Sunday, 29 January 2012

"Belle Famille," - by Arthur Dreyfus - Chapter 20

Résumé of chapter 20 - original French from Frencheuropean.

Tony calls and tells Laurence they need "a media plan."

The Josserands leave for France with the other two boys. Laurence wonders if she misses Madec and observes:

"For a while, her son's disappearance has occupied a more important place for her than her son himself. She would have wanted to hold him tightly in her arms - which he struggles against somewhat. Mule head. The mother remembered a colouring session. Why did Madec go over all the edges? Laurence had snatched the red crayon and filled a tomato in properly. In spite of the example, Madec still went over the edges. Snatching the book from her son's hands, Laurence had emptied out a box of felt pens and set to colouring all the other vegetables."

Andreotti arrives at the Macands' place. The Murdoch lead has gone nowhere. He will be interrogated again with a psychologist present and with the use of a lie detector. Laurence's blood runs cold when the inspector informs her that one of his friends is dead, having jumped from the top of the cliff and that divers are going to search along the coastline.

The hotel manager requests that the Macands leave the premises by noon the following day.

Madec's uncle wants to create a "buzz," to move the world. Necessary for that: 1 - money, 2 - getting known.

He is going to contact Yannick Noah, through a friend. (Note: Yannick is a former French tennis player, now a singer, who has set up a charity, with his mother, for underprivileged children)

He joins his sister in Italy and before the journalists, he declares: "I am spokesman for the Macand family."

Laurence can hardly believe her luck when she learns that all the divers have brought back is the body of Simone Cazzi.

"Belle Famille," - by Arthur Dreyfus - Chapter 19

Résumé of chapter 19 - Original French by Frencheuropean.

Laurence is astonished to see the photo of Murdoch, who looks more like George Clooney than like a paedophile. Anyway, she considers that as he was found guilty of the worst crimes, he could pay twice.

She turns on the tears and exclaims:

"What's awful, inspector, is that he saved his life before."

A week has gone by and the investigation has become a murder case. Forensic analysis to do with Murdoch turns up nothing. Andreotti is not convinced of his guilt.

The media gathers in front of the chalet. The Macands pretend to ignore them. The magazine VSD offers 15,000 Euros for an interview. Laurence is flattered by the offer.

"She estimates that if they wait for more the bids will get higher. She comes to a standstill. Would haggling like this play on her conscience? It's all for Madec. For the happiness of his brothers and his family: for the possibility of living without him.

Obsessed by his past and by the weight of the recent suspicions, Murdoch thinks about committing suicide by throwing himself of the top of a cliff, but another man beats him to it and throws himself off first. That puts Murdoch off.