Monday, 6 August 2007

Jailhouse Lawyer!

I have just come across an absolutely brilliant blog!

prisonersvoice blogspot

John Hirst, the blog's author, says this about himself:

"John Hirst Hull, East Yorkshire, GB "Who is John Hirst?" the Sun online questioned the day after the UK lost its appeal to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR in the prisoners votes case. The profile was not very informative nor flattering. But, I don't like the Sun either so we are quits. I was born, at 2 I was put into Dr Barnardo's Homes. What they called care, we refer to it as physical and sexual abuse. I drifted into crime, and spent 35 years in prison. In spite of the system, I reformed and rehabilitated myself with the support of some within and outside of the system. I was transformed from a law breaker into a law-maker. I am firmly committed to prisoners rights, and am a campaigner for penal reform. I live in a 3 bedroom terrace house within a cul-de-sac, and have a dog as a companion. My Latvian friend keeps invading my space and telling me I need a wife. She does keep the house clean and tidy, but loves my dog and calls him her boyfriend..."

A brilliant blog!So many subject areas covered! Go have a look! His latest posts on the subject of the Madeleine McCann investigation are particularly worth reading.


SOS Madeleine McCann is a French language journal. This is their headline on Sunday August 5th.

"Madeleine : traces de sang dans l’appartement des parents."

"Traces of blood in the parents' apartment."

Des traces de sang d’une personne morte, probablement de Madeleine, on été découverts dans un des murs de la chambre occupé par le couple McCann. Cette information suggère la possibilité d’un accident plutôt qu’un meurtre, malgré le fait qu’on aura nettoyé les traces. Ce fait, à se confirmer, viendrais situer la mort de Madeleine à l’intérieur de l’appartement de vacances de l’Océan Club, sans toutefois expliquer qui en serait l’auteur."

Traces of the blood of a dead person, probably of Madeleine, have been discovered on the walls of the room occupied by the McCann couple. This information suggests the possibility of an accident more than a murder, in spite of the fact that someone has cleaned away the traces. this fact, to be confirmed, would place the death of Madeleine inside the holiday apartment at the Ocean Club, without explaining who might be the person who caused it.

Les preuves on été découvertes la semaine passé, après l’utilisation des chiens pisteurs venus du Royaume-Uni, mais il n’y a pas encore la confirmation scientifique qu’il s’agit du sang de la petite fille, même si les experts on déjà écarté la possibilité de contamination des vestiges. L’appartement occupé par les McCann – le 5A – à été loué à plusieurs reprises depuis le mois de juin."

The evidence was discovered last week, following the use of sniffer dogs from the United Kingdom, but there is still no scientific confirmation that it is the little girl's blood, even if the experts have excluded the possibility of contamination of the (blood) residue. The apartment occupied by the McCanns, 5A, has been rented many times since the month of June.

Samedi, pendant que l’attention des journalistes se concentré sur les fouilles dans la propriété de Robert Murat, les techniciens de la Police Judiciaire on soumit l’appartement occupé par les McCann à la lumière noire – des scenescope – dans leur recherche de nouvelles traces.

Tout les examens on été enregistré en photo."

On Saturday, while the attention of journalists was focused on the search of Robert Murat's property, technicians from the Police Judiciaire surveyed the apartment occupied by the McCanns with, "Scenoscopes," or, "black light," in their search for new traces.

All of the tests have been photographed.

"Jusqu’au moment, la Police Judiciaire n’a pas voulu commenter les résultats des fouilles et examens effectués, mais une source proche de l’enquête confirme que dans les prochains jours il y aura des nouveaux interrogatoires, notamment parmi les amis du couple McCann. Une possibilité exploité par les enquêteurs, est celle d’une possible liaison entre Robert Murat et les amis du couple McCann car, à se confirmer la mort de Madeleine McCann, il reste à savoir le contexte : un accident, un meurtre ou un enlèvement qui aurais mal tourné."

