Friday, 24 June 2011

"Madeleine McCann parents' rare moment of joy."

According to the Mirror 24th June 2011 A "rare moment of joy," eh?

And according to The Express, "
At last, sad Kate can smile again." Again? And here she is! Is that a smile or is she showing off the work of her orthodontist?


I note, in passing, that Gerry has changed his hairstyle. Is this because he is trying to conceal the fact that he is rather follically challenged, or could it be so that he looks less like suspect number two thousand and twenty-four, "Spotty Man."?


Returning to the Mirror and that "rare moment of joy":

KATE McCann flashed a rare smile as she and husband Gerry promotes their book Madeleine in Holland.
Perhaps Wendy Fuller, who wrote the brief article for the Mirror, would change her mind about Kate's
"rare smile" if she were to view this video from September 2007?

Wendy goes on:

She has struggled to hide her grief since her daughter vanished from Portugal four years ago
Since when, Wendy?


Kate and Gerry leaving the church in Praia da Luz, just a few days after Madeleine disappeared. Well well! Just a few days after her daughter disappeared into thin air, Kate McCann appeared to have been winning that struggle to hide her grief!


And doing just as well on a trip to the zoo with the twins in Portugal just a short time later!

I shall leave you with this video from May 2008, "
The Rare Smiles of Kate & Gerry McCann."