Friday, 21 March 2008

Enfants Kidnappés: Malinka's burnt out car.

21 mars 2008

"La voiture de Malinka incendiée" A côté des ruines encore fumante de la voiture de Sergey malinka, sur le trottoir, en lettres rouges bien visible, écrit le mot "FALA" (PARLE). C'est dans la nuit de jeudi, vers 04h00 du matin, que l'Audi A4 de l'informaticien russe a été entièrement détruite par les flammes. "Je ne comprends pas le sens du message. Je ne veux plus être ennuyé avec l'affaire Madeleine. Je veux qu'on me laisse en paix. Je vais à l'église, je paye mes impôts, je n'ai pas mérité cela" à déclaré Malinka. Il a également ajouté: "Je suis convaincu qu'il s'agit d'un avertissement qui a à voir avec l'affaire Maddie. Mais je n'ai rien à dire et je ne sais rien"

Malinka's burnt out car.

On the pavement, beside the still smoking ruins of Sergey Malinka's car, in clearly visible red letters, is written the word, "FALA," (SPEAK) It was towards 4am in the morning, during Thursday night, that the Russian computer expert's Audi A4 was totally destroyed by flames. "I don't understand the meaning of the message. I don't want to be bothered any more with the Madeleine case. I want to be left in peace. I go to church, I pay my taxes, I have not deserved this." stated Malinka. He also added: "I am convinced that this is a warning which has to do with the Maddie case. But I have nothing to say and I know nothing."

"Malinka, qui dormait à environs 50 mètres du lieu de l'incendie, dans son appartement qu'il partage avec ses parents, n'a rien entendu et a seulement été au courant au moment de son réveil. Un autre véhicule, une Opel Zafira, aurait également été atteinte par les flammes. "J'étais en train de dormir quand j'ai entendu une explosion. J'étais paniqué et je suis allé voir ce qui se passait. La voiture brûlait et les pompiers ainsi que la GNR étaient déjà sur place. Ensuite, la PJ est arrivée et avec l'aide des pompiers ont effacé le mot "FALA" du trottoir" a déclaré un riverain. Une autre voisine, Jennifer a déclaré: "Je ne savais pas ce qui se passait. J'ai pensé à un groupe de délinquants en train de casser toutes les voitures de la rue mais les autorités m'ont dit d'être tranquille, qu'il s'agissait d'un attentat dirigé contre une seule personne mais ils ne m'ont pas dit qui."

Malinka, who was sleeping about 50 metres from the scene of the fire, in his apartment which he shares with his parents, heard nothing and was only aware of it when he woke up. Another vehicle, an Opel Fafira, was also affected by the flames. "I was asleep when I heard an explosion. I was panicked and I went to see what was happening. The car was burning and the firemen as well as the GNR were already there. Then the PJ arrived and with the help of the firemen they removed the word, "FALA," from the pavement." stated one riverside resident. Another neighbour, Jennifer, stated: "I did not know what was happening. I thought of a group of young offenders in the process of damaging the cars in the street, but the authorities told me to calm down, that it was an attack directed at one person, but they did not tell me who."

"Pas de liens avec l'affaire McCann ?! La PJ a déjà admise qu'il s'agit bien d'un incendie d'origine criminelle. Cette dernière a précisé que, face à l'hypothèse que Sergey Malinka soit soupçonné dans l'affaire Maddie, le russe a été entendu seulement comme victime dans une nouvelle affaire, celle de l'incendie de sa voiture. La même source, selon la presse portugaise, a souligné qu'initialement, Malinka avait été entendu comme témoin dans l'affaire McCann parce qu'il avait créé le site Romingen (La société de Murat et de Michaela Walczuch). Notons, toutefois, qu'en l'espace d'un an, c'est le deuxième véhicule de Sergey Malinka qui brûle dans les environs de son domicile à Praia de Luz."

No links with the McCann case?!

The PJ has already admitted that the fire has a criminal origin. They pointed out that rather than the theory that Malinka was a suspect in the Maddie case, the Russian was understood only as a victim in a new case, that of the torching of his car. The same source, according to the Portuguese press, stressed that initially Malinka was heard as a witness in the McCann case because he built the web site Romigen. (Murat and Michaela Walczuch's company) We note, however, that in the space of a year, this is Sergey Malinka's second vehicle which has burnt in the vicinity of his home in Praia da Luz.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

In March 2004, my son asked me an intriguing question. If he gave me a ticket for something I would have to travel to, would I go? My reply was that if he gave me a ticket for something I would be sure it was worth going to. The, "something," remained a secret until Mother's Day, 2004, when I received one of the best gifts ever, a ticket to attend three days of talks by HH The Dalai Lama at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow.

For me, to be in the presence of the Dalai Lama was a special privilege. Having braved the weaving traffic on the M8 from my brother's house in Coatbridge to the exhibition centre, I took my place with a few hundred others in the huge hall, amid an air of anticipation and quiet reverence, even before the great man appeared.