Until now the PJ have not wanted to comment on the results of the searches and tests carried out, but a source close to the enquiry confirms that in the next (few?) days, there will be days there will be new interrogations, notably amongst the friends of the McCann couple. A possibility being explored (or entertained) by the investigators, is that of a relationship between Robert Murat and friends of the McCann couple because in confirming the death of Madeleine McCann, they need to know the context: an accident, a murder, or an abduction gone wrong.

La même source, avance qu’il y aura encore des fouilles et des examens dans d’autres endroits car la PJ n’a pas encore d’indices à propos de l’endroit ou serait le corps de Madeleine McCann."

The same source states that there will be more searches and tests in other places because the PJ have no further indications about the whereabouts of the body of Madeleine McCann

SOS Madeleine McCann


The Portuguese journal, Sol, apparently carries the same information today, but as I do not read or speak Portuguese, I await a translation! The journal, " Jornal Noticias," also Portuguese seems to carry the same information as SOS Madeleine McCann and I think it may be a translation of the French article, or vice verse.

If all this is true, and the, "sources," are genuine, then the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann may turn out to be beyond anything which I could have imagined, though not what some posters on the Daily Mirror forum have been speculating since the beginning of the enquiry!

Kate feels a little heaviness!

Kate McCann has been doing her very first solo performance for the media, and what a performance! Her interview, as reported in the Times of London, looked like it was supposed to be a damage limitation exercise. Instead it turned out looking like a self-destruct one. I swear it looks like Kate has been reading the forum at the Daily Mirror because she sure seemed to be addressing all the questions raised there.

Whenever I read Gerry's blog, I find myself thinking, how could you say that, have you no idea how that makes you look? Gerry's mind set is totally alien to me and I cannot find empathy or anything to empathise with.

Now that Kate has done her very first solo performance, I have to say the same about her. From an article in the Mirror today:

"I don't think it's easy to switch off 100 per cent from the situation."

Not easy, Kate? Do you mean you've been able to switch off 100%? I do not comprehend how someone could even think about switching off like that never mind being able to. Ask Gill Osborn, mother of Samantha, the 15 year-old who has been missing since April 3rd this year, if she switches off 100% at any time?

"There's always something hanging there. That little heaviness."

A little heaviness? A little heaviness? WTF!!! Madeleine has been reduced to, "..a little heaviness." Sounds a little bit like the way I feel when I've eaten too much raspberry pavlova! Your daughter, your very small and vulnerable daughter, whom you love very much, has been missing for over three months and you feel, "...a little heaviness." ???

"Even when we're having fun with the twins I can't help thinking how lovely it would be if Madeleine were there."

Good God, woman! She really hasn't, as you told the twins early on, ".....gone on a little trip, back soon." Even when you're having fun with the twins, Madeleine intrudes and spoils the fun? You can't help thinking how lovely it would be if Madeleine were there? Having a lovely time, wish you were here? I had been thinking that maybe your friends and relations were coming over to join you, to help you with the twins, because maybe you found it difficult being with them, playing with them, while you were so full of worry and fear about Madeleine. Now, I read that even when you are having fun with the twins, you are thinking about Madeleine, and thinking how lovely it would be! Lovely? Kate, most caring parents would sob their hearts out thinking of the gap in their lives when they were trying to make things normal and even fun for the other children! Lovely? Kate, the way it's looking, it would be a bloody miracle!

Kate said she must be the unluckiest person on the planet! Kate, do you read the news at all? Around the world, there are famines and floods, there are refugees, there are children dying in war-torn countries and you are the unluckiest person? So, where did luck come into your situation? You chose to leave your children, by your own admission, every night of your holiday. Luck has nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance. Neglectful parenst have everything to do with it.

Madeleine has to be one of the unluckiest children on the planet because, Kate you must be one of the weirdest mothers!

Daily Mirror Monday August 6th

"Kate, from Rothley, Leics, said yesterday she felt like "the unluckiest person on the planet". The locum GP said she is growing increasingly frustrated as the hunt for Madeleine enters its fourth month."