mitchell, pour un cout total de plus de 4.000 euros, indiquent un numéro de contact pour signaler des informations à propos de Mari Luz qui n'est pas en service.”

The family of Mari Luz threatens the McCanns with legal action.

Telephone number is not in service.

The family of Mari Luz Cortes, the little Spanish girl, missing since January 13th in Huelva, has requested that the posters where her photo is shown side-by-side with Madeleine McCann are not distributed and is even considering the possibility of instigating legal action against Kate and Gerry McCann if their wish is not respected.

Juan Jose Cortes, father of Mari Luz, has stated that to mix the disappearance of Madeleine with that of his daughter, “is not an appropriate strategy,” reaffirming that he had never given his permission for the posters created by the McCann family.

“These are two totally different cases with completely distinct lines of investigation,” said Mari Luz’s father as he left a meeting with the President of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia.

The size A3 posters, presented by Clarence Mitchell, the public relations representative for the McCann couple, at a cost of over 4,ooo Euros, show a contact number for reporting information about Mari Luz which is not in service.

From the Daily Mail, Monday 18th February.

"McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "We obviously regret if there is any confusion over these posters, however we did have the permission of the family to produce them following a conversation between them and a female friend of Kate's who speaks Spanish.

"Her father also said anything that can be done should be done. "The lady who spoke to him also tried to get hold of him after that to show him the artwork on the posters but he was in Madrid campaigning for his daughter."

Daily Mail 18/02/08

Not good enough Clarrie, is my opinion. You are supposed to be a professional PR person. That means you should know that you have a responsibility to make sure you have permission to use third party information. Saying that you thought you had permission, based on a conversation someone else reported to you, will not stand up in a court of law. And Clarrie, help that is neither requested nor wanted is not help at all. The family of a missing child has every right to decided where and when photos are used and distributed. To take that right from them and then claim that you were just trying to help is to attempt to disempower them. If anything here is shameful*, it is your behaviour and your pusillanimous attempts to wriggle out of the responsibility for your actions.

*Clarence is reported in the Portuguese press as saying that the reactions of the family of Mari Luz were, "surprising and shameful."

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Mari Luz’s family rejects a joint campaign with Madeleine

Ok, I'm at it again! I have lifted this translation off the Three Arguidos forum! Well, I was always told to acknowledge my sources when I was a student. This translation comes from the poster, Kazlux.

The Three Arguidos is the best forum around for intelligent debate on the Madeleine McCann case and for finding information gleaned from many sources otherwise unavailable in the UK press.

Mari Luz’s family are considering legal measures because of the posters showing their daughter and Madeleine


Mari Luz Cortés’s family today requested the immediate halting of the distribution of posters in Portugal that show their daughter next to Madeleine McCann, they will also study possible legal measures with regard to this.

In statements made to journalists after a meeting with Manuel Chaves, Mari’s father, Juan José Cortés, confirmed that the family “had not given their permission” because “it is not the appropriate strategy to mix both cases nor that Mari Luz should have to be related to the case of Madeleine”.

“They are two totally different cases with two lines of inquiry that are completely different” according to Juan José Cortés, who announced his intention of making a complaint before the British Embassy “so that a reprimand is made to the person responsible for this”.

The family is planning to travel to Rumania, Portugal, France and Morocco to distribute posters of Mari Luz."

Part 2: SOS Madeleine McCann---"Groupe du Tapas à déjà préparé les interrogatoires."

SOS Maddie Continued 16/02/08

“Le rapport, effectué en marge des investigations de la Police judiciaire, révèle que la machine McCann n’a rien laissé au hasard et que chaque mouvement sur le terrain, chaque information divulgué volontairement dans certains médias a été préalablement étudié et préparé avec des objectifs bien définies.”

The report, conducted in conjunction with investigations of the Judicial Police, reveals that the McCann machine has nothing left to chance and that every movement on the ground, each voluntary disclosure of information in certain media has been previously studied and prepared with well defined objectives.