When His Holiness entered, he walked across the stage with head bowed slightly, followed by his interpreter, who sat on a cushion on the floor, close to the big chair that the Dalai Lama takes with him on his tours.

The Dalai Lama has the most smiley face I have ever seen. He spoke in his own language, always in a very animated way, which held the rapt attention of an audience, most of whom, I am sure, did not understand one word of what was being said. The Dalai Lama would pause and the interpreter would tell us what had just been said, with a warmth of expression which echoed that of the Dalai Lama himself.

His Holiness has a child-like quality and a sense of joyfulness conveys itself from him, even when he is silent. His sense of humour and his modesty are well-known. Let me give you an example. At the end of each day, the audience was invited to ask questions and one question was, "How do I recognise a good teacher?" The Dalai Lama explained and the interpreter gave the response in English; there are ten qualities of a good teacher and the Dalai Lama had said he was not good with number 10, "A good teacher should always be patient with his students." While the interpreter was speaking, all eyes were on the Dalai Lama, who was seen to be almost falling off his big chair laughing. When the interpreter had finished, he looked to the Dalai Lama with a questioning expression and the Dalai Lama explained his laughter.

The Dalai Lama said, "I did not mean to imply that I was good with the other nine!"

Those words, spoken with child-like mirth, brought quiet laughter from the audience. For myself and everyone else I should think, it was the irony that such a greatly revered teacher should display such self-effacing modesty, which drew the laughter.

The Dalai Lama will return to the UK in May this year and will give talks at several venues. I will go to see him if I can, but if that is not possible, it doesn't matter. I have had the privilege of being in his presence and I shall cherish the experience and thank my son for a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

Action alert for Tibet

I have received an email this morning from Rosa at, asking for signatures to a petition for support for the people of Tibet in the face of Chinese suppression of protest. I am copying the email here as Rosa's words are much more eloquent than mine could be. Please consider signing the petition. Thank you.

Hi Anna,

I'm sure that like me, you're also outraged by the abuse of power displayed by the Chinese government to suppress the protests in Tibet and nearby provinces. Speak up for those who can't. Sign this petition to urge China to end the crackdown immediately >>

The violence against protesters, monks and civilians in Tibet is quickly escalating as the deadly crackdown continues. This week, overwhelmed by the violence affecting innocent civilians, the Dalai Lama said he would resign as leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile "if things become out of control." We can't remain silent while these abuses are taking place. Take action to stand with the people of Tibet.

The Beijing Summer Olympics are only a few months away, but that hasn't stopped China from cracking down on Tibetan protesters, causing the death of around 100 people, while hundreds continue to be shot at, beaten up and detained by China's security forces.

The protesters' grievances should not be addressed through the use of force, but with an open and peaceful dialogue. Freedom of expression is a basic human right that should be respected and not punished with violence.

Please sign this petition to the Olympic Games Officials and the United Nations to make sure help is on the way for the people of Tibet!

Thank you for standing with innocent Tibetans.

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

The Dalai Lama is due to visit the UK in May this year. So far there has been no word from our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, that he will meet with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama is the Head of State in exile of the country of Tibet and I consider it to be quite offensive that Tony Blair did not meet with him during the Dalai Lama's previous visit to our shores in 2004. As a gesture of goodwill, I think that Gordon Brown should arrange an official reception for the Dalai Lama. I do wonder if the silence from dear Gordon has something to do with trade with China.

Enfants Kidnappés: Interrogations scheduled for April 7th

Interrogatoires prévus pour le 07 avril

"Alors que la presse ne parle que des excuses du groupe "Express", l'enquête, elle, continue son cours. En effet, les fameuses lettres rogatoires qui ont finalement été acceptées, sont dans leurs phases de mise en place. Divers membres de la police portugaise, en contact avec leurs homologues britanniques, sont en train de peaufiner les derniers détails des interrogatoires prévus pour le 07 avril."

Interrogations scheduled for April 7th.

While the press is only talking about the Express group's apologies, the enquiry follows its course. In fact, the famous rogatory letters, which have been finally accepted, are in the phase of being put into operation. Various members of the Portuguese police, in contact with their British counterparts, are in the process of fine-tuning the last details of the interrogations, scheduled for April 7th.

"En effet, c'est cette date qui semble être celle retenue. En tous cas, c'est cette date qui est annoncée officiellement par la PJ portugaise. La police devrait interroger pas moins de 14 personnes. Il devrait s'agir des derniers interrogatoires. Ils sont considérés comme essentiels par la PJ. Ils devraient éclaircir et apporter des explications sur les diverses contradictions et "non sens" relevés dans les auditions précédentes. La police britannique apporte toute son aide et sa pleine collaboration à la mise en oeuvre des demandes se trouvant dans le courrier en provenance du Portugal."

In fact that is the date that seems to be accepted. In any case, that is the date that is announced officially by the PJ. The police will have to interrogate no fewer than 14 people. They should be the last interrogations. They are considered essential by the PJ. They should clarify and give explanations for the various contradictions and, "no sense," statements in previous hearings. The British police are giving every assistance and cooperation in implementing the requests in the letters from Portugal.