Saturday, 5 January 2008

Robert Murat and David Payne

Photograph posted on the Daily Mirror forum by Sweetex.

(See also photograph in margin, posted by Lippmann on the Daily Mirror forum

Well, those canny folks on the Daily Mirror forum have done it again! They've been doing it for months now, practically since Madeleine McCann disappeared. Doing what you might ask. Well, first of all there were questions about three children being left on their own in an unlocked apartment. This very quickly led to suspicions being voiced about shutters that were, "jemmied," and then found to be intact. Who checked on the children and when? Could the apartment really be seen from the tapas bar? How far is the tapas bar from the apartment? A few truly investigative types went as far as using aerial photos and measuring the distance and one or two, who had holidays planned, walked the route in Praia da Luz and produced videos of the trek.

Jane Tanner's repetitive updating of her description of a possible abductor was well and tuly scrutinised and gave rise to, "Eggman," "Bundleman," and finally the clearly described (from the back) man carrying a child in pyjamas just like the ones Madeleine was said to have been wearing when she disappeared.

I think LogicMan's theory was the first clearly delineated one. Kind soul that he seems to be, almost desperate for Madeleine to be found alive and well, LogicMan gave birth to the, "hoax theory," wherein Madeleine's disappearance had been planned, she was being well cared for and would return.

We've had, "think the unthinkable." Was Madeleine being sexually abused? Could she have been saying things where she shouldn't have been, in the creche for instance, that might have been seen as disclosure to a Child Protection trained person? Would this be cause enough for murder to save careers and reputations? This theory has been the most incendiary for the pro-McCann posters on the forum, some of whom become irate just at the suggestion that in some photos Madeleine is wearing make-up.

The accidental death theory. Did Kate or Gerry, in a fit of temper, lash out, causing fatal injuries? The sedation gone wrong theory. Was Madeleine over-sedated? Did she have an unusual reaction to a sedative? The woke and wandered, had an accident, was lifted by an opportunist paedophile, lay dead somewhere for so long that the McCanns would have been charged with neglect, leading to serious harm.

Today, they have done it again, those brilliant people! Remember all those people who bear witness that they saw Robert Murat in the vicinity of the McCanns' apartment, soon after Madeleine was discovered gone? Three members of the Tapas Crew, and six others, including the two sisters whose stories have been well publicised in the world's press. (It has been pointed out by, amongst others, Martin Brunt of Sky News, that no local person who knew Robert Murat saw him near the apartment.) So, what's new? Well, there have been suggestions in the past weeks, months maybe, that David Payne, one of the Tapas 9, bears an uncanny resemblance to Robert Murat. Today we have visual evidence of the similarity between the two men.

Daily Mirror Forum

Thread started by Sweetex: "Amazing, murat and payne...."

In the dark, how easy would it be to tell which of those two men was seen? One of the sisters insisted that she had seen Robert Murat wearing a stripey top and when seen later in the same day, he had changed his clothes, because he wasn't then wearing the stripey top. She saw David Payne earlier?

Well folks, it's getting really interesting over there at the Daily Mirror forum and I hope the Portuguese police are keeping tabs on what is being said there. Have they investigated The Author's very well documented and discussed theory on the, "Forged last photo."? Go look for yourself! Fascinating.

Well done Daily Mirror forum posters! It's a pity that there have been no investigative journalists in the UK press who have been willing to put so much time and effort into researching the unanswered questions surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.