“Avocats, conseillers en communication et image, anciens mercenaires, détectives, officiers de police, journalistes, diplomates, politiques, informaticiens, entre autres, font partie d’une sorte de machine bien huilé ou l’objectif de retrouver Madeleine semble avoir été dépassé par un autre : orienter et discréditer l’enquête. Un travail de long allène* qui représente un cout financier qui va au delà des sommes versés au Fonds Find Madeleine.”

Lawyers, image communication consultants, former mercenaries, detectives, police officers, journalists, diplomats, politicians, information scientists, among others, are part of a kind of well-oiled machine where the objective of finding Madeleine seems to have been overtaken by another: to steer and discredit the investigation. A work like a long allene of complex connections,* which represents a financial cost that goes far beyond the sums paid to the Find Madeleine Fund.

Dans la pratique tout a commencé la nuit même de la disparition de la petite britannique : le listing d’appels de l’Océan Club et celui des téléphones portables utilisés par Gerry et Kate à révélé bien des curieux destinataires, dépassant de loin le simple appel à la famille ou à la police.”

(À suivre)

In practice it all began the night of the disappearance of the little British girl: the listing of calls from the Ocean Club and those from mobile phones used by Gerry and Kate clearly revealed many curious recipients, far beyond the simple call to the family or the police.

(To be continued)


*I had trouble with the French, “allène,” which translates as, “allene.” An allene is a hydrocarbon molecule. The significant thing about an allene is the carbon bonds. So, I have translated as, “a work like a long allene of complex connections ,” because I couldn’t think of anything else!

Have a look at the diagram of a simple allene. Note the three atoms linked by the double bonds. This actually makes this hydrocarbon more reactive, i.e., less stable than other hydrocarbons, in that those bonds will break more readily. Now, I wonder if that could represent three people, tied together by bonds, which would not take a great reaction to break?


An allene is a hydrocarbon in which one atom of carbon is connected by double bonds with two other atoms of carbon. Allene also is the common name for the parent compound of this series, 1,2-propadiene.”

SOS Madeleine McCann---"Groupe du Tapas à déjà préparé les interrogatoires."


"Groupe du Tapas à déjà préparé les interrogatoires."

"Ca ne sera pas tâche facile car ils ont eu de temps et des conseils pour les aider à se préparer pour les interrogatoires," affirme un responsable de la police britannique expliquant que le couple McCann et ses amis ont eu recours à des avocats et autres spécialistes pour les aider à bien se préparer et organiser.

Les investigateurs, aussi bien au Royaume-Uni qu’au Portugal, ont été surpris par un rapport, élaboré par un groupe de spécialistes liés aux services de renseignement, qui leur détaille et révèle la qualité de l’organisation qui s’est crée au tour des parents de Madeleine et du groupe d’amis qui les a accompagnés pendant leur séjour au Portugal.

"Ce n’est pas l’œuvre des parents. C’est trop professionnel pour que se soit l’œuvre d’un couple de médecins, aussi intelligents soient’ ils," affirme notre source.

(À suivre)


Tapas group has already prepared (for) the interrogations.

It will not be an easy task as they have had the time and the advice to help them prepare themselves for the interrogations” stated a British police officer, explaining that the McCann couple and their friends have had recourse to lawyers and other experts to help them prepare well and organise themselves.

The investigators, in the United Kingdom as well as in Portugal, have been surprised by a report, made by a group of experts related to intelligence services, that detailed and revealed the quality of the organisation that has been created around the parents of Madeleine and the group of friends that accompanied them during their stay in Portugal.

"This is not the work of parents. It's too professional for it to be the work of a couple of doctors, however intelligent they may be," our source affirms.

(To be continued)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Enfants Kidnappes - De nouveaux interrogatoires - New Interrogations.

Enfants Kidnappes

16 février 2008

“De nouveaux interrogatoires.

Enfin, les choses recommencent à bouger. La police britannique se préparerait à procéder à de nouveaux interrogatoires. En effet, jusqu'ici, l'enquête sur Madeleine n'avançait plus, elle était à l'arrêt... du moins au niveau médiatique car dans les coulisses bien des choses se passent. Bref, les lettres rogatoires, écrites en étroite collaboration avec les autorités britanniques, ont été envoyé pour la deuxième fois. La première fois, le Home Office, les avaient renvoyé en évoquant une erreur de procédure.”

