Friday, 20 March 2009

Obama: now he insults disabled people. What a nerd!!

On the Jay Leno show, Barack Obama's joke about the "Special Olympics." This is totally ignorant and absolutely unacceptable behaviour from someone who is not only a qualified lawyer, but someone who has worked as a community organiser and a man who should know, therefore, about human rights and dignity. What a nerd! And this is the president of the United States. How low can he go? Rhetorical question, folks!

And as a contrast, which should make Obonkers cringe with shame, and which probably won't, this video shows Sarah Palin with her child who has Down's Syndrome, talking about her hopes for him, in an address to the 2009 Special Olympics in Boise, Idaho. I am lost for anything else to say here. I am so furious about President Hussein's remarks about the Special Olympics. He has brought his crass Chicago "wide boy," ways to Washington.

Sarah Palin, you're a star, a national treasure for the United States and a champion for disabled children everywhere. You recognise the potential to excel in every child and I salute you with admiration from the bottom of my heart.