Monday, 1 February 2010

Madeleine McCann: twins Sean and Amelie receive birthday presents from Maddie.


Above: Sean and Amelie, then aged 2, in Portugal in 2007

Sean and Amelie McCann, twin siblings of Maddie, who were just two years and three months when Maddie disappeared, will be five years old tomorrow, February 2nd. They celebrated their birthday with a party at the weekend and according to The Sun:

"MADDIE McCann's sister and brother celebrated their fifth birthday with a party yesterday and a present from their missing sibling.

Parents Kate and Gerry held the special bash for twins Sean and Amelie.

They always buy the pair a gift from their missing sister for Christmas and birthdays."

Do the twins think these presents actually come from Maddie? If so, I wonder what they imagine is the method by which these presents reach them.

In January 2008, according to a report in The Metro, Sean and Amelie were playing a game in which they endeavoured to find "the monster who took Maddie."

"The brother and sister of missing Madeleine McCann cope with their loss by playing a game called 'Find the monster that took Maddie', it was claimed on Sunday.

The game was described by leading world sex crimes expert Ray Wyre after he met parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

Twins Sean and Amelie, two, were helping to give their parents the strength to carry on, he added.

The parents told him they were together recently when the twins rushed into the room shouting.

He added: 'They said they were going to go and find the monster that took Maddie. Then they dashed off to play the game. It's a sad story, but it is healthy that Madeleine remains a real presence in their lives.'"

Do the twins still believe that a "monster," took Maddie? If so, they must also believe that this monster has some very kind and compassionate qualities if he allows Maddie to choose and send them presents. Maybe when they're older, they'll suggest that Kate and Gerry take note of the postmarks on the packages and alert the police.

In November 2009, the twins were ready to fight the man who abducted their sister. "We will fight the man who took our sister Maddie." The Sun

"Gerry told Sky News the twins - just 18 months old when Madeleine went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007 - want to find who took her and punish them.

He said: "They talk about her more than Kate and I do - it's incredible. Now they are saying, 'She's been taken, when we find who took her, we'll fight them'"