At last things are beginning to move. The British police are preparing themselves to begin new interrogations. In fact, until now, the enquiry about Madeleine had not been progressing, it was at a standstill….at least at the level of the media because in the sidelines many things are happening. In brief, the rogatory letters, written in close collaboration with the British authorities, have been sent for the second time. The first time, the Home Office sent them back invoking a procedural error.

Or, sans ces interrogatoires, la police portugaise ne peut pas avancer convenablement. Le Procureur Générale de la République portugais ne sait pas combien de temps va durer cette impasse de la part du Home office. Des rumeurs font état d'une volonté politique de faire traîner les choses jusqu'après les élections prévues en mai en Grande-Bretagne. Cependant, le Ministère de l'Intérieur britannique a reçu une demande officielle des autorités portugaises. Les lettres rogatoires, version 2, sont arrivées depuis le 03 février au R-U. Ce courrier fait la demande d'audition de Jane Tanner, Russel O'Brien et David Payne afin de vérifier et d'éclaircir certains points d'incohérences dans les différentes déclarations. On sait, également, que deux nouveaux suspects seront placés sous statut "d'arguidos".

However, without these interrogations, the Portuguese police cannot easily go forward. Portugal’s Attorney General does not know how long this impasse on the part of the Home Office will last. Rumours tell of a political wish to hold back these things until after the elections scheduled for May in Great Britain. However, the British Home Office minister has received an official request from the Portuguese authorities. The rogatory letters, version 2, have been in the UK since February 3rd. This letter made the request for a hearing by Jane Tanner, Russell O’Brien and David Payne, to finally verify and clear up certain points of inconsistency in the different statements. It is also known that two new suspects will be placed under the status of, “arguidos.”

L'enquête au point mort ?

D'un point de vue médiatique, rien ne semble bouger. Mise à part les derniers rebondissements politico-politiques de l'affaire, la presse restait bien avare d'information sur le dossier. Or l'enquête se poursuit. Des fouilles sont en cours et vont se poursuivre. La PJ est à la recherche du corps de Madeleine puisqu'il ne fait plus aucun doute, pour la police, qu'elle soit décédée. La police recherche activement le deuxième endroit où le corps de Madeleine a été "déposé" et où, selon toute vraisemblance, il serait encore. Rappelons que la police connaît parfaitement le premier endroit où le corps de Madeleine fut "entreposé". Ainsi, se basant sur les triangulations des GSM utilisés par les différentes parties en cause dans cette affaire, la police effectue des fouilles à des endroits bien précis. En effet plusieurs étendues considérables de terrain font l'objet de toutes les attentions. La moitié d'entre elles ayant déjà été fouillé. Des barrages entiers ont même été sondés à l'aide d'un sonar. La police semble confiante dans ses recherches et si le corps de la petite est effectivement retrouvé, cela changera considérablement les données de l'affaire.”

The investigation is at a dead end?

From the point of view of the media, nothing appears to be moving. Apart from the latest political twists in the case, the press has been deprived of information on the case. But the investigation continues. The PJ are searching for the body of Madeleine, since there is no longer any doubt, by the police, that she is dead. The police are actively seeking the second place where the body of Madeleine was placed and where, in all likelihood, it remains. Bear in mind that the police are perfectly aware of the first place where Madeleine’s body was stored. Thus, basing this on the GSM triangulations used by different parties involved in this case, the police are conducting excavations at specific locations. In fact, several large tracts of land are the subject of all the attention. Half of them have already been excavated. Entire dams have even been sounded with the aid of sonar. The police seem confident in their searches and if the body of the little girl was actually found, that would considerably change the facts of the case.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Nouvelles affiches de Maddie pour l'Espagne----New Posters of Maddie for Spain

Report by Duarte Levy on his French language blog, SOS Madeleine McCann.


Nouvelles affiches de Maddie pour l'Espagne

Neuf mois après la disparition de Madeleine McCann, deux nouvelles affiches ont été divulgués ou la photo de la petite britannique apparait associée à Mari Luz Cortés et Yeremi Vargas, les deux enfants espagnols disparues, respectivement, à Huelva et dans les Canaries.”

New Posters of Maddie for Spain

Nine months after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, two new posters have been presented to the public, where the photo of the little British girl appears with Mari Luz Cortes and Yeremi Vargas, the two Spanish children, who disappeared, respectively, in Huelva and the Canaries.

De la taille A3, les affiches (voir photos), qui seront distribués en Espagne, ont été annoncés par le responsable en relations publics du couple McCann, Clarence Mitchell, comme étant "un geste de courtoisie" envers les familles des enfants espagnols mais aussi la poursuite des recherches de Madeleine. Annoncé depuis l’année passée, la campagne aurait couté 4 mil euros pour un total de 18 mil affiches."

The size A3 posters, (see photos) which will be distributed in Spain, were presented by the McCanns’ public relations representative, Clarence Mitchell, as being, "a gesture of courtesy," towards the families of the Spanish children but also the search to find Madeleine. It was announced last year that the campaign would cost 4 thousand Euros for a total of 18 thousand posters.

" Pour rappel, Mari Luz est porté disparue depuis le 13 janvier et Yeremi Vargas depuis le 10 mars de l’année passé. A plusieurs reprises la campagne du couple McCann a voulu associer la disparition de leur fille Maddie à celle des deux enfants espagnols, sans pour autant arriver à convaincre les autorités espagnoles ou portugaises qu’ont toujours affirmée qu’il s’agissait de trois cas bien distincts."

To recap, Mari Luz has been missing since January 13th and Yeremi Vargas since 10th March last year. On several occasions the McCann couple’s campaign has wanted to associate the disappearance of their daughter, Maddie with that of the two Spanish children, without managing to convince the Spanish or Portuguese authorities, who have always affirmed that they were dealing with three very separate cases.

La famille de Mari Luz n’avait pas été prévenue de l’initiative des McCann mais ont apprécié le geste. "C'est important si ca peux aider à retrouver Mari Luz", à dit son oncle."

The family of Mari Luz had not been notified of the McCanns’ initiative, but appreciated the gesture. "It is important if it can help to get Mari Luz back," said her uncle.

Minimum age at which children can be left alone in the UK

Did you know that there is no minimum age at which it is legal to leave children on their own in the UK?

If you think there should be a minimum age, and the author of this petition suggests the age of 12, please consider signing. Many thanks.

From the petition page:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Bring in a new law to make it a criminal offence to leave children aged under 12 on their own"

More and more children aged under 12 are being left on their own at home by their parents without proper supervision. The law on this point is totally unclear and appears to be covered only by the 1933 Children and Young Persons Act. The topic of young children being left on their own has been in the news in the past year and it is submitted that now is a good time to review existing laws. The dangers to young children of being left on their own are numerous and potentially very serious. The law should deter people with children under 12 from even thinking about leaving them on their own."

Thursday, 14 February 2008

What Alberto Costa actually said.

I am looking at the report on the French language blog of Duarte Levy; this is just about identical in its details to reports in the Portuguese press. I don't speak or read Portuguese. So, here is my version of the report by Duarte Levy. I will add translations from Portuguese later today as the SOS Madeleine report is the abbreviated version of what the Justice Minister said.


"Maddie: Ministre assure que l’investigation n’a pas été affectée"

"J'ai des indications que les déclarations du directeur national de la PJ, n'ont pas affecté le déroulement de l'enquête," a dit le Ministre de la Justice portugais, Alberto Costa, au cours de son interpellation devant la Commission Parlementaire de Sujets Constitutionnels, Droits, Libertés et Garanties où il avait été invité a expliquer les récentes déclarations du directeur national de la Police judiciaire, Alipio Ribeiro à propos du cas Madeleine McCann.”

Maddie: Minister gives assurance that the investigation has not been affected.

I have evidence that the statements of the national director of the PJ have not affected the progress of the enquiry,” Alberto Costa, the Portuguese Minister for Justice, said during his questioning before the Parliamentary Commission on Constitutional Matters, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, where he had been invited to explain the recent statements of the PJ’s director, Alipio Ribeiro, on the Madeleine McCann case.

"C’était mon devoir de maintenir la confiance dans le directeur national” de la Police Judiciaire, a dit Alberto Costa, rajoutant que “tout’ autre attitude aurait conduit a des plus grands inconvénients

It was my duty to maintain confidence in the national director of the PJ,” said Alberto Costa, adding that, “any other attitude would have led to the greatest inconvenience.”

En réponse aux parlementaires, le Ministre a garanti que les déclarations du directeur national de la Police judiciaire n’ont pas violé le secret de justice : si c’était le cas "il y aurait déjà eu une enquête."

In response to the parliamentarians, the Minister gave a guarantee that the statements of the national director of the PJ had not violated judicial secrecy: if that were the case, “there would already have been an enquiry.”

Le directeur national de la Police judiciaire, Alipio Ribeiro, avait dit, au cours d’une entrevue, qu’il y aurait eu "précipitation" au moment de designer le couple McCann comme arguidos.”

The national director of the PJ, Alipio Ribeiro, had said, during an interview, that there had been, “precipitation,” at the time that the McCann couple had been designated as arguidos.

A propos des investigateurs du cas Madeleine, le Ministre a défendu "qu’ils sont des personnes expérimentés, professionnels, matures, que ne sont pas – comme certains articles ont pu suggérer – agités, intimement démotivés e frustrés par aucun mot qui a pu être dit en termes plus ou moins discutables”.

The minister defended the investigators in the Madeleine case, “that they are experienced people, professional, mature, that they are not – as some articles could have suggested – restless, emotionally demotivated and frustrated by anything that could have been said in more or less arguable terms.

Português: "Estamos numa fase em que caminhamos para a conclusão do processo"

Français: "Nous sommes dans une phase où nous avançons vers la conclusion de la procédure"

English "We are in a phase in which we are approaching a conclusion of the process"

Mis à jour 16H40”

Updated 16.40

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Moita Flores on SIC Portuguese TV

Moita Flores is a criminologist, writer and former member of the PJ. Today, he has been speaking on the Portuguese TV channel SIC about the Madeleine McCann case and has mentioned a very interesting feature of the latest sketch of the possible abductor.

A running translation, once again lifted straight off the Three Arguidos forum, translated by Astro.

"moita flores

police in pt & uk noticed that the face without mustache matches the child's mother's face

man walks considerable distance carrying a child

abductor would make getaway in a car

photofit is invented and a lie

not possible to see colour of shoes

impossible to see face from profile

it's not possible to recognize face
30 mts in the dark

impossible to see details in shoes, color of the coat

child in fotofit is not 4 years old, it's older

the detail of pyjamas is impossible

mf doubts the theory of abduction because it is impossible,

not reasonable
story badly told

multiple falsehoods

photofit comes from false memories

6 months later it is a product from someone's imaginary

take moustache off and it is the mother's face

photofit is completely false

dr sargento clarifies that news in UK media is false, this is not a new photofit

it's a study no photofit was made "

Dr Sargento's video of the impossibility of an abduction.

Basically the photofit is an archetypal image and an abductor would have used a car since the window through which Madeleine was thought to have been abducted overlooks a small car park.

News on Sky News is that the case is drawing to a close. More this evening apparently!

Breaking News

Madeleine Cops Set To 'Close Case'
Updated:13:31, Wednesday February 13, 2008

A Portuguese minister has said the investigation into the disappearance of British four-year-old Madeleine McCann is nearing a conclusion.
"We are at a stage now where we are approaching the conclusion of the process," Justice Minister Alberto Costa told a parliamentary committee hearing."

Closing and shelving? Closing and charging someone with involvement in Madeleine's disappearance?

Monday, 11 February 2008

The annual Canadian seal hunt is about to begin.

Twenty-five years ago the European Union banned the sale of products from newborn seal pups. This resulted in the hunters killing baby seals that were slightly older and the trade in products from those seals is not illegal in the EU.

The EU is considering banning all seal product trading in EU countries. With the Canadian hunters gearing up for the annual killing, now is a good time to let the EU know how you feel about the hunting and killing of baby seals for profit. For me there must be a difference between the hunting of seals by an indigenous population of hunters who use every part of the animal , meat, skin, oils etc, and hunters who bludgeon baby seals to death for profit from their skins. The Canadian seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine animals on earth. More than one million baby seals have been killed for their fur during the last three years.

We can act to stop this slaughter or even just reduce it by letting the EU know that we want an end to the trade in all seal products in EU countries.

Stop the seal trade

Your opportunity to comment ends on February 13th.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Madeleine; Kate and Gerry to be cleared?

Since the statement a few days ago by Alipio Ribeiro, head of the PJ, that the McCanns may have been made arguidos in a hasty manner, the Portuguese and Spanish press have been speculating that Ribeiro was paving the way for the McCanns to be cleared of suspect status and the case to be shelved. This has been taken up by the UK news media.

The Daily Star refers to 40 questions, which the PJ would like the McCanns to answer. These are the questions, which it was reported that Kate McCann refused to answer in the course of her interviews in September, when she was given the status of arguida, formal suspect.

The, "official letters," to which the Daily Star refers, are the, "rogatory," letters, which were months in preparation by the Portuguese authorities. These were sent to Jacqui Smith of the UK Home Office via Eurojust, an organisation based in The Hague, whose purpose is to facilitate legal correspondence between EU countries. The letters were returned to Lisbon by the Home Office as they were apparently not sent through the correct channels. It seems that the letters are on their way again and the PJ is awaiting a response from the Home Office.

The Portuguese e-xpresso carried a report yesterday, Saturday 9th February, that the PJ has no evidence against the mcCanns.

Translation by lisbonirish on the Three Arguidos forum. *

The headline reads, "
PJ without proof [or evidence] against the McCanns."

The Polícia Judiciária has no evidence or any leads against the McCanns. The couple will only remain arguidos in the case if the responses to the letters of request, which were sent to Britain this week, reveal any striking contradictions to previous statements."

"Despite the fact that the team investigating Maddie's disappearance has been the same since the beginning (lead in the field by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida and Inspector João Carlos Pereira), with only the coordinator Gonçalo Amaral being replaced by Paulo Rebelo, there have been no developments in the PJ's lines of investigation. The case has been reviewed by homicide specialists, but without results."

ITV News Saturday 9th February

Police in Portugal are set to clear the parents of Madeleine McCann of involvement in her disappearance, according to reports.

The Portuguese press has reported that detectives are to re-interview Kate and Gerry McCann then announce they are no longer official suspects.

Legal experts are quoted as saying they believe the police will close the case without charging anyone over Madeleine's disappearance.

The news comes after Carlos Anjos, the head of Portugal's police federation, said officers had "bigger problems" to deal with than the search for Madeleine.

The McCann family's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said Mr Anjos' comments were "not helpful".

Madeleine vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 last year, just before her fourth birthday."

Daily Star Sunday 10th February

"POLICE are to give Kate and Gerry McCann the chance to clear their names over daughter Maddie’s disappearance.

The couple, who have been official suspects in the case for five months, will be asked by Portuguese detectives to respond to 40 questions.

Sources say that unless there are “screaming contradictions” the couple will be cleared.

Last night the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the sooner they are questioned the better.

He said: “There won’t be any screaming contradictions and hopefully the emphasis can then be put on finding Madeleine, who we believe is still alive.”

Legal letters outlining the 40 questions are to be sent to the Home Office this week. Interviews are then likely to be carried out by detectives from Leicestershire police, the McCanns’ local force.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday, Gerry’s brother John McCann said that making the couple arguidos had “led people into a cul de sac”.

He said: “Any sensible person realises Madeleine was abducted.

“We didn’t anticipate being in this position after nine months.”

Barcelona-based Metodo 3, the private investigation firm working for the McCanns, currently has ten men “on the ground” in Praia da Luz searching for the four-year-old.

They also have operatives in Spain, North Africa and elsewhere across the globe.

John McCann added: “Until somebody comes up with something to say otherwise, we will never stop looking for Madeleine.”

Meanwhile, a British photographer once linked to Maddie’s disappearance has revealed why he mysteriously fled Praia da Luz.

Christian Ridout, 32, said he was driven out after receiving death threats from locals following accusations he groomed an under-age girl for sex in 2005.

Ridout, who has since changed his name to Dexter Troy and now works in Los Angeles, insisted the allegations were lies


Madeleine: another look at photographic anomalies

Madeleine and Sean in the children's play area at the Mark Warner resort in Praia da Luz, May 2007

The photograph above shows Madeleine and the twins with their grandmother, Mrs Healy, before the McCann family went on holiday to Portugal.

I would suggest that the anomaly here is that Sean looks older and physically more mature in the pre-holiday photograph. Very strange, eh?

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Madeleine: photographic anomalies

A search on Google Images for Madeleine McCann brings up thousands of images. On various forums, posters have been trying to place at least some of the photos in a timeline of Madeleine's age. Have a look at the photo above, said to have been taken not very long before the holiday in Portugal. The curious thing about the photo is that Sean looks as though he is about the same size as Madeleine. I know Madeleine was said to be small for her age, but surely little Sean, as a just-two-year-old was not the same size? Note the T shirt Sean is wearing.

Now, have a look at the photo on the right. This one is of the McCanns with the twins, Sean and Amelie, in September 2007, soon after their return from Praia da Luz. Sean is wearing the same T shirt! I would have thought that a two year-old would have grown in five/six months, but Sean does not look older in the September photo and he doesn't look bigger. How could that be?

There don't appear to be many photos of Madeleine from the Praia da Luz holiday. Most of the publicity photos, apart from that last one by the pool, seem to be of a much younger Madeleine. I would have thought that by the Thursday of a week-long holiday there would be lots of happy holiday snaps, but where are they? The most recent ones would surely have been better publicity photos for identification purposes. So, why are most of the publicity photos for posters of a much younger Madeleine? Children change so quickly at Madeleine's age and she looks so different in the recent photo by the pool to how she looks in the poster photos, I doubt she could be identified very easily.

Monday, 4 February 2008

McCann toujours suspects: McCanns still suspects (SOS Maddie blog)

Translation of SOS Madeleine article of Monday 4th February.

"McCann toujours suspects"

Magistrats et Inspecteurs de la Police Judiciaire (PJ) n’ont pas apprécié les déclarations du Directeur National de la Police Judiciaire, Alipio Ribeiro, même si aujourd’hui des sources proches du responsable de la police ont réaffirmé qu’il y a eu mauvaise interprétation de ces propos : les mots du directeur auront été dans le sens dont, si Kate et Gerry avaient été maintenus comme témoins, "peut-être ils ne seraient pas partis pour Angleterre. Ils auraient été plus coopérants avec la Justice".

Magistrates and Inspectors of the PJ, did not appreciate the statements of the Director of the Police Judiciaire, Alipio Ribeiro, even if today, sources close to the head of police have confirmed that there has been a misinterpretation of what he said: the words of the director would have been in the sense of, if Kate and Gerry had been kept as witnesses, "perhaps they would not have left for England. They may have been more co-operative with the Justice." (Prosecutor?)

A Algarve, la plupart des Inspecteurs de la PJ ont accueilli les déclarations du leur directeur avec surprise car la ligne d’enquête n’a pas changé et si l’investigation semble au point mort, aux yeux du public, plusieurs diligences sont en cours même si la plus importante, affirme un des responsables à Portimão, "reste l’interrogatoire aux amis du couple".

In the Algarve, most of the Inspectors of the PJ have received the statements of their director with surprise because the line of the enquiry has not changed and if the investigation seems to be at a dead end, in the eyes of the public, several researches are underway, even if the most important, as confirmed by one of the sources in Portimao is that, "there remains the interrogation of the friends of the couple."

"Les inspecteurs continuent à suspecter le couple d’avoir occulté le corps de leur fille dans la nuit du 3 mai dernier, confirme le même responsable pour qui "l’enquête est bien un travail de patience" comme l’a dit Alipio Ribeiro : "Sur ça il ne s’est pas trompé".

The inspectors continue to suspect the couple of having hidden the body of their daughter on the night of May 3rd last year, confirms the same source, for whom, "the enquiry is indeed a work of patience," as Alipio Ribeiro has said: "He is not wrong about that.

"Au mois de septembre dernier, plusieurs sont les inspecteurs qui ont demandé la prison provisoire de Kate et Gerry McCann, ayant déjà, à l’époque, la ferme conviction qu’il y avait assez de preuves pour justifier cette mesure : "Aujourd’hui nous avons beaucoup avancé dans l’enquête et nous sommes certains de que les parents de Madeleine et leurs amis peuvent expliquer ce qu’est arrivé à l’enfant", affirme le responsable, pour qui "le départ du couple de Praia da Luz est venu compliquer les choses. Nous sommes obligés de dépendre du bon vouloir des autorités britanniques".

Last September, there were several inspectors who requested the temporary imprisonment of Kate and Gerry McCann, already maintaining, at that time, the firm conviction that there was enough evidence to justify this measure: “We have now made significant advances in the inquiry and we are certain that Madeleine’s parents and their friends can explain what happened to the child”, the source affirms, saying that for him “the couple’s departure from Praia da Luz has complicated things. We are obliged to depend upon the goodwill of the British authorities.

"Au mois de septembre le Procureur du Ministère Public de Portimão, José Magalhães e Menezes, à décidé de les constituer arguidos sans avoir recours à la prison préventive, laissant la porte ouverte pour leur départ vers le Royaume-Uni comme l’avaient demandé les autorités britanniques via leurs représentants diplomatiques au Portugal."

In September, the Portimao Public Ministry Attorney, José Magalhães e Menezes, decided to name them arguidos without taking the step of preventative imprisonment, leaving the door open for their departure to the UK as the British authorities had requested via their diplomatic representative in Portugal.

"Réactions : "Tout ceci est très étrange"

"Francisco Pagarete, l’avocat de Robert Murat, s’est refusé à commenter les déclarations du directeur de la PJ soulignant que "tout ceci est très étrange". L’avocat du britannique, arguido depuis le 14 mai dernier, avoue sa surprise avec les déclarations d’Alipio Ribeiro mais préfère attendre l’évolution de l’enquête avant de décider s’il y a une réaction à prendre."

Reactions: "All of this is very strange"

Francisco Pagarete, Robert Murat’s lawyer, has refused to comment on the statements made by the PJ Directors, emphasising that “all of this is very strange”. The lawyer for the British man, who has been an arguido since 14th May, declares his surprise at the statements made by Alipio Ribeiro, but prefers to wait for developments in the inquiry before deciding if he should respond.

"Pour éviter ce genre de situations : retenue et réserve dans le discours", conseille le président du Syndicat des magistrats du Ministère Publique, Antonio Cluny, pour qui il est "inquiétant" de voir un responsable de la PJ parler sur un procès encore en cours."

In order to avoid this type of situation there must be discretion and reserve in speech” advises the president of the Public Ministry Magistrates' Union, Antonio Cluny, who finds it “troubling” to see a PJ official talk about an ongoing inquiry."

"Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, professeur universitaire de Droit et commentateur politique, à affirmé sur la première chaine de télévision portugaise que les déclarations d’Alipio Ribeiro sont "très graves". Ancien Ministre et Conseiller d’Etat, Marcelo accuse Alipio Ribeiro d’avoir "tué l’investigation de la police quand il a dit qu’il y aurait eu précipitation en constituer le couple McCann comme arguidos dans le procès".

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, University professor of law and political commentator, has stated on Portuguese television that Alipio Ribeiro’s statements are “very serious”. Former Minister and State Advisor, Marcelo accuses Alipio Ribeiro of having “ killed the police investigation when he said that there was haste in declaring the McCann couple as arguidos in the case