Tuesday, 20 July 2010

McCanns - Their Best Moments. Part 2


Gerry McCann pulling his ear lobe when responding to Sandra's question about giving the kids, "Something like Calpol to help them sleep." One of the best indicators of lying!

Kate and Gerry McCann almost didn't come for this interview, the voice over says, but they steeled themselves in what was an incredibly tough week for them on the anniversary of their daughter's disappearance.

However, watch through to 2.40 - 2.46. As soon as they think the interview is over and the cameras have stopped rolling, they bounce out of their chairs laughing! Oh what fun we had!

Kate McCann trying to get her lips under control!

Asked about what Gerry and Kate have told the twins, Philomena McCann says, "Gerry and Kate have not told them where she is." Ooooops!

The McCanns interviewed in Lisbon. At 0.55 - 1.06 when Kate McCann is explaining what she found when she went to do her check at 10pm, she mentions that the door was quite wide open, then she says, "When I went to close the door, it slammed, and that's when I noticed that Madeleine was there.."

Oh dear Philomena! "To suggest in any possible way that Kate and Gerry are negligible parents.." (0.25 - 0.